Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Woeful Wednesday Truthiness

Apparently volunteering to be shot at isn't good enough for Fox and Friends to deserve some college tuition. I haven't used my GI Bill yet, I'm hoping this thing gets passed veto-proof I could use the extra money for gas.

Scott McClellan is actually acting like he never had any real clue what was going on. I would say this is how you defend yourself when you're innocent of any wrong doing, but it's how Roger Clemens is acting as well so...

When I think of a Maverick I think of Tom Cruise or Mel Gibson, not who voted 100% with Dubya in 2008.

New Mexico will be a sign on whether or not the people of this country really do care about the criminal actions of certain public officials during the past eight years or whether they prefer to have their head in the sand.

The sex industry, still thrives around the world; to the point where it becomes more profitable to do tricks then hold a regular job.

Ah, today we get to talk about something that would be curbed under our new political party. The wasteful spending on billions in the military sector must be put to an end.

It's not a good time to be a cop right now in Mexico as it has become Bizzaro land with the most wanted Police Chiefs.

There has to be something illegal about Dubya using our tax dollars to fly to Arizona for McPOW's fundraiser.

First it was sniper fire, now it's Bubba didn't win till June. Well, surprise surprise, that turns out to be a big fat lie too. Excuse, she just mis-remembered.

Another Republican Criminal, this time embezzling from the Republican Party himself; which makes him not that bad of a guy.

Sadly the UN Human Rights Council lost its fight to get water called a basic human right. I don't know why, but this just screams canned air, doesn't it President Skroob?

The only bad thing about the officials being charged with war crimes is that now they can't leave the US in fear of being arrested elsewhere.

I like this line of thinking in regards to who the VP nominees should be. Which makes me think that Evan Bayh may be moving on up, and that makes me happy.


Dews said...

It is illegal for the President to explicitly use tax dollars to travel as part of campaigning, but if he says he is travelling to the state for official business, then it can be called a "Dual-use" trip, and thus legal...

The bigger scandal here would be if they held an "official" rally and prevented people from being able to protest it, then they would be breaking the law from preventing free speech at an officially sanctioned (and thus tax-dollar funded) event.

Jack Gonzo, MD said...

Ah, but they've done that plenty of times before in the last 8 years (preventing the protesting at officially sanctioned events.