Friday, August 15, 2008

Java, Fish Wrap & Brunch 8.15.08

Good Morning, Noon, Evening (depending on where you are in the world) ladies and gentlemen. I'm going to begin by saying this dog owns my mornings now. I've been awake since 8, it's now 11:30am Houston time and all I've had is coffee. CityCat has been sleeping, but now is up and outside playing with Piper so I can finally come here to you and maybe even eat some brunch.

We're starting off today with some great news concerning the West Memphis Three. I can't wait to listen to Dewey and CityCat debate on whether this should be allowed and how it should transpire.

Georgia has agreed to a ceasefire, or as CityCat just said, "Didn't Russia invade them? That's so nice of them."

No word though if this group of archaeologists found Hoffa buried at the site.

That sound you hear is Jefferson and Franklin rolling over in their graves.

Ted Stevens may be guilty of many crimes, but one he isn't guilty of is never forgetting the boy scout creed of always be prepared.

The most impressive thing about this spat between Georgia and Russia is that this is the first war in which cyberwarfare has been used by both sides.

A bit of a heads up to the Republican Party, if you want to use a song, make sure you have permission to do so first.

Gotta love this assclown comparing McCain's association with Ralph Reed to...Obama's association with...well none really. He likens it to Edwards' campaign manager sending money to the mistress and since Obama hasn't responded to his question about how he feels about said action, it must be the same thing. These folks must seriously write with the jump to conclusion mat.

Like the stewardess ever had a chance at winning this case in Houston.

Finally, the Z Man's streak has ended at 39 innings. Even though we've (the Oakland A's) have completely tanked since the All Star break, Brad Ziegler has been THE story and a great ride to watch and listen to.

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