Thursday, August 14, 2008

Java & Fish Wrap 08.14.08 Puppy owns our soul Edition

The newest member of our family, Piper, is now in the household; hence why there was no posting yesterday from me. Piper is a Lab and we believe a border collie mix, though there is some thought that it may actually be German Shepard. Sleep, yeah she was an angel, but mommy and daddy didn't get much of it worrying about the dog. I would show you all the great pictures of her, but the camera was killed by the cuteness of the puppy. I'm not kidding, one second I'm taking pictures, the next the camera is dead, frozen, and nothing can revive it. Now I'm trying to convince CityCat that this calls for some drastic measures, but we'll see if she buckles.

Speaking of CityCat, her parents, herself and I enjoyed a concert over the weekend thanks to my Uncle. Don't allow me to tell you about it though, allow CityCat to describe her adventure in Redneck Paradise.

People who are WAY to PC are just so retarded.

Man loses job, kills a Democratic Chairman of Arkansas, eventually is gunned down, no one still knows why. Suspicion is already on another right wing nut blaming Democrats for losing der jobs!

CPS says they found no abuse in the Katrina 5 case but many are suspicious that it didn't go far enough since the woman hasn't had the kids for a few years.

Virginia's own Mark Warner will be this year's key note speaker as many see him as a future Presidential candidate. I do believe this was the same spot Obama spoke in 2004.

Vampire Kristol believes that Colin Powell will endorse Barack Obama. This would be a huge coup for Obama as Powell looks like the only person with integrity in the Bush administration after leaving when learned he was lied to.

Although hundreds of thousands of children are eligable to move schools, only a handful do here in Texas. No Child Left Behind, continually leaving almost every child behind; just imagine if they got their way about science, history and the like.

I fucking cannot believe this shit. I do believe we have the right to free speech, but apparently some folks in Texas love living in Bush's America.

If both Weaver and McCain don't like the current strategy against Obama and it's their campaign, who is making those decisions?

A teacher from Overfelt High School (no, I'm not joking) was arrested in an internet sex sting in San Jose.

For all you debaters out there, here is what to do only at the Highland Games and not against another University.

Keep your eyes peeled, bigfoot was apparently found and the evidence will be released today.

As people want the Democratic Party to take a firmer stance away from the Republicans, the Party itself is making moves to soften some of its stance on "major issues". X Rays are still negative on finding a backbone within the Democratic Party.

There is almost as much speculation about possible VPs that it reminds almost of Mock Draft season.

Our volleyball beach bunnies continue to kick ass and take names in the Olympics.

Finally we're ending with two stories today. One, it isn't to often that we see lil Alan Colmes let his balls drop and bitch slap Hannity.

We also bring you a very happy announcement found in a Maryland newspaper.

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