Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Java & Fish Wrap 07.29.08

I'm up at the ass end in the morning because I have to make two separate pots of coffee and pray to some kind of Sumerian God that I am not eaten alive by all the Bar takers before they begin that hellish test. Due to our locality we have become Prime Base Alpha and may the Gods have mercy on my soul....

Not trying to stir the pot of any alumni, but when one looks at the colleges of Monica Goodling and Ralph Sampson, both religious schools one I don't believe is accredited, you cannot really blame for knowing something was against the law. After all everything they learned about law comes from a book they got from the Gideons.

In another example of braininess, lawmakers had to negotiate banning toxins in children's items. I wonder how many of these asshats were actually on the side of, hey if the kid can't handle a lil toxin then he shouldn't be playing with toys. Who would really value a company's right on how they produce a product over a child's life? Oh, of course, the President.

With his term almost over, Dubya is doing his best to make his Presidency look like he's Governor of Texas all over again.

When one's last name is Rockefeller and you can afford a 72 foot yacht you'd think you'd have a better course of action then to abduct your own daughter and have the FBI and Coast Guard looking for you.

Anti-Gay Marriage group sues over language change in their ballot initiative. Hey, Project Marriage, it says the same thing it just shows the bigotry and contempt in your hearts so much better.

Bradley says no to VP, even though no one was really considering him.

Cryptic Studios has taken over the creation of the Star Trek MMORPG...and you thought you couldn't get some people out of the house BEFORE.

Don't hold your breath on the new Ghostbusters game anytime soon.

Ryan Seacrest was bitten by a shark over the weekend. No word on whether it was American Idol or any other TV show he is a part of.

I know I am watching this tonight...Jurassic Fight Club.

At least someone is trying to get SayHey's Giants to show some signs of life.

Though we all love watching car chases on Cops or some other Fox show, we rarely see the results of said chases.

Finally, yesterday was the 25th anniversary of what has become known as thePine Tar Incident or the greatest run from a dugout to home plate...ever.

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Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe said...

I met a kid who went to Regent Law years ago. I would not want that guy as my lawyer. Before I could get a "hello, how are you?" out he was raging about activist judges. Clearly a toolbag.

kate said...

We knew a guy who got his MBA at Regent and he was a MORON.

I've got a panda video to link for you: http://www.npr.org/blogs/chengdu/2008/04/panda_video_draft.html

And can we not even TALK about how angry these IG reports make E and I?