Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Five Card Draw 9.3.08

McCain says vetting search was thorough, but it is appearing more and more likely the he used some pictures and a dart board.

The good news for Sarah Palin is that broadcast news in Alaska is just as bad as in Montana, the bad news is that may be just the first unlawful firing we know about right now. Though she did at least buzz the fire a bit with the AIP story.

The good news is we busted a top official for mishandling classified material. The bad news is it was Fredo and naturally nothing will happen to him.

Obama bitch slaps 60 Minutes for attempting to continue untruths about him. Just because a man sipped his beer doesn't mean he doesn't like beer. It could have been some crappy ass beer like Heineken or Coors Light.

Finally, this whole who is Trig's real mommy is hilarious as it is sad. On one side you have a VP candidate taking ideas from Desperate Housewives and the other, a woman who wears a snow vest in a family photo and am I the only on who gets an evil Al Borlan feeling from her husband?

One extra one today, on Nov 15th, the fight I predicted is taking place in Vegas. I'm telling you right now, Brock Lesnar will win.

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