Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Five Card Draw 9.9.08

Just in time for Christmas, piss off those who came and fought before by buying the exclusive Big Red One All American Brand, only at Sears.

Here's one glaring difference between Governor Palin and Ssenator Clinton, Clinton would never charge a woman for her own rape kit.

What do you get when you take the best comedy ensemble from yesteryear and mix them with today's best comedy ensemble? Well, I guess what I should say is, who ya gonna call?

In a move I'm highly against NBC has told MSNBC to take KO and Tweety from anchoring the major political events this fall. It would have been a problem is KO wasn't surrounded by a big mouthed blow hards who had to be constantly told they were a.) talking out their ass b.) completely wrong factually about what they just said and c.) trying to make something where there was nothing.

Finally the UN is no longer taking the US' word on matters anymore and plans to investigate the air strike when a video pops up refuting what the US military has claimed.


Breaking news, apparently lil miss goody two shoes billed her taxpayers for nights spent at home as governor. Change and reform indeed.

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