Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Order some golf shoes," I whispered. "Otherwise, we'll never got out of this place alive..."

The rumors of my demise has been hastily reported by those who have no reason the be throwing stones in glass houses. Especially since I now live in Texas, and am likely the teeth. See kick the dirt towards the rattlesnake, wake it from its slumber, and enjoy having some stranger in a smock suck the poison out.

Yes, Houston has been fine, for the most part. I still know very few people and those I do know are either future lawyers taking the bar with CityCat, my neighbors at Astros games, and our actual neighbors. Save for that I haven't met much in this town. Of course the wide expanse and lack of public transportation has killed any real chance of kickball being played. They have all attempted and have died trying, and I am far too old to be trying to create something for a bunch of blood crazed twenty year olds who in their spare time like to drink Bud Light Lime out of the cavernous skull cups of their enemies.

I assume that I should find something out about the possible job here this week or the next. Of course this job will severely limit my ability to any mock drafts as I would think they probably frown on me given any kind of look that I have inside information. If I don't get the job, who knows what I'll do. Oddly enough it is the only place where I submitted an application that I received a call back from. It appears to me that Southeast Texas concerns itself more with where you have gone to school then your actual experience and capabilities. Then again I don't really want any other job then the one I'm trying to get at this time so here's to hoping that works out.

My life is nothing but TV Shows DVDs, 360 and writing. I have completed Battlestar Galactica, or at least what is out on DVD. I bought the wife and I the complete series of X-Files and that's a blast. I also now own the complete series of the original Star Trek and have just begun that as well. 360 wise is slow, but that's just till Tuesday, then NCAA Football 09 comes out and I'll disappear again for another year. Of course the Dark Knight comes out next week...I can't think about it too much, I don't need another...episode.

I have attempted to write much more, but the current national scene is depressing, we're talking watching a dog that just got hit by a tractor trailer try to walk off the road depressing. John McCain has become some Dickens caricature mixture of Scrooge and Fagin with a lil bit of Grandpa Simpson thrown in there for good measure. Obama appears to now be playing politics, forgetting the lesson of George McGovern in 1972 of don't change what brought you to the dance in the first place.

McCain lies constantly, and the media fails to point it out. Obama indicates he has learned something and everything in the world has changed. It makes this writer sick, and that's not even bringing up the FISA mess that more or less re-writes history and law while wiping their collective asses with the Fourth Amendment. The only good that has happened in recent memory is Jim Webb paying for my college degree, thank you Jim Webb.

This country is starting to look more and more like 1972, but then again this country hates to learn from history and we continue to make the same mistakes we made thirty years ago. The people clamor for change, a new direction, then go and vote for the same assholes in every election. It's nice to want change, but if you're not willing to actually help the process along you deserve what you get. The rest of us might not, but we're stuck with you old fucks until you whither away and we can throw your collective asses in the furnace.

Finally, for all who care, the Gonzo documentary is simply phe-nominal. They did a great job covering the 60s and 70s part of his life. They got everyone, even Pat Buchanan, to come on and say a few words. I recommend it to all HST fans and those who are just yearning to seek knowledge.


Dews said...

Good to hear from ya Jack.

My glass house has been busted for a while, but I'm trying to crawl outta anonymity every now and then...

Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe said...

The Gonzo doc will get moved to the top of my Netflix queue as soon as they get copies. Can't wait.

natasha said...

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