Friday, August 1, 2008

Capitol Update

Coming live from the Capitol building.. both the House of Representatives and the Senate are now on a long recess from today until early September. Even though the House has been in recess for a few hours now, there are still many Republican House Members in the chamber talking to people coming in to the gallery. I have yet to walk up there myself and see what they are talking about, but from what I heard they are discussing off-shore drilling and similar topics and are refusing to leave.

I have recently been informed that there are about 20 or so members that refuse to leave the House chamber and continue to talk with random people coming in to the gallery to see the House floor. Apparently the lights have also been turned off on these members and C-Span hasn't been able to cover anything going on because the House was adjourned about 2 hours ago. I have also heard that there are other members and staff around the Cannon tunnel, that connects to the Capitol building, and are encouraging tourists to go up to the gallery. If there are anymore updates I will post them here.. doesn't really sound like anything too interesting but I do find it funny that they refuse to leave and will talk to literally anyone right now.

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