Tuesday, April 29, 2008

NFL Draft Review NFC East

This may cause some excitement because I don't agree with a lot of what these alleged experts have been saying about Washington's draft. Getting players is one thing, but if you already have people at that position and don't fill positional needs, what good does it really do you?

Draft Picks: RB Felix Jones, DB Mike Jenkins, TE Martellus Bennett, RB Tashard Choice, DB Orlando Scandrick, DL Erik Walden
Approved Picks: Jenkins, Scandrick
Eventual Busts: Bennett, Choice
Review: I can't give the Cowboys too hard of a time because they allowed us to move up in the fourth round...twice. Once again this April Jerry Jones has been our Santa Claus. An interesting draft, and one I'm not sure how I feel about. Yes, I know you're going to lose Marion Barber to the Texans next year so Felix Jones was a needed pick in a way, but he's not a number one running back. He won't be able to run the ball every down, and you always need that to succeed in the NFL. Now their selection of Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick is phe-nominal. Jenkins can turn into a real shut down corner and Scandrick will be a special teams destroyer and could develop into a very good nickel back. Add those with the addition of Pacman Jones, if he's reinstated, and that secondary that was questionable just became Eli Manning's worst nightmare. As for Tashard Choice, I'm not sold on him like everyone else. Yes, he's put up good numbers in college but so did Blair Thomas.

Draft Picks: DB Kenny Phillips, DB Terrell Thomas, WR Mario Manningham, LB Bryan Kehl, LB Jonathan Goff, QB André Woodson, DE Robert Henderson
Approved Picks: Phillips, Thomas, Kehl, Goff
Eventual Busts: Manningham
Review: I don't understand how some folks don't like this draft. To me this is one of the best drafts, period. Phillips is likely going to be a better safety then Wilson was, Thomas will compete for one of the starting corner spots and if not that then the nickel, which he would be devastating at. Bryan Kehl is not known by many because he played at Mormon U. but this kid may end up being better then Mitchell. Goff has time to learn behind Pierce and eventually take over for him. Henderson is serviceable and helps with the depth if Strahan retires. The only knock I have on this draft is Mario Manningham. It seemed like this past year he began to listen to his own press and really stopped giving an effort. He went from amazing the year before to a wide receiver who was always dropping balls. Think Randy Moss with the Oakland Raiders, that's how Manningham was playing. Now I'm sure the Giants thinking is, we're not gonna let that kind of attitude of play take place on this team, which they definitely seem to have developed the mentality of doing. So if they get Manningham in the right frame of mind the pick becomes a huge asset. This is the defending world champions, a team that beat the unbeatable, and they just improved a defense that stopped the greatest show since the greatest show on turf.

Draft Picks: DL Trevor Laws, WR DeSean Jackson, DL Bryan Smith, OL Mike McGlynn, DB Quintin Demps, DB Jack Ikegwuonu, OL Mike Gibson, LB Joe Mays, DL Andrew Studebaker, OL King Dunlap
Approved Picks: Laws, Demps, Jackson, McGlynn
Eventual Busts: Smith, Ikegwuonu, Dunlap
Review: For the second year in a row the Eagles had a very interesting draft. I like their move of trading down to add more picks so they can add more value, especially this year when it comes to their needs. Trevor Laws was a great pick for them in the second round, the defensive tackle the Niners SHOULD have taken. I think Demps is a tremendous steal in the fourth round and finally gives them a safety to put back there with Dawkins. DeSean Jackson isn't the standout wide receiver that McNabb needs, but what he will bring to the table to help the Eagles with is his return game. I won't be surprised to see him have a career very similar to Dante Hall. Now they reached a bit with their small school selections of Bryan Smith, Joe Mays and Andrew Studebaker. To me the most intriguing of those three is Studebaker who already has the size and I think will eventually end up a starter for the Eagles. Call it a hunch, but out of those three he seems to me to be the one to be on the team three years from now. I however don't understand the logic of drafting Ikegwuonu and Dunlap. Ikwegwuonu has red flags all around him stemming from a robbery, but Andy Reid may have thought it was one of his kids so I guess we can give him a pass. Dunlap is such an underachiever that he eventually lost his starting job to a freshman this last year. In the end, the draft class is about 50 50 of who will still be on the team in three years and who won't be.

Draft Picks: WR Devin Thomas, TE Fred Davis, WR Malcolm Kelly, OL Chad Rinehart, DB Justin Tryon, P Durant Brooks, DB Kareem Moore, QB Colt Brennan, DL Rob Jackson, DB Chris Horton
Approved Picks: Rinehart, Tyron, Jackson
Eventual Busts: Thomas, Kelly
Review: People have been praising the Redskins for this draft and for the life of me I can't understand why. Devin Thomas had ONE productive year at Michigan State. People tried to blame it on the old coach Howard Dean, but Dean was coaching when Charles Rogers was putting up ungodly numbers so don't give me that jive. I thought Fred Davis was the best tight end in this draft, but when your team's most beloved player is the tight end, why draft one when you have needs elsewhere? Now I would take Kelly over Thomas, but why draft both of them? My only conclusion is that the Redskins are bringing back the run and shoot offense and they need four receivers and two tight ends. I love the pick of Chad Rinehart, I think he has tremendous upside especially when you look at who he will be learning from as that offensive line has some solid blockers with plenty of experience. I also like the late picks of Tyron and Jackson. Jackson fits that defensive line and Tyron is the kind of hard nosed hitter that the secondary needs after the death of Sean Taylor. My complaint about this draft is obviously the picks in the second round while completely over looking the obvious needs you have elsewhere. I like the pick of Brennan and I'm sure dews and SayHey will be looking for him in local bars and have a drink with him. The only thing I can think of is that the Redskins haven't been used to having so many picks in a draft and forgot how to draft.

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