Monday, August 11, 2008

What a long strange trip its been

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, here here at want to thank you all for your continued patronage and occasional comments (judging by the numbers, we're getting plenty of you here, just not everyone feels up to commenting it seems!).

We are now celebrating our one year anniversary of being able to spread our own version of infinite wisdom to whomever seems to stumble across our humble slice of the web, but as you may have noticed from random bouts of posts and outages, we've all been through a lot along the way.

Jack Gonzo MD started off this journey in DC with his fiancee CityCat, only to find himself now in sunny Houston Texas with the upgraded title of "Husband to CityCat" (being well taken care of!).

SayHey had just moved in with his girlfriend OlneyGirl to find himself with a bit of an upgrade to "Fiancee" to OlneyGirl now!

Dewey was up north around this time last year (drinking heavily with yours truly occasionally), but alas, is still up north, but about to enjoy an exciting new career change.

MoDews was a straight-edge student up north as well (right?), but has since moved down to DC to become my protege (how flattering).

I meanwhile began this crazy journey fully intending to join my friends Jack and SayHey into domestication while living out the dream of moving back home to beautiful Vermont, but alas, have had circumstances change that to yet another move back to DC and change in status from "tamed" to "wild and possible bad example".

It has been an amazing ride for all of us, and we will continue to do our best to provide our own unique spin on all issues, not just the sporting world (though we do tend to do better at those!).

Thank you all again, that is all...


LuvlyLinda said...

yay! happy anniversary, guys!


Dews said...

Thanks luvlylinda! You were one of our first part timer contributors afterall!

Feel free to come on back whenever :)

MoDews said...

Just want to go ahead and wish a Happy Birthday to a very special member of the blog here. That person is of course myself.. So Happy Birthday to me! :)

Kim said...

Wow, a lot really has changed! Makes me happy and sad. I'm happy we got Modews here but sorry that we lost Jack Gonzo :( Happy anniversary kiddos. and Yes, the "wild and possible bad example" part is true. You're doing some mighty fine corrupting!