Monday, July 7, 2008

The MSFP of 2008 and back to the grind

After what I call "The Major Social Faux Pas of 2008," and because of a load of work I have to get done, I took a break from posting here. However, some news stories are just too good to pass up, work and whatever-you-call-what-Dews-did be damned. Onward!

In Vermont news, Governor Jim Douglas got a pie in the face during Montpelier's Fourth of July parade. The pie pugilist turned out to be a man in a Santa suit upset with Douglas's decision to let the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant's owners bail on their duty to create a decommisioning fund. And then things got weird. Barre mayor Thom Lauzon, who was walking with Douglas in the parade, took off after the not-so-jolly tart tosser when the mayor noticed that Douglas's security wouldn't leave the governor. Mayor Lauzon tracked down the man, used his ninja moves, and brought him to the ground (I'm not kidding here, just watch the video).

Aside from the obvious concern for the Governor's safety (how in the world could a guy get that close?), this would be hilarious but for Lauzon's actions. I'm a Barre guy. Thanks for making my town look ridiculous once again, mayor. Awesome. Perhaps you should wear a cape and a mask to the next city council meeting.

In other news, South Carolina has a plan to let Christians purchase special license plates. Frankly, I have nothing against special license plates per se. But, as usual, the devil is in the details. Seems that if you want a Star of David license plate, a plate to express your faith in Islam, or if you want the world to know you're a Hindu, that'll cost you a few thousand dollars, much more than the Christian plate. Plus, you can't have a trendy message, like the "I Believe" message on the Christian license plate. And don't worry, as the article notes, if you're against this plan, you both have a bias against Christianity and you don't believe in freedom of speech. Right.

Lastly, and certainly not least, an approving nod to my friend AK at Anachronistic Polytheism for her pithy commentary on the Facebook TMI Phenomenon. Yes, I know you get hammered on the weekends. Yes, I know you went home with that girl with too much make-up in the boob shirt last weekend and are now planning matching ass tattoos and now co-own a dog. And, yes, I also know you have an ugly baby now (damn, that's an ugly ass baby!). But, really, do you need to put every possible bit of information about yourself on Facebook?

Back to work, folks. Enjoy your Monday.

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