Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Testicular Tuesday Truthiness

I have to start today off with a video that should embarrass any resident of the state of West Virginia. New state motto should be ignorance and prejudice for all.

The other news of the day is one that I will speak on more this afternoon, but needless to say Dews, myself and I'm sure many others have now left the Libertarian Party.

Actually, I agree with Rahm on this one. Never in the history of the world has a conquering nation been held "morally accountable" to repair the damage they've done to the loser. You better start noticing where the wind if blowing Mr. Abdulsalam, we won't be there long and you'll be SOL.

Ironically, if we wanted to become mercenaries we probably have a way in to become one of these moles. Thankfully, almost all of us here at LSWTF.com love this country and do not support this type of police state policy.

Who knew John McPOW was into voodoo? Just another attempt to secure some votes in Louisiana.

Yesterday was Memorial Day, and as a veteran myself I figured I'd allow some other vets to get a few words in edge wise. All I know is that is one of the best non-Onion headlines I've ever seen.

It is time to declare Joe Liberman a Section 8 and remove him from his office.

So you know that speech of how Obama cannot compete against McPOW? Yeah, that's a bunch of bullshit apparently. Perhaps those folks who think McPOW is winning are only asking folks in West Virginia.

I think I've seen this L&O SVU episode before. Eventually we will understand that every sex crime state happening by Western foreigners in a foreign land is VASTLY underreported.

On a lighter note, this is a great parody of There Will Be Blood. The only thing missing was it wasn't staring Bob Sagget.

Much like Great White and Slaughter, McPOW and Dubya just can't draw like they used to.

At least whatever mind altering disease Liberman has contracted is not contagious. This reminds me Giuliani's kids not voting for their father.

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SayHey Kid said...

Its sad that Bob Barr is famous for only 2 things. Hating Bill Clinton and eating Borats breast milk cheese. Thank God I never put my name in the Libertarian straw hat.

Best bud trailer ever! I loved the Wii bowling in the background toward the end.