Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hayworth Region Round 1 Day 1

I will write something up for the competition, but with this being my next to last day at work in DC I was a bit swamped right now. These polls will stay open through the weekend, the write ups should be up tomorrow, enjoy.

1. Megan Fox vs 16. Rosario Dawson

Megan Fox came onto the world wide scene like a hurricane last summer when she was the best human thing about Transformers. Since then she has skyrocketed in the polls in many major publications, and most importantly here on Rosario Dawson is an experience veteran who managed to make a manager at a fast food joint looks sexy as hell. She went the extra mile in Alexander, and that's not counting the courage to be a part of it, so she has that experience on Fox. Fox is getting close in her upcoming film Jennifer's Body, but sadly pasties are involved. Still, she is a heavy favorite to come out victorious in this tournament.

8. Jennifer Garner vs 9. Carrie Underwood

Jennifer Garner caught almost every male's eye when she starred as Sydney on Alias. A female version of Ethan Hunt with a backstory that made some soap operas dizzy she followed that up with her sexiest role in Daredevil playing Elektra. Since then there have been things here and there, and has settled down with the proprietor of Fashionable Male. Carrie Underwood rocketed to stardom when she won American Karaoke and arguably has become its biggest star. Her southern twang, curly blonde locks and a body that would move the pope gives her a punchers chance in this tournament.

5. Danica Patrick vs 12. Erica Durance

Danica Patrick gets on these lists merely because she is somewhat attractive and can drive a race car. Still, that feature is down right sexy to some and enabled to achieve a number 5 seed. Her following is strong and she could have a strong going in the tournament, but she drew a hard case in the first round. Erica Durance is our current and reigning champion for Sexiest Woman on Television. The hottest Lois Lane there ever was has been dazzling the 20 people who watch Smallville for a few seasons now. She faces tougher competition in the wide open tournament, but she is battled tested and knows how to win. This may come down to the wire.

4. Hayden Panettiere vs Jada Pinkett Smith

If any match up exemplified the rookie versus the veteran it is this first round match up. Hayden Panettiere burst onto the scene like a bull in a china shop when she debuted as Claire on Heroes. This Miss Wolverine, sans far as we know, is one sexy lil thing that just recently turned 18 making almost man in America happy that he would no longer be charged with kiddie porn. Jada Pinkett Smith is the personification of sexy older woman and MILF. She's not that old, but in this competition she is one of the oldest competitors. What she loses in age she gains in experience and a proven track record.


kate said...

polls didn't work for me :)

SayHey Kid said...

They didnt work for me either

Jack Gonzo, MD said...

The polls are now functional

SayHey Kid said...

Very excellent matchups my friend!

Dews said...

These are some tough ones, but I gotta say I'm happy with my picks...

SayHey Kid said...

Rosario Dawson is putting up a fight. She could easily end up being Appalachian St in this bracket.