Wednesday, October 15, 2008

3rd Presidential Debate

Tonight we see if John McCain goes SMASH on Barack Obama, or if Joe Cool pimp smacks him

JackGonzo: we're not the only live bloggers tonight, apparently Rachel Maddow and Pat Buchanan are joining us...somewhere

Dews: we have a pretty brutal drinking game setup, just so you all know...

8:02 PM ahh good

JackGonzo: PhillyFan is already drinking to Rollins

Dews: its Barack HUSSEIN Obama

MoDews: Well said

JackGonzo: ohhh a sit down

Dews: McCain prolly complained

JackGonzo: nice tie bob

8:03 PM McCain doesn't like sitting down, makes the metamuccil kick in

MoDews: The word Tax is killing us already..

Dews: thanks for mentionin the old birds hip

JackGonzo: is reagan on the invite?

8:04 PM errr list

MoDews: High five McCain!

MrSanDiego: all of McCains friends are old and ailing

JackGonzo: nancy is voting 4 obama

Dews: as long as we pick her up and give her jello

JackGonzo: lol

jello shots?

8:05 PM Dews: did that already tonight, thanks

MrSanDiego: no the jello that McCain nails to the wall

JackGonzo: lmao

Skynet: Which multiplies

We may have just found a cheap way of making large numbers of jello shots.

JackGonzo: y hofstra?

Dews: its fun to say?

8:06 PM JackGonzo: planned when they thought rudy was gonna be the vp?


Dews: he's a bad guinea

<-- guinea

MoDews: EHhhhhhh

8:07 PM JackGonzo: you're not a guinea pig, you're a meerkat

PhillyFan should give us constant baseball updates, I only have one tv in this room

Dews: we've burned through like 2 beers just on the word "Tax" so far

PhillyFan: Alright I will when I can

JackGonzo: his name was MARIO!

8:08 PM MrSanDiego: The rum brothers are in charge of emptying the cooler tonight

Dews: Thats a SPICY meataball!

MrSanDiego: as long as you pay taxes on that health care

8:09 PM say it ain't so Joe

JackGonzo: Hey, lots us want to buy a business Mario, got rescue peach

MrSanDiego: Joe the Plumber



JackGonzo: wooooooooo

keep houston strong!

8:10 PM Dews: seriously, the word Tax will kill us tonight

JackGonzo: lol joe the plumber

the nurse can buy the hospital

MrSanDiego: man this Joe the Plumber is going to be on ever morning show and Letterman by tomorrow

8:11 PM god

JackGonzo: fuck Obama, give me the money

MrSanDiego: enought on the plumber


MoDews: What happened to Joe Sixpack?

MrSanDiego: Mr San Diego the college student wants some love

Dews: spread what around?

MrSanDiego: talk to me John

Dews: the love?

JackGonzo: Bristol, she puts out

MoDews: hahaha

8:12 PM Dews: she doesn't know what the freakin pill is though

pull and pray don't work with her

JackGonzo: but the stairs do

Skynet: Sixpack joined the union and got his plumbing license

Dews: zing!

PhillyFan: 2-0 phils

Ryan Howard got an RBI, hit Jroll home :)

JackGonzo: joe has a website

MrSanDiego: SNL is gonna eat this shit up


8:13 PM

Dews: yer trying to rick roll us

JackGonzo: not at all

8:14 PM Dews: Crack kills!

JackGonzo: reality? what's that?

MoDews: but it is cheap Dews

Dews: tasty too

chicks dig it

8:15 PM MoDews: Amy Winehouse?

PhillyFan: 3-0 phils

MoDews: Booo

JackGonzo: bye bye blue

Dews: PhillyFan chips in when Crack is mentioned

PhillyFan: crackity crack crack

ice cooold crack

JackGonzo: mention tequilla and it's overr

8:16 PM He did? Fucking dinner, must have missed it


8:17 PM Dews: done and don

JackGonzo: We should have put everything in whenever McCain refuses to answer the question

Dews: the moderator is spoda call him out on these ones

JackGonzo: like Saudia Arabia?

Schaefer is in love with Bush though

and if he's McSame...

Dews: how can we invest in renewable energy by freezing spending?

8:18 PM JackGonzo: YOU gave to our kids John

PhillyFan: Bases loaded, dodgers pulling pitcher. too many updates?


Dews: wouldn't we have to, like.. spend?

MrSanDiego: um

no spending

so we let the highwys crumble

and stop subsidizing local law enforement

Dews: Monorail system!

JackGonzo: Fuckin a, cleanse the gene pool

MrSanDiego: oh wait

no metro in DC

since that is mostly federally funded

8:19 PM JackGonzo: So, we want to help...Brazil?

Dews: Carnivale!

JackGonzo: Start hammering him on earmarks

Skynet: That's the beauty of the free market. You cut taxes on oil companies, and they invest in renewable energy. Haven't you seen the exxon commercials with the forests and birds?

8:20 PM Dews: damnit Stefan, I totally forgot...

my bad

JackGonzo: I like the IBM wizard of oz/song of the south ones

Dews: I trust Oil companies to make the right decision

JackGonzo: pfffffffft


8:21 PM you both spent time in florida drinking heavily and fucking strippers

Dews: hatchet AND Scalpel, and me being a Redskins fan, I'm a rascist???

JackGonzo: a hatchet is a small axe, not a tomahawk

8:22 PM and as the local redskin, I don't have a problem with the mascot names

Skynet: To be fair, wikipedia says a tomahawk is a hatchet with a straight shaft.

Dews: hehe


8:23 PM MoDews: Thats what she said

JackGonzo: NICE look mccain

Skynet: We've moved on from fact-checking the debate, and are now fact-checking our own snarky comments.

JackGonzo: did he just fart?

Dews: sure as hell looks it

and he's proud of that hing

er thing

JackGonzo: mommy whats a hing?

8:24 PM oh billy, that's when a man just sort of hangs there

Dews: Ohh, like the mailman?

JackGonzo: John, those scars are when you fell down drunk in tiajuana

8:25 PM says who John, u?

Dews: Obama enjoyed that

JackGonzo: oh, what channel is everyone watching?

bring it bob, bring it

Dews: CNN here

Skynet: So the moderator is bringing up ayers :)

8:26 PM CNN on hulu and NBC on the living room TV

Dews: hasn't officially named him though, otherwise we'd be hurting here

JackGonzo: So...your smears are all Obama's fault?

Skynet: Oh right, he didn't do town hall meetings. The last time someone didn't do town hall meetings with me, I had to incite mobs to scream for their blood too.

8:27 PM JackGonzo: LIAR!

Dews: McCain is FAR too old to have been involved in segregation

MAYBE the revolution though

JackGonzo: He's repidiated smears? Oh, PROVE IT John

8:28 PM Skynet: That may have been a bit too finger-pointing and blame-filled for a question on how negative his campaign has been.

Dews: yea, McCain didn't really play that well

8:29 PM the bitches love Obama right now

JackGonzo: keep hitting that nail

MoDews: I'm not a weather man.. but it appears to be raining bitches..

Skynet: And obama is going high-road, which is not what McCain needed to let him do

JackGonzo: he's a sailor, he should know knots

8:30 PM Dews: nope, this was the trap he had to attempt to manage around, but failed really

JackGonzo: and McCain thinks he's winning

Dews: he had to go negative, but delicately

JackGonzo: ouch, just hurt his Texas vote

Dews: ohhhh wait, he hates the Cowboys????

JackGonzo: WAIT a minute

Dews: hmmmm

MoDews: McCain now has my vote

JackGonzo: he attacks your PLANS you're running attacks on HIM

Dews: we are Anti-Cowboys

and McCain supports that

PhillyFan: yes we are

8:31 PM Dews: he could win the NFC East vote

JackGonzo: Obama is from Illinois, he's no cowboy fan

Dews: but he didn't SAY that!

JackGonzo: nah, we saw how Philadelphia treated Palin

MoDews: To be fair though.. they did Boo Santa...

8:32 PM PhillyFan: booooo

Dews: C'mon Obama, call the boys a buncha coke-heads

seal the deal

JackGonzo: who wouldn't fat bastard didn't bring you want you want one year

Dews: hey, I never got my GI JOE Aircraft carrier.....

JackGonzo: wooooo yes we have

Dews: that bastard..

MoDews: Even Santa can't bring a Philly superbowl..

8:33 PM JackGonzo: I never got Phoebe Cates bow tied under my tree either!

PhillyFan: world serieees

MrSanDiego: mccain is gonna blow a gasket

Dews: or a heart valve

JackGonzo: SOME fringe people?

8:34 PM uhhhhh John? Veterans aren't just going to your rallies


Is there a dress code for Rallies?

8:35 PM Dews: just gotta bring Bud

and a baseball cap that as mesh in the back

8:36 PM JackGonzo: and here it comes

Uh, John, you went to ACORN events

Dews: shit I forgot to put ACORN on the list...

he did this for the primary


8:37 PM ayers....

JackGonzo: good good, bring in reagan

8:38 PM hello? hello? echo? Now batting for the los angeles dodgers...

Dews: we both had brand new beers when he mentioned Ayers...

JackGonzo: lol

Dews: thus, had to finish them....

8:39 PM great freakin timing Obama....



Skynet: ACORN again.

Dews: Ayers again...

and new beer....


JackGonzo: Yes, facts are facts

Skynet: I disagree. facts are not facts.

JackGonzo: and your facts are, to quote lex luthor, WRONG!

8:40 PM did the record just skip?

McCain is gonna bring in Joe The Plumber!

Dews: ug

8:41 PM JackGonzo: the shit hole that is scranton

this could be a touchy question for McCain

8:42 PM I wonder if he talks about her, and more about how Biden didn't think Obama was ready

Dews: ok, we're almost back over here

JackGonzo: a role model to women?!

Feminists just spit out their drinks

8:43 PM Dews: teach yer damn kids about giving head instead of having babies first

JackGonzo: lmao

rack em

Dews: christ, its not that hard



JackGonzo: at least teach her about anal sex

Dews: amen

Skynet: Oh thank god, she fixed our energy needs.

Dews: the way god intended

I think MoDews is broken

8:44 PM JackGonzo: by killing all those wolves who were stealing energy

wait...her baby was just born...she's barely experienced have a "special needs baby"...if she actually had it

MoDews: I is fixed!

8:45 PM JackGonzo: already? court ordered?

Dews: chemical castration

he's on "the list"

MoDews: too much baby mama drama

JackGonzo: jesus, mo, no means no

Dews: big brother is very proud

cept for the whole failing on "Wrappin it up" part

8:46 PM he'd be a good Palin though

JackGonzo: in YOUR opinion John

MoDews: I like Obama's phrase better.. "YES WE CAN"

JackGonzo: because your party hasn't allowed transparency there sparky

a lil behind Bob?

Fuck, they should have gotten Rather


8:47 PM MoDews: thats what she said

JackGonzo: 69!

...or possibly 42

Dews: PhillyFan with an update?



like, Islam?

PhillyFan: 3-0 still

Dews: you know, 42 virgins?

or something

8:48 PM PhillyFan: 5th inning

JackGonzo: no no, Skynet knows what I'm talking bout

it's the answer to life, the universe and everything

Dews: ahh yes

Douglas Adams

good books

Skynet: Indeed

Dews: he is missed

8:49 PM JackGonzo: beer out

Dews: We have plenty here

not sure where it came from...

but its here

we even got some classy PBR in the fridge

Skynet: 42 is the one number that should have been in

Dews has left

8:50 PM JackGonzo: no no, just out in the one in my hand

not in the fridge

PhillyFan: i love PBR


PhillyFan: :)

Dews has joined

JackGonzo: I'd like to welcome back the meerkat, who has now lost the ability to use a computer

8:51 PM Dews: so does Indiana girl


I'm management now

don't need to know

JackGonzo: o.0

PhillyFan: mmm pbr

JackGonzo: did that matter to anything else he said?

yes, I like to look at sunsets and sunrises over the ocean

8:52 PM PhillyFan: does anyone care who wins project runway? i can update that too :)

MoDews: I am a Banana

JackGonzo: tastez, philly has none

Dews: and Purple is aweso

JackGonzo: I don't want to know yet

PhillyFan: haha ok...its almost there

JackGonzo: we'll watch it later

PhillyFan: and pbr is awesome. that is all

Dews: PhillyFan, agreed

JackGonzo: Not all of us need to go to Tiajuana John

Dews: I agree.... with.... PhillyFan


JackGonzo: most of us just enjoy to

Dews: that hurt :)

JackGonzo: PBR is piss

PhillyFan: 4-0!!!

8:53 PM errors all around

JackGonzo: I myself am drinking Woody Creak White

Dews: I'm drinkin Miller Light

PhillyFan: haha you should agree with me about everything

Dews: The Commish is wise

JackGonzo: boooooooooooo

Lite Beer is not Beer

Dews: PhillyFan, its only cause I know someone else that likes it, and its passable beer for me :)

PhillyFan: is pbr beer?

Dews: uh


MoDews: its more like piss

JackGonzo: yes, may not like it, but yes

PhillyFan: haha

uuum no

8:54 PM JackGonzo: no no Heineken is piss water

MoDews: thats true also..

PhillyFan: agreed!

Dews: Das German ya?

Jimmie has left

PhillyFan: nein


JackGonzo: we are just men rock!


8:55 PM Dews: everyone is loving Obama right now

JackGonzo: is anyone else paying attention other then Skynet?

Dews: seriously, this debate is over though

JackGonzo: McCain looks almost ready

Dews: McCain looks old, befuddled, and just slow

PhillyFan: Bases loaded, two outs

Dews: and angry

JackGonzo: He's about to reach over with an overhead right

Dews: down down to goblin town.... McCains ratings go my lad, ho ho my lad....

8:56 PM JackGonzo: Right now he's wishing for some Wiskey in a Jar

Dews: oh yea, I went there

JackGonzo: we've changed topics tonight?

MoDews: Break the glass and Crack the plates.. thats what McCain really hates...

Dews: dynamite!

8:57 PM JackGonzo: I was in Toledo, celebrating the Wolverines losing to the Rockets

MoDews: Stop it

Skynet: I haven't heard a reference to that goblin song in ages

Dews: happy to drop it in there :)

Its hard to comment though, McCain is clearly just overly negative and missing his points here

JackGonzo: I'm waiting for Kat Williams to bring out a pimp cup and to towel off Obama's non existent sweat

8:58 PM Dews: whatever points he was trying to hit on tonight, he has failed and he just looks angry and bad


JackGonzo: AYERS BAD!

PhillyFan: aaah i disagree with the winner



Dews: we almost got sick last time


8:59 PM JackGonzo: but not you John, you have Government run health insurance since...well, forever

since Washington was at Valley Forge

Dews: since he was gettin poked with sharpened sticks and learning Vietnamese anyway

JackGonzo: and you got a corn on your big toe

take it and GET OUT!

9:00 PM Joe the Plumber...anyone else want to kill Joe The Plumber?

Dews: capital gains tax??? really? You think thats gonna be the "You got Served" moment?

JackGonzo: yes, but as an EMPLOYER he should supply health care

Skynet: Take it easy on Joe, he's got a mystery fine to pay.

9:01 PM Dews: OH SNAP

JackGonzo: Deer in head lights look ENGAGE!

Dews: and no engage grin mode

JackGonzo: or the someone just farted mode

Dews: seriously, go to plan B... get u and slug Obama

make him cry

otherwise, you have lost

9:02 PM JackGonzo:

9:03 PM MoDews: Obama before the debate...: "One Bitch Slap.. AHAHAHA.. Two Bitch Slap.. AHAHA"

Dews: o noz! he tok hiz buckits!

9:04 PM Skynet: Wait, did joe plumber just become joe millionaire?

And now he has to pay higher taxes?

Dews: I'm starting to think this is the Joe from "Who wants to marry a millionaire"


9:06 PM Dews: the Republican congress passed the Homeland Security bureau, THAT was the largest increase in government size since FDR, what is this bullshit about Dems increasing guvmint?

f'n smokescreen

JackGonzo: Joe's rich? How did he become a rich plumber? All those gold coins?

9:07 PM Dews: Mac Cleeland and Jean Carnahan lost their jobs over that g'damn bill because they opposed the lack of worker rights for Homeland Security when the g'damn GOP ran ads against them saying they voted against Homeland Security because they were "Pro-terrorist"

Max Cleeland lost 3 limbs serving his country, you sons of bitches

9:08 PM JackGonzo: tell it from the mountain

Dews: grrrr

JackGonzo: like alberto?

Dews: this was Pre-Alberto

this was Ashcroft time

JackGonzo: no, to john

not you

Dews: who is also an enormous pile of shit


JackGonzo: absolutely

PhillyFan: 5-0

9:09 PM Dews: damnit...

who said Crack?

MoDews: Santa?

PhillyFan: haha you are bitter

because philly is awesome. it's ok.

Dews: spelled it wrong, but yes, I am better

JackGonzo: and he did graduate harvard law #1 in his class, he knows his shit

9:10 PM Skynet: Hmm, debating supreme court appointments and findings with a constitutional law professor.

JackGonzo: Hey PhillyFan, who won that last Devils Flyers game?

yeah, not a smart idea

PhillyFan: we are 0-3

MoDews: Or the last Caps Flyers game?

JackGonzo: YOU SUCK!

PhillyFan: i get it

Skynet: And I think this may be the first time I've heard roe v. wade tied to right to privacy in a mass media discussion of the decision.

Dews: Caps are 1-0 when I wear my Federov Jersey

9:11 PM Skynet: Which is kind of sad, considering how fundamental that is to the finding.

JackGonzo: pretty much, and I look forward to the wife's thoughts on Obama's reasoning

9:12 PM seeing as she isn't a fan of the roe v wade writing

Stephen has joined

Dews: We have a commie now to comment on the debate

JackGonzo: Welcome Young one

since my commie is out with the Girls watching The Women

Dews: Girls gone wild?

9:13 PM Steve: what did i mess?


Dews: yer pants

Steve: that was intentional

Dews: indeed

JackGonzo: MoDews finally became a man

9:14 PM MoDews: hey what?

JackGonzo: he entered into the steam hut and sealed the deal

MoDews: hahaha wooooowww..

JackGonzo: Oh, and Dews is a Meerkat

MoDews: C'mon Trent..

Dews: shit, musta been hen I went to get beer...

JackGonzo: Skynet is trying to kill us all

PhillyFan drinks piss poor beer

Dews: and loves her some crack

JackGonzo: and Bob Schaefer has zero control on this debate

PhillyFan: PBR!

Dews: but not Santa

9:15 PM JackGonzo: unless he brought her some crack

Dews: ohhhh, good call

and made some old Hobbit movie comments too


JackGonzo: McCain is like shaking

Skynet: Is McCain actually taking a stance against "health for the mother"?

9:16 PM JackGonzo: McCain doesn't know what he's doing

Like Bristol Palin?

Dews: I can say that McCain has a 0 rating for voting for ANYTHING that Planned Parenthood supports


JackGonzo: is this the shortest debate?

Dews: wtf?

Skynet: I can see how some people don't support that, but that's unfortunate wording.

JackGonzo: or is Bob just gonna let them go at it for thirty minutes?

Dews: Steve has 8 beers to finish in 15 mins....

9:17 PM best be hurryin boy

JackGonzo: lol

we need both of a lot of things apparently


9:18 PM JackGonzo: Jim Webb is sending me to college for free! thanks for shit mccain

Steve: mmmm

JackGonzo: what if we already did it?

Dews: have a feeling that Steve's apartment sounds strangely like a set that Rachel Nichols has worked on before....

Steve: BEER #@


Dews: as he downs as many beers as possible..

JackGonzo: do we get a credit?


9:19 PM no, gay marriage is the civil rights issue of the 21st century

Dews: Steve, don't choke, Rachel never did, HA

MoDews: -_O.. we doing funny faces now?

JackGonzo: ZING! orleaneans?

Dews: dem be mermaids man

9:20 PM JackGonzo: is that what he said?

Steve: where's my funnel?

JackGonzo: but, that's what we're doing for wall st?

MoDews: what about main st?

JackGonzo: what about MLK?

and every town has an Elm St]

MoDews: Whats about MILF'S?

9:21 PM Dews: Bristol?

Steve: BEER 3

JackGonzo: Oh, Skynet, I am now at Brigette coming into the real world after running into Mogehdian

MoDews: Calm dowj Rachel

down as well*

JackGonzo: is that gonna make Sarah a GILF? (or is she one already)

9:22 PM MoDews: She is soon to be a GILF

Dews: for substantial monetary or political reward, yes

Skynet: Oh nice. What book is that? (They've all blurred for me)

MoDews: or a HMILF

JackGonzo: I still think Track, Purple, or whatever that baby's name is is bristol

Fires of Heaven

five or six?

Rand and Aviendha just got it on for the first time

Skynet: Five, I want to say

JackGonzo: I think so too

9:23 PM Dews: I think the SPED kid was the girls too though

Steve: this is a fool's errand...

JackGonzo: This chat has been taken over by Robert Jordan...but the wheel weaves as the wheel wills

Dews: oh god, I couldn't finish any of those books....

sorry guys

Skynet: Yeah, that somewhat odd scene in the snow ends up being a bit portentous

Dews: I just couldn't

9:24 PM Skynet: Did he just reference the DC school system?

JackGonzo: Dews, you can't read, we know this

yes, yes he did

Dews: hey, David Eddings?

Skynet: Because I have some choice words about that school system.

Dews: anyone?

JackGonzo: which he should know, most of his campagin is from K St

Dews: Piers Anthony?

Terry Brooks?

Frank Hebert?

JackGonzo: zzzzzzzz

Dews: bow down


JackGonzo: Now we're talking

Dews: Heinlein


9:25 PM JackGonzo: on the right track

Steve: i like piers anthony

Dews: Piers is good

Also a Goddard College alum

JackGonzo: Sarah Palin doesn't know it better then most, she knows it just as much as any other parent

Steve: incarnations series?

JackGonzo: Food Vouchers?

Dews: I liked most of his, but Xanth were most fun to read

9:26 PM Steve: yea, i still have those to look forward to

MoDews: Weis and Hickman

JackGonzo: Henry Rollins and Skynet are products of DC Schools

Does McCain have wooden teeth?

9:27 PM Steve: Hans Agusto and Margeret Rey!

Dews: Rachel Ray?

MoDews: What?

Steve: curious george1

MoDews: Thats Delicous

JackGonzo: a healthy discussion, but not good health huh John?

Steve: EVOO!

Dews: omg, i need some EVOO

oh damnit

Steve: beaten!

JackGonzo: well, this talk has just taken a down turn for the worse

9:28 PM Stewart? Do you mean Steward?

Skynet: That's a myth. McCain's teeth are actually whalebone.

JackGonzo: Yes, stop the spending John, stop buying Houses

Oh, a gift from palin?

PhillyFan: 5-1

9:29 PM Dews: Yay Dodgers!

PhillyFan: eh

JackGonzo: That's why he chose Sarah, he lost a bet to her great great grandfather in the war of northern agression

Dews: haha

PhillyFan: Why do you suck at life dews

JackGonzo: He's Italiano

Dews: what can I say, I'm good at what I do

JackGonzo: You're good at sucking?

9:30 PM PhillyFan: italians are usually hot...what happened

Dews: Sicilian!!!

JackGonzo: interesting

PhillyFan: haha...thats it :)

JackGonzo: well, do what you love

Dews: Philly is the most obese city isn't it?

JackGonzo: I believe Dallas or Green Bay

PhillyFan: no thats the state of mississippi

MoDews: Nah.. Houston...

JackGonzo: or at least the Dallas offensive line

MoDews: The Dallas lines just do Coke..

Dews: which keeps em trim

9:31 PM JackGonzo: If they switched to meth they may find a corner

Dews: and ready fer bikini season

fuck yer mother

JackGonzo: o.0

PhillyFan: sexy

JackGonzo: your mother was a fucking rere

MoDews: 0.o


wtf is that face?

Steve: so was mccain just as dumb in the first hour as he was in the last half?

JackGonzo: John has had more facial expressions tonight then Dews in his last "film"

...more so

9:32 PM PhillyFan: haha uuum

JackGonzo: You missed Joe The Plumber

Dews: Jack, you haven't seen the last one

its academy worthy

JackGonzo: Is Cindy wearing red because it means stop?

wait, McCain is shaking hands?

Dews: Mr. SanDiego is wondering whether McCain had a stroke during this

9:33 PM Skynet: Joe won the debate, hands down.

JackGonzo: now, but he needs his tranqs

The winner without a doubt is Mario

Rachel Maddow is getting hotter

Dews: for a Lesbian, yes

MoDews: Ima Luigi Ima gonna win!

9:34 PM JackGonzo:

9:35 PM Dews: that is a great episode

MoDews: Grumpy McNasty!

JackGonzo: so, final thoughts on this?

9:36 PM o.0

Buchanan thought McCain won

Dews: I feel like Obama to this

er took this

PhillyFan: The phillies are awesome! (o.o)

Dews: damn gchat is pausin on me

JackGonzo: did PhillyFan just flash us?

MoDews: hahaha

Dews: haa

PhillyFan: haha

yes i did

Dews: Crack?

JackGonzo: no crack here

PhillyFan: ice cooold crack

Steve: cnn says mccain started off well? then obama finished?

9:37 PM JackGonzo: I always love finishing well

PhillyFan: flashing would be more: (o)(o)?

Dews: I may have been lookin at somethin else, but I didn't see a McCain win at all here

MoDews: or oYo

JackGonzo: depends on how big the chest is

Dews: agreed

Steve: the cnn pundits have been pretty wrong so far

Skynet: Basically McCain needed to disqualify Obama for the office of president by the end of the debate.

PhillyFan: (.)(.)

JackGonzo: no dews, that looks like you drew eyes on your ass

Dews: not Dews!

9:38 PM JackGonzo: younger dews, you all came from the same place

PhillyFan: Obviously I have not watched the debate and have offered nothing important except crack, pbr and baseball scores

Dews: that was enough

JackGonzo: hey flashing is always important

Dews: that'll do

Skynet: And whatever else happened, he didn't make Obama into someone unequivocally unfit to be president.

JackGonzo: Ed in 08?

Skynet: I will take some PBR though

JackGonzo: isn't that show cancelled?

9:39 PM Dews: My vote is for a Paris Hilton / Joe the Plumber this year

JackGonzo: I have Monty Python Holy Ale

oh, and Killians

PhillyFan: praise pbr

JackGonzo: NEVER!

I'l never praise you!

Steve: im drinking killians right now

9:40 PM JackGonzo: I know what you did!

Skynet: Is drinking coffee, it's gonna be a late night

JackGonzo: oh?

PhillyFan: I'm drinking water and pretending/wishing it was pbr

JackGonzo: isn't it the same?

especially if it's Philly tap?

Skynet: Midterm exams and projects coming up over the next few days.

JackGonzo: a


9:41 PM lol there's a sign in MSNBC crowd...can't see the top, but the bottom says Apathetic

9:42 PM Skynet: That's one motivated apathetic

Dews: haha, nice

9:43 PM I haz beer

JackGonzo: flip a coin, who is drunk enough to watch the Fox News response?

did anyone find the heart monitors?

9:44 PM Dews: yea I did

can't help it

PhillyFan: cole hamels!

JackGonzo: which channel was it? CNN?

9:45 PM MoDews: Has everyone heard?

JackGonzo: where did victorino play before Philly?

The Dodgers?

Dews: hmm, good question

MoDews: You haven't heard Jack?

JackGonzo: on deck...NOMAR!!!!

PhillyFan: originally i believe

two outs!

9:46 PM JackGonzo: heard what?




PhillyFan: silence

JackGonzo: ok, so MoDews is drunk enough to report on Fox News

MoDews: hahahaha

Dews: agreed

9:47 PM JackGonzo: but hey, the Razorback is out of DC so he won't be called out anymore for being underage

Dews: need to give him some whiskey, then he'll start making pipe bombs for planned parenthood

JackGonzo: to plant where?

MoDews: Yes! I'm 23!

JackGonzo: find Dews old liscense?


MoDews: Bah.. I'm pretty good getting into places

9:48 PM PhillyFan: 2 outs!

JackGonzo: Hole In The Wall, Dews favorite airport passtime

Steve: nice, cute republican in the cnn focus group

JackGonzo: which one?

left or right side?

Steve: the one that talked?

9:49 PM ummm

JackGonzo: I just turned there

Steve: right?

PhillyFan: Alright time to man friend has called

Dews can explain


JackGonzo: man friend?

MoDews: no idea

Dews: Think about it

traveller type

9:50 PM JackGonzo: no no, you're milking joe the plumber

Dews: the one that took MoDews's cherry?

MoDews: Booo

JackGonzo: well yes, I figured that one, just making sure lol

9:51 PM do I want to even see who took the cherry?

Dews: Modews is disturbed, and is leaving chat

JackGonzo: well, we'll end this coverage, cover more in the morning

Dews: sounds good, gonna watch the dodgers fold again

JackGonzo: pretty much

though I do get daily show in 9

9:52 PM uhoh, NOMAR got on base

JackGonzo: does Charlie Emanuel look wider then a cowboys lineman?

9:53 PM lets go pron stache!

see everyone in the morning, even you Mario!

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