Friday, June 27, 2008

Dews Post-Vacation round-up

Ahh yes, finally getting back to the everyday grind after a MUCH needed vacation to the homeland of Vermont. Lots of booze, small amounts of drama and a high school reunion later, here I am back and ready to take my place back as a main contributor!

Anyway, on with the news...

Heath Ledger... Oscar bound???

I just returned from a screening and I wanted to commit this to a public forum as quickly as possible. Heath Ledger gives a blockbuster performance in the new Batman movie. His work, as The Joker, will absolutely be nominated for an Oscar...
Interesting in a way, though obviously a bit creepy. I wonder if there is any precedent for this happening? Anyone from the LSWTF crew care to research this one?

Our website and any reference to it on license plates in NC are now apparently illegal!

Thanks to some text message-savvy grandchildren, North Carolina drivers whose license plates have the potentially offensive "WTF" letter combination can replace the tags for free.
Kind of funny in a way, but kind of a waste of government resources to replace said licenses as well... Just because you can make a funny acronym out of some letters doesn't mean its any of their business (in my oh so humble opinion that is).

Finally, a hearty good-bye to Pioneer, boy-genius and cold-hearted demon of a business man Bill Gates, as today marks his last official day with Microsoft.
He (Gates) is credited by analysts and academics for the emergence of software as a moneymaking industry; previously it had been a pastime for hobbyists or a subset of the hardware sector. He is revered by many engineers, despite his propensity to fling expletives at underlings whose ideas he scorned. And he has built Microsoft into a hugely successful monopoly that has only grown stronger despite major losses in antitrust trials in the U.S. and Europe.

Speaking on a personal level, I have always had a love-hate relationship with Bill Gates. On the one hand, his heavy hand within the tech industry has been both brutal and mean-spirited at times, but on the other the man is/was a technical and business genius and thus should be respected as such.

Yes, some of his products have caused numerous issues from rush jobs and poor security, but at the same time, they have kept people like myself and Jack Gonzo in nice jobs to fix said problems, so again I can't hate him for that either.

Good luck to you Mr. Gates, and if you ever do get around to reading that letter I wrote you in middle school, I think you may still be able to legally adopt me, but Dewey may know better then I.

That is all...

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SayHey Kid said...

As much as I hated Bill Gates he did help spark a new innovation generation Id like to call, the 1990's.