Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Java & Fish Wrap 07.30.08

I want to say I don't know how it is possible that CityCat is getting more sleep then I am during the Bar exam, but then I did spend a good portion of the evening playing with Dreamweaver attempting to modify the look of It may be awhile coming as it has been some time since I've played with Dreamweaver. Keep a look out later today, I'll be coming out with a bunch of trades I would make if I were a good portion of ball clubs before tomorrow's deadline.

Though I find it laughable that some folks actually believed that China would allow the freedom of the internet during the Olympics, it should come as no surprise to find out that the IOC, one of the most corrupt bodies in the world, has worked a deal to block sites.

The best thing about this article is how the ICE lady tries to pass the buck on Congress. Ah just another example of one of Bush's departments playing politics when she knows full well Republicans have been blocking any legislation that included anything like that which would allow what she specifically attempts to put the blame on Democrats.

Even though he is a criminal, Senator Ted Stevens may weather this storm and still get reelected. This should not surprise anyone as the money he has brought in to Alaska more or less equals to bribery.

The Irish can never get a break, as Dewey can attest to, as Bennigans has filed for bankruptcy. But our economy is doing fine, right Dubya?

Go back to the bottle Amy Winehouse, you're no longer needed my dear. The first ever Bond duet is cool, Alicia Keys mixed with Jack White is just down right intriguing.

CityCat was photographed leaving day one of the Bar yesterday for this article. Needless to say her picture wasn't used, and thank god it wasn't, this person has a job working for a newspaper? I write more here on the daily links then the person wrote for that article.

All I can say about this is...uhhh are we searching calls all over mall parking lots now?

I cannot explain why an article about the FTC and food marketing is accompanied by a picture of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Someone please rescue this writer from whatever rock they have been living under. In a related note, when writing a quick note about the Mass repelling a 1913 marriage law a Canadian site used a picture from the Simpsons.

Four Democrats are urging the EPA Chief to resign over the continued politicalization by his hands in the EPA. Personally I think we should take the guy like him out back and beat him with a hose.

House issuing apology for slavery, no word as to when my people should expect an apology for Genocide.

Honestly, I think picutres like this would have helped Kerry in 2004.

Speaker Pelosi hopes her new book is more popular then Congress. Well, at least this book will have a spine.

Finally, Brett Favre has faxed his paperwork to the NFL offices to be reinstated. Personally I hope this leads to only one thing...Brett Favre as an Oakland Raider.

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Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe said...

Photos of John Kerry swilling Bud Light surrounded by moderately attractive Boston twenty-somethings in 2004 would have equaled John Kerry swilling Chimay in the West Wing. Fact.

Yes, we Irish never get a break. Little known fact: when the economy is in recession, alcohol is one commodity that actually does better. What does that mean? During a recession, everyone is Irish, just like St. Patty's Day.