Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday Throw Down

Yep, it's early in the morning and I've been at work for an hour and a half already, it's time for Thursday Throw Down!

I know a lot of folks don't like the ACLU, but what you can no longer say is that they're paranoid. CityCat and I have talked about this for months now, and it looks like I may have been the one who was right. Big Brother is apparently out there and the Hate Hour is close at hand.

McCain apparently is going to slither his way next to any Christian leader, no matter how deplorable they are, as long as they bring votes.

In what has to be shocking news to all, and something that will get ZERO air time on Faux Noise, the Pentagon and the White House are doing all they can to squash the Pentagon report that concludes that Sadaam Hussein had ZERO connections to A.Q. I wonder if folks in the military are not just lying down anymore for this administration, perhaps they see a light at the end of the tunnel as well.

You can head on over and vote for the music to be played at Nationals Park this year after certain events. My only question is how do they not include Chocolate City by Parliament Funkadelic?

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