Thursday, April 24, 2008

Political Blunders

You know over the last decade we have seen plenty of political blunders when running for Congress and Senate, or even being a member of said bodies. Ranging from prostitution, murdering (allegedly) interns, gay bathroom sex, constant talking about man and dog marital relations to letting your stars and bars fly and calling someone a racially offensive term...on camera. All those however may pale in comparison to what Indiana's Tom Zirkle decided to this last Sunday when he wasn't shredding porn and segregating the country.

I know people from Indiana, hell SayHey's lady is a Hoosier, so it is a bit shocking to find a group of NAZIS celebrating Hitler's 119th. I mean we've come to expect them chasing people in Illinois, but not in the land of Larry Bird. Of course it appears now that the local Republican party is backing away from supporting Mein Zirkle.

Hey, Indiana Republicans, a bit of advice. Before you go and try supporting a candidate you may want to look into whether he has an leanings towards Nazism. I know it's all cool to get a former Naval Officer to run for office, but if that former Naval Officer likes wearing a red arm band with a black swastika you may need to think twice. You're not the south where being in the KKK doesn't really surprise too many folks, you're the "heartland" and I don't think folks take kindly to folks who celebrate Hitler's birthday.

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Minky said...

As you mentioned, spending a lot of time in Indiana, you come to realize there is a bit of anti-semitism. IU is located next to the town where the KKK is headquarted and I was the first jewish person many of the Native's had ever met. I would like to point out, for the record, I am NOT a native Hoosier. I don't claim that! Im a Washingtonian, I just went to school there