Friday, August 1, 2008

Java & Fish Wrap 08.01.08 Late Edition

It's a late morning, the bar here in Texas ended yesterday so I had six bar takers who needed to get intoxicated with the quickness as soon as it was over. Luckily for them I am a great husband who had a giant pitcher of Margaritas waiting for them when they showed up at my door. Though note never touch the metal bar of a dish washer, even if it was only on for a few seconds, you'll burn the fuck out of yourself.

See that Phillies prospect above? The name is Jason Donald, he grew up down the street from me, we were ballboys together and I babysat him and his little brother. I love keeping tabs on his continually blossoming career so it gave me great pride and happiness to learn yesterday that Jason is going to China as part of the US Olympic Team.

Well Manny being Manny will almost seem minor compared to what he's in store for Hollywood.

We either have a possible suspect or we have a patsy, we'll never know now.

Wow, this is some darn good police work there hoss. I guess "barricaded" is another word for no one home.

Of course this was not Walmart telling its managers how to vote, it's merely "educating" their employees that their jobs are in danger cause the big bad unions that will be allowed if Obama wins.

Georgia came in at number one in USA Today's pre-season top 25. Why Ohio State is number 3 is still beyond 95% of college football fans. On a side note, I will be releasing my pre-season top 25 and all americans in the coming two weeks.

Apparently the most ironic thing about McPow's ad is that Paris' parents are big time McPow supporters.

It took five years, but Democrats and Republicans have finally done something very bi-partisan, even if it may or may not really address the problems with college tuition.

They best part about this article on Ah-nold's evisceration of state employees is the following.
Kellie Allyn arrived at the Los Gatos DMV branch at 3:10 p.m. Thursday to renew the registration on her Nissan Pathfinder and was turned away, even though the office typically closes at 5 p.m. A manager cited the governor's executive order, Allyn said.

"The whole place was packed with people trying to figure out how to get served," Allyn said. When she threatened to call the media to complain, an employee responded, "Go ahead. We're all getting laid off or minimum wage."

We interrupt this java for delicious breakfast tacos from Irmas and to watch Project Runway...

We're back with some half assed 65% scheme in Florida. Folks if you want a better education for children start paying teachers better and employee more of them so that classes are smaller, that's where the problem really lies.

Obama faced off with hecklers, kept his cool and composure and completely showed them up with what I thought was a brilliant response.

Obama has also launched a website to combat the lies McCain's camp has been spreading. The name, is ingenious,

Steve Smith is back to his old ways which means I may have traded him to soon last season. If he's back to 2002 form, he should be in store for a great year.

Finally we end today with an interesting article about how Exxon is able to make $11 billion in quarterly profits as the common man has to sell his soul just to fill his tank for the week.

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