Wednesday, September 3, 2008

College Football Top 25 Week One

1. USC Trojans (1-0)
beat Virginia 52-7
Lots of folks bumped the Trojans this week over whoever they had above them and for once they did the right thing. USC CRUSHED an ACC team that has had a winning record for the last few years. It looked like men playing with boys out there. Their next big test comes in two weeks when the Buckeyes come to the Coliseum for the first National Title game of the year.

2. Georgia Bulldogs (1-0)
beat Georgia Southern 45-21
Nothing wrong with the performance of the Bulldogs, they did what they needed to do. It just didn't have the eye popping performance that USC had. I suppose that happens though when you schedule the local city college for your first game.

3. Missouri Tigers (1-0)
beat Illinois 52-42
In what may end up being the highest scoring game this, the Tigers and Illinis unleashed their offenses and reminded folks of the greatest show on turf. In the end it was the Tigers' defense that proved to be the turning point and keeping the Tigers in the hunt.

4. Ohio State Buckeyes (1-0)
beat Youngstown State 43-0
Where Georgia played the local City College the Buckeyes played a team that might lose to some high school teams in the state of Ohio. A scary moment for the Buckeyes though, if Beanie Wells is hurt. If he's hurt, they don't stand a chance against the Trojans in So Cal.

5. Auburn Tigers (1-0)
beat Louisiana Monroe 34-0
At least who Auburn played was a Division 1A football team, even if their non-conference schedule looks like a tour of the lowest teams in college football in the south. It reminds of me of the once great band going on tour and playing dives cause they can only draw a few hundred people to a show.

6. Oklahoma Sooners (1-0)
beat Chattanooga 57-2
The funniest things about this game are as follows. Since the Sooners scheduled an elementary school it wasn't televised, except for thirty bucks on pay per view. The others is that Chattanooga took Tennessee off of its name and that the Sooners gave up a safety to a bunch of five year olds.

7. Florida Gators (1-0)
beat Hawaii 56-10
See, I can respect teams who will at least schedule a D1 opponent, even if their coach and quarterback are gone and now so is any semblance of the ability they have shown in the last ten years.

8. West Virginia Mountaineers (1-0)
beat Villanova 48-21
I couldn't remember if Villanova was a D1 program or if they just beat Patrick Ewing in basketball. Turns out their only real talent is beating Patrick Ewing for the title, which they then passed on to almost every team in the NBA.

9. Alabama Crimson Tide (1-0)
beat Clemson 34-10
In a sense this is the Chronicles of Riddick pick, for it appears you keep what you kill. Bama not only Roll Tide over Clemson, they completely stopped their impressive running game to the point where the two studs only had about ten carries, combined.

10. BYU Cougars (1-0)
beat Northern Iowa 41-17
It's not their fault they could only schedule Northern Iowa. Most teams don't like to see BYU come to town, no word on whether that has to do with Jim McMahon getting drunk at a bar and trashing the place or all the bicycle peddlers who go door to door early in the morning.

11. Kansas Jayhawks (1-0)
beat Florida International 40-10
No, I'm not going to bag on the Jayhawks, whether you knew it or not, FIU is an ACTUAL D1 team. They are a part of that almighty Sun Belt conference, which is home to the same team who BEAT the Aggies this past weekend.

12. Texas Longhorn (1-0)
beat Florida Atlantic 52-10
A nice weekend for the Longhorns, Colt McCoy looked sharp against the Owls of Florida Atlantic. Of course I could mock them for the $30 buck pay per view like I did the Sooners, but there are two differences. One is that the Owls are coached by a legend and the other is that they are a part of the almighty Sun Belt.

13. South Florida Bulls (1-0)
beat Tennessee-Martin 52-10
Another top team, another luckluster opponent. Then again South Florida plays in the Big East. A conference that has made some noise in the past but this year came out with a whimper. I mean come on Wandstat, we can understand not winning in the NFL, but in the Big East too?

14. Wisconsin Badgers (1-0)
beat Akron 38-17
Good news, bad news time for Badger fans. The good news is that you're likely going to be 3-1 before you play Ohio State. The bad news is after that you may never see the top twenty five after that.

15. LSU Tigers (1-0)
beat Appalachian State 41-13
Well, lightning does strike twice, but only IN Michigan. The wonder of opening weekend last year doesn't go to App State once again, this year it goes to Arkansas State and Utah. Tigers looked decent, but they better not sleep on Troy or they'll end up looking like a bunch of Aggies.

16. Texas Tech Red Raiders (1-0)
beat Eastern Washington 49-24
Not as big of a blowout as I was personally expecting, but I suppose that can be attributed to treating this like a pre-season game and resting your starters after a comfortable lead.

17. Arizona State Sun Devils (1-0)
beat Northern Arizona 30-13
In the biggest state battle that no one cared about since UC Davis played Cal, the Sun Devils walked through this game. Though no I have this idea about ASU playing Texas Tech to see how many words can go into titles of a game.

18. Wake Forest Demon Deacons (1-0)
beat Baylor 41-13
Let me amend that, I want to see ASU, Texas Tech, Wake and Penn State in a four team tournament for the greatest four word team in the nation. Wake Forest looked good, crisp at some points, a lil sloppy in others. I am honestly starting to believe they can run the ACC table.

19. Penn State Nittany Lions (1-0)
beat Coastal Carolina 66-10
Now THIS is how you beat a non D1 school, you completely smoke them and let all your players play and get some experience. For all the talk of JoePa getting older and senile, he still knows how to give it to the less fortunate.

20. Fresno State Bulldogs (1-0)
beat Rutgers 24-7
The first half wasn't pretty for either team, but Fresno St pulled their boots up and just ran all over Rutgers in the second half. You can tell these teams had some rust, but look out for the Bulldogs. They have three running backs who each have gained over a thousand yards in a season, now that's production.

21. South Carolina Gamecocks (1-0)
beat North Carolina State 34-0-
The most deceiving score and maybe the worst team I've ever put into the top 25 before. Before the Wolfpack knocked out the Gamecocks "starting" QB, he had thrown I think 5 interceptions. Now I watched this game with Gamecock alumni, and they hate this kid, but in the end Spurrier knows how to win.

22. Utah Utes (1-0)
beat Michigan 25-23
Congratulations goes out to the Utes for beating Rodriguez and the Wolverines in his first game. Mountain West has now beaten the Big Ten, and you know West Virginia was laughing the entire time.

23. Cal Golden Bears (1-0)
beat Michigan State 38-31
People continually claim that the Pac 10 sucks that's about everything east of the Rocky Mountains, but the Pac 10 continually beats those other programs whenever they face off. Cal did a stand up job against those SPARTANS!

24. UCLA Bruins (1-0)
beat Tennessee 27-24 in OT
I have no love for Rick Neuheisel, or the atmosphere of rapists and criminals he creates at a program, but sometimes you must give the devil his due. Much like those Cocks, the Bruins overcame multiple interceptions to prevail over the most overrated team in college football, those Tennessee Volunteers.

25. Oregon Ducks (1-0)
beat Washington 44-10
Wait, let me just get this straight, HALF of the Pac 10 is on my top 25? Trojans, Sun Devils, Golden Bears, Bruins and Ducks? Yeah, you know what, I'd love to see an opening weekend of SEC vs Pac 10 to find the strongest conference. Omitting Vandy and one of the teams from Mississippi.

Conference Power Rankings
SEC-6 teams
Big 12-5 teams
Pac 10-5 teams
Big Ten-3 teams
Big East-2 teams
Mountain West-2 teams
ACC-1 team
WAC-1 team
Sun Belt, CUSA, MAC-0 teams
Notre Dame-Still Sucks

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