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Round The Bend 10.17.08

On today's edition of RtB

  • We discuss Obama securing the Geek vote last night
  • The epic meltdown of the Rays last night and if that will change the series
  • College Football Predictions
  • NFL Predictions

MrSanDiego: Morning

JackGonzo: Good Morning Everyone and welcome to Round The Bend, and we're coming to you today live from Joe The Plumber's basement

SayHey: G'Mornin

Well, he isnt REALLY a plumber now

Noodle: morning

9:53 AM JackGonzo: Let us see how good his unlicensed, un-union plumbing really is

Noodle: with the time change you always have these talks when i have to head to work

SayHey: In the sports world, we would call this guy a "Scab"

JackGonzo: go to work and get back to us

MrSanDiego: I don't feel bad for you Noodle

SayHey: Niether do I

Early football

9:54 AM JackGonzo: in the sports world we'd call this guy "interim coach"

MrSanDiego: you can go to the beach after work punk

SayHey: A seat warmer

JackGonzo: and go to Tijuana when you needed a drunk co-ed

SayHey: And some odd need for a donkey show

PhillyFan: gross

SayHey: You know you want to see one

JackGonzo: dynamite drop in monty

9:55 AM interspecies erotica

MrSanDiego: way to be inappropriate

SayHey: Hello SD Fan, have we met?

JackGonzo: but let's start today off with not the obvious topic...has Barack Obama all but ensured himself the nerd/dork vote with the following?....Barak Obama at tonight's archdiocese dinner in NY: "Contrary to rumors you have heard, I was not born in a manger, I was born on Krypton and sent here by my father Jor-El to save the Planet Earth."

PhillyFan: Yea I am sorry I know what that is.

9:56 AM SayHey: He earned my vote with that one

MrSanDiego: The clips from that are great

SayHey: I agree, those clips were great

MrSanDiego: although I really do think McCain is letting Joe the Plumber dictate his entire strategy

SayHey: And McCant earned a tad sliver of respect by going on Letterman

And taking the punishment like a man

9:57 AM MrSanDiego: Oh but letterman went after him

SayHey: He sure did

MrSanDiego: G Gordon Libby



JackGonzo: What else was he gonna do? Act like the rest of his campaign and pretend it wasn't gonna happen?

9:58 AM MrSanDiego: So honestly I think the republs pulling out of key states to protect their own

is pretty telling

JackGonzo: pretty much

SayHey: Yep, Reps pulled out of VA months ago, leaving Gilmore to fend for hismelf

MrSanDiego: They are throwing in the towel at this point for a little self respect

SayHey: Isnt abandoning party members a Demo thing tho?

JackGonzo: hoping to hell the democrats hang themselves

9:59 AM MrSanDiego: I look forward to more government spending

JackGonzo: of course this strategy could be really fucked if in the next four years the democrats shine

MrSanDiego: means more jobs here in the recession proof NoVa


SayHey: Yep

MrSanDiego: I was talking to a Republican last night

10:00 AM they are jsut going to wait four years for Mittens to run again

JackGonzo: PhillyFan, is MrMan going to just stay on Easter Island after this election?

10:01 AM PhillyFan: haha

actually he is in KY

MrSanDiego: same difference

PhillyFan: Although who knows what the plan is :)

10:02 AM JackGonzo: I think I know, or I should say I strongly advise following the C&B plan

10:03 AM oh, and for the record, for all you Caps, Rangers, Flyers, and other Eastern Conference fans out there...Martin Brodeur recorded shoutout number 97 last night

Dews: On board now, sorry about that

MrSanDiego: I hate him, damn Devils

but respect

10:04 AM JackGonzo: all right, topic number 2, does anyone actually think the outcome of last night's game will change the series?

MrSanDiego: Nope but it was interesting to watch

Dews: certainly possible, but I still like the Rays

MrSanDiego: maybe a little lose is good for the Rays

gets them to focus

The only have to win 1 of 2

Soxs must win out

10:05 AM JackGonzo: So no one, cept maybe Dewey, thinks Big papi found his stroke finally?

10:06 AM PhillyFan: It broke their confidence

Enter Phillies

Pow pow pow

Dews: wow

there's PhillyFan

PhillyFan: World Seris hamps = phillies

MrSanDiego: hahaha

10:07 AM PhillyFan: champs


MrSanDiego: delusional as usual

JackGonzo: well get to topic number three (PhillyFan's sanity or lack there of) in a second

Dews: Crack?

MrSanDiego: If Phillies win it is in seven

Dews: someone say Crack?

JackGonzo: Do the Saux bring out Lester next? Hope Beckett is healthy enough to start?

PhillyFan: When phillies win!

10:08 AM brb

Dews: I think they may take a chance with beckett

he has the best track record

MrSanDiego: The game last night exposed Tampas weakness

their bullpen is still lacking a shutdown closer

Their middle releif sucked

10:09 AM Wheeler jsut gave up too much

Dews: which is unfortunate, because those guys have pitched phenominally all year

SayHey: Eh, it was a bad day

MrSanDiego: as a group they have

but who in that bullpen can you say is a dominant closer?

JackGonzo: I'm gonna agree with SayHey a bit, it was a bad day and the Saux were fighting for their lives

10:10 AM MrSanDiego: They are jsut a K Rod away from being a nightmare for the league

SayHey: Yeh, the Saux know how to play when they are behind

Dews: I mean, what are the odds that Balfour and Wheeler both implode like that?

JackGonzo: they're not shutdown, but at least a band aid

Dews: there is no such thing as a "shutdown" closer in the playoffs

even "sure" bets fail

historically thats always been true

JackGonzo: there was...once...fuckin gibson

MrSanDiego: they are both not good enough to close elsewhere

Dews: I wasn't gonna say it Jack :)

SayHey: well, unless your name is rivera

Dews: no


10:11 AM they've all failed

at some point

MrSanDiego: anyways

that is where the Rays are weakest

in my opinion

SayHey: I have to agree SD

JackGonzo: the only reason eck walked davis was gibson was actually hiding in the dugout and they another player on deck

MrSanDiego: They couldn't protect a 7 run lead in the 7th inning


JackGonzo: they don't walk him...

Dews: oh def agree, just think that its not THAT bad, just horrible night last night

10:12 AM SayHey: Yeh


MrSanDiego: Kazmir pitched lights out though

Dews: yea, glad that Tampa was at least able to stick it to the Herald a bit for hat

JackGonzo: SayHey dodged a bullet last night, while BYU wasn't as lucky....this weekend's college football thoughts?

Dews: er that

SayHey: shame i missed the game

10:13 AM Noles were on last night

Dews: Caps came back to win a late one too

MrSanDiego: yeah, NC St looked good in the first half

Dews: (any room for hockey?)

SayHey: And BYU lost..... woooo

Dews: hehe

SayHey: Yeh, but they failed big in the 2nd

MrSanDiego: shocked about BYU

so much for them

SayHey: Ponder proves to me once again that he is a great college QB

Or will be great

MrSanDiego: Yeah, even though they beat NC St.

10:14 AM FSU is not a powerhouse this year

JackGonzo: TCU was no pushover either though, 7-1 with their only loss to OU

MrSanDiego: they might get into a bowl game

SayHey: NC always kicks out beat them on the road was huge

MrSanDiego: TCU is pretty decent year to year

JackGonzo: course I won't mention what TCU did on Oct 4th

10:15 AM SayHey: lol

mention it, mention it!

JackGonzo: Does Boise St succumb to surprise and lose to Hawaii tonight?

SayHey: I dont see it

10:16 AM JackGonzo: alright, prediction time

Vanderbilt @ Georgia

SayHey: GA

Dews: guys, you are missing the best thing that will be out tonight... The premiere of "W" by Oliver Stone!

MrSanDiego: GA

SayHey: Cant wait to see that

JackGonzo: stupid monkey

MrSanDiego: I am going to have to go catch the early show

10:17 AM back on track

predictions, throw em out clint

SayHey: may watch that on my way home from work

JackGonzo: I'm going Vandy, I'm telling you DJ Moore will or should get Heisman votes

MrSanDiego: I have to root against Vandy

they are too trendy

JackGonzo: Wake @ Maryland

Dews: yea, I'm not a fan of the school in general

SayHey: Maryland!!!

MrSanDiego: the MrMan will say they have the best cheerleaders in the SEC

10:18 AM oh


for my Wake friends

JackGonzo: I think Wake as well, but we never know which Terrapin team will show up week to week

SayHey: If wake loses, FSU takes the top spot

MrSanDiego: funny I don't have any Maryland friends

JackGonzo: Pitt @ Navy

MrSanDiego: bahhahaha

FSU will play here Eagle Bank Bowl

10:19 AM Pitt


MrSanDiego: it is ACC vs Navy

10:20 AM JackGonzo: the important thing, least for will once again be played in RFK

10:21 AM k, Ohio State @ Michigan State

SayHey: OSU

MrSanDiego: OSU


I hate OSU

JackGonzo: I'm going with....SPARTA!

10:22 AM SayHey: It could go either way tho

MrSanDiego: true

JackGonzo: Michigan @ Penn State...over under on the N.L reaching 70 points

SayHey: I would actually have that game as a push

10:23 AM MrSanDiego: Penn St

SayHey: Hmmmmm @ Penn? Penn St

MrSanDiego: I have a feeling this is their year

interestingly this is Joe Pa's last year on his contract

JackGonzo: Not if the two teams above them don't lose

Dews: yea, this gets Joe Pa a ten year extension

JackGonzo: Kansas @ Oklahoma

10:24 AM SayHey: Oklahoma

MrSanDiego: Okla

rumor is the university pres does not want to give Joe Pa a n extension

JackGonzo: of course they don't, they will "heavily suggest" he retire

MrSanDiego: Joe Pa is pushing that his son succeed him

10:25 AM JackGonzo: I know I should pick OU, but I got this gut feeling that Kansas could sneak away with a win

SayHey: I just dont see it

JackGonzo: Ole Mss @ Alabama

MrSanDiego: Bama

SayHey: Ole Miss!

MrSanDiego: Clint is picking against the favs this week

SayHey: Brought down 1 empire.........i think they will do the same

10:26 AM JackGonzo: Not on this one, Bama

missouri @ texas, the game CityCat is going to while I work

SayHey: How about Texas vs Missouri?

Will be an epic slugfest

MrSanDiego: Texas

10:27 AM SayHey: I have the upset........Mizz

JackGonzo: you apparently have Tequilla at work

Of course I'm going Texas

10:28 AM SayHey: Big D let up some big points in there first real game

If the D can put Daniels to sleep, then ill be a believer

JackGonzo: And the last two, for our listeners...

SayHey: er, thier

JackGonzo: LSU @ South Carolina

SayHey: LSU

MrSanDiego: LSU

10:29 AM JackGonzo: hmmmmm does Spurrier go in for the kill?

Dews: Just make Ball Coach cry please

JackGonzo: Gamecocks

PhillyFan: vp called me back now

SayHey: LOL

PhillyFan: LSU

SayHey: Ok, no more Eagle bashing

JackGonzo: Final game...VA Tech @ BC

SayHey: Tech

PhillyFan: Tech

10:30 AM MrSanDiego: BC

JackGonzo: I'm going Tech...but by less then a touchdown or overtime

SayHey: Oh, and for the record, I think UVA will upset UNC

PhillyFan: BC Eagles will lose...there's your eagle bashing eric

SayHey: Zing!

JackGonzo: Finally, topic four, NFL predictions

10:31 AM SayHey: Time for Dews to respond

JackGonzo: We start off in the cold north...

Dews: hel ya

SayHey: And this is an epic battle week........Dews vs Gonzo

JackGonzo: San Diego SUPER Chargers @ Buffalos Going To The Super Bowl

SayHey: Da Bills

MrSanDiego: pft


Dews: not cold enough yet, I got Chargers

MrSanDiego: Bills easy schedule is about to be exposed

10:32 AM JackGonzo: Edwards isn't completely healthy yet, if he was this would be different since he's not it's SD

PhillyFan: Chargers

JackGonzo: Saints @ Panthers

PhillyFan: Panthers

SayHey: Panthers

MrSanDiego: The Aints

SayHey: Lets see what Brees can do against a real D

Dews: I got Saints

10:33 AM still not a believer in Carolina

JackGonzo: Buccs put up 28 against the Panthers, and they don't have an offense, The Saints

in the most boring game of the weekend

Vikings @ Bears

SayHey: Daaaaaaa Bears!

MrSanDiego: Vikings

SayHey: pft

Dews: I'll take Vikes to cover the spread


but bears win

PhillyFan: Vikings

10:34 AM SayHey: Way to take the high road Dews

JackGonzo: Don't know the line for it, but I too take The Bears at home

Dews: would you expect any less?

SayHey: Actually, no

JackGonzo: Then in the most lopsided game of the weekend Steelers @ Bengals

10:35 AM SayHey: Steelers for the slaughter

JackGonzo: does anyone actually plan on taking the Tigers?

Dews: I say this game is close for a bit

Steelers win, but don't cover spread

SayHey: Not with Fitzy-boy

JackGonzo: The coin toss isn't part of the game, even if you can bet on it

MrSanDiego: Steely McBeamers

PhillyFan: Steelers


SayHey: Ill take Dews for the win

Dews: haha, reminds me, I need a costume...

JackGonzo: Titans @ Chiefs

10:36 AM SayHey: Titans

MrSanDiego: Titans

Dews: Titans

SayHey: No LJ, no chance

JackGonzo: If the Meerkat isn't Steeley McBeam this year, it's a crime

Dews: I'll be dressed up

JackGonzo: of course the Titans

Dews: don'tyou worry

PhillyFan: itans

with a T

JackGonzo: In another game that could be very boring

Ravens @ Dolphins

SayHey: Dolphins

10:37 AM MrSanDiego: Miami is favored, but I am taking the Ravens

Dews: yea, I got Dolphins on this one too

PhillyFan: I'll go Dolphins too

SayHey: Ravens best RB, 150 yards on like 70 carries

Not good

JackGonzo: Dolphins as well, Flacco is coming down to earth...literally

Dews: Jack, did you do a pick for Purdue vs Northwestern? :)

JackGonzo: no

SayHey: Im still pulling for Flacco tho

Dews: ah k

SayHey: Morrison = suckup

JackGonzo: but go ahead, impress your woman

10:38 AM SayHey: Indiana vs Illinois

MrSanDiego: you are all welcome to put these down on Facebook btw

Pick Em

JackGonzo: The game we're all looking forward to....

Niners @ Giants

Dews: I zoned out for college football...


Dews: hmmmm

MrSanDiego: Giants

PhillyFan: NINERS!

Dews: I'll take Niners for the spread, Giants win

10:39 AM SayHey: Niners, only because Eli realized he is the lesser of the Manning talent

JackGonzo: lol now SayHey has to chose the Giants

SayHey: Damnit Dews

Pick one

Dews: I picked the winner

and the pread

er spread

SayHey: Hmph

JackGonzo: Giants by at least 16 points

Dews: I give giants 8

JackGonzo: Cowboys @ Rams

Dews: yuck

SayHey: I think the Niners, by 3 =)

10:40 AM JackGonzo: I'll be the first to say it


MrSanDiego: Cowboys

PhillyFan: Rams too

Dews: Rams played well last week inducing turnovers

JackGonzo: Brad Johnson checking down will turn TO Nucular

SayHey: Cowboys

PhillyFan: They are missing too many... TO cant throw to himself

Dews: after Homo Romo fumbles a few

SayHey: LOL

PhillyFan: Although is it true romo was practicing/playing


10:41 AM MrSanDiego: Romo is starting

SayHey: I have Long tearing off Romos thumb and mounting it on his wall

Dews: he was practicing, but I didn't see one tight spiral thrown

JackGonzo: Yeah I see this game as Chris Long's coming out party

PhillyFan: yesss i like eric's prediction

Dews: yes, that will work for me

SayHey: I wish Romo would step up and be a man..........But then again, not everyone has the tougness like Ronnie Lott

JackGonzo: The game everyone's excited to see

10:42 AM Lions @ Texans

Dews: ha!

SayHey: Texans

PhillyFan: haha

MrSanDiego: Texans

Dews: Texans

PhillyFan: Texans too

JackGonzo: Clean sweep for Houston

SayHey: Texans will triple cover Johnson

JackGonzo: Maybe the most interesting game of the weekend

Colts @ Packers

MrSanDiego: Colts

PhillyFan: I went with Packers

SayHey: Packers

10:43 AM Dews: Colts, think Peyton is healthy again

so the timing is back with Harrison

SayHey: Yeh, but that Oline isnt

and niether is your boy, Addai

Dews: it doesn't matter who is running the ball in Indy if Peyton is health

JackGonzo: Last week the Colts found a defense for the first time in two years...but they still have zero running game and might be facing the toughest defense yet for them, I'm going Packers

10:44 AM Jets @ Raidas

PhillyFan: Jets

SayHey: J-E-T-S

Dews: Jets

SayHey: I am predicting another fired coach in Oakland tho

JackGonzo: Favre breaks some kind of single game record here

SayHey: Raiders wont win until Ryan is the head coach

Dews: nobody else should/will take that job

MrSanDiego: Jets

JackGonzo: John Madden would

10:45 AM Dews: maybe they could get Spurrier?

JackGonzo: bring back John Madden

Dews: wow

PhillyFan: (Added picks to fb San Digeo :))

JackGonzo: the game of the weekend...Browns @ Skins

Dews: Skins!!!

SayHey: Hmmmmmmmmm

wait for it

wait for it

wait for it


in the upset

Dews: I"m telling!

SayHey: sssshhhhh

JackGonzo: lol

Dews: haha

MrSanDiego: Browns

10:46 AM nah Skins

PhillyFan: Browns

SayHey: Browns are on cloud 9

JackGonzo: Browns are finally getting healthy, Skins are maybe a bigger blowout then Monday night

SayHey: Skins are still scratching thier heads

Dews: Skins aren't going to overlook another team

MrSanDiego: Gonzo is hallucinating

take away the ether

10:47 AM SayHey: One man----Shawn Rogers

JackGonzo: his first 200 yard game in a long time

Dews: wait for StoneHands to come back

SayHey: Make a feast out of Campbell

Dews: so glad that the "mystery disease" is not plaguing Solja too

JackGonzo: this will be Alex Hall's coming out party

MrSanDiego: out of the closet?

Dews: haha

SayHey: LOL

10:48 AM Dews: was Solja gettin the Magic Johnson cure?

with Alex?

SayHey: Cash?

MrSanDiego: he is in ther with R Kelly and John Traolta

SayHey: Oh wait, you didnt hear........Detroit thinks Magic faked his Aids

MrSanDiego: ugh, sorry, keyboard is dying on me

JackGonzo: lol

last game on sunday, may be the ugliest

SayHey: Detroit radio that is

JackGonzo: Seahawks @ Buccs

10:49 AM SayHey: Bucs

PhillyFan: Bucs

MrSanDiego: bucs

Dews: Bucs, since they FINALLY are letting Garcia play

JackGonzo: Buccs

SayHey: He played last week

Dews: yup

and did well

JackGonzo: It should be interesting next April, Seattle almost never keeps their first round pick...what do they do when they have a top five pick?

SayHey: No charlie frye sunday

easy, draft a RB

10:50 AM JackGonzo: Jones has been their only offense, they need a WR more then a RB

SayHey: I disagree

Burelson when healthy, is a great WR

JackGonzo: they've lost more WRs this year then smoking has caused cancer

SayHey: lol

Dews: hes never pulled it together though SayHey

JackGonzo: In the XFL

SayHey: true

Dews: he's got the tools, and siz

10:51 AM SayHey: Question is, when do the Hawks start looking for a new QB?

JackGonzo: this draft as well

PhillyFan: perhaps

SayHey: Hawks havent drafted a QB since Rick Myer, which leads me to believe they will hit the FA market

JackGonzo: or they'll wait for the Huskie kid

SayHey: Well, a 1st round QB

10:52 AM JackGonzo: last game Broncos @ Patriots

Dews: Pats

SayHey: Broncos

PhillyFan: Patriots

SayHey: Eddie Royal is healthy, giving Cutler 3 targets

MrSanDiego: Pats at home

JackGonzo: Rodney Harrison goes back into Charger mode and kills some horses

MrSanDiego: Broncos defense can not stop even Cassel

Dews: yea, I'll take backup USC man, over starter Vandy man

10:53 AM SayHey: Thats just not nice

DOnt give Cassel hope!

Im waiting for Cassel to get hurt

Id like to see what Rodriguez can do

JackGonzo: I'm gonna agree, USC Backup over Commodore 64

SayHey: Was a solid WAC QB

Dews: haha

10:54 AM JackGonzo: Though I do agree with Cutler, Elway is garbage

SayHey: Hater

JackGonzo: It's way beyond Hate

SayHey: But Niner fan has to agree

Complete loathe?

10:55 AM JackGonzo: wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire until there were only ashes

Dews: wow

MrSanDiego: I hate the Donkeys

SayHey: Well to be fair, im sure the city of Baltimore would feel the same way

JackGonzo: fuck the city of baltimore

Dews: about Jeffrey Maiar?

SayHey: Battlefield Earth kind of hatred

JackGonzo: that was the only smart thing he ever did

10:56 AM no one in their right mind would want to live and play in baltimore

SayHey: Cal Ripken Jr?

JackGonzo: obviously not in right mind

Dews: er

JackGonzo: never took a day off

MrSanDiego: This is what goes on in Denver

SayHey: LOL

10:57 AM MrSanDiego: there is your show Eric

JackGonzo: lol

Dews: haha

SayHey: Thank you

Your a good friend

JackGonzo: we've reached donkey sex which tells us we're out of time

Dews: doh

10:58 AM JackGonzo: join us next week as I scalp Dews just like the paramedics scrap Campbell off of FedEx after the 747 Spalsh from Shaun Rogers

Dews: what can Brown do for you?

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