Wednesday, October 1, 2008

LSWTF's Newest Feature

Welcome to today's edition of Round the Bend.

Gonzo: Welcome to Round the Bend here on, as always and future more since this is a first I am joined by SayHey and Dews, good morning gentlemen

Dews: top o the mornin

9:50 AM Mr. SanDiego has joined

Gonzo: And also joining is the Padre himself

9:51 AM Mr. SanDiego: I think I will just go by "Mr. San Diego"

Gonzo: Now since this is the first batch I will explain our new experiment. It appears the most amusing part of the blog are the arguments we get into in the comments and since we all appear to be lazy asses anyways, we'd figure this would be the best way to bring that to you every day.

9:52 AM Each day we will feature four questions, rant rave mock and mutilate its corpse until we are satisfied all while drinking some delicious coffee.

SayHey: For some off reason I'm swamped, so I'll be dropping in here and there

er, odd

9:53 AM Gonzo: And it appears for the first time months, we're seeing life in the Giants' bullpen

Dews: zing!

SayHey: lol

Mr. SanDiego: can't stand the heat...

SayHey: Better closer than the A's =)

Gonzo: Now we have a few suggestions for questions today, but let's get to the one topic we can all discuss, since none of us have a horse in the race, the playoffs.

9:54 AM Dews: That's like arguing about special Olympics odds...

Gonzo: Wait, I didn't realize you had a man named Ziegler

SayHey: Oh, he closed?

Mr. SanDiego: Go (anyone playing the Cubs)

SayHey: I thought it was Mr. Texas

Dews: Brew Crew vs. Rays for me

SayHey: I like the Angels vs. the Brew

9:55 AM Gonzo: So what are your predictions and whether the world will implode if the Dodgers and Red Sox meet in the world series.

Dews: as much as I'd hate Bud Light to have his team in the WS

Mr. SanDiego: Yeah, I could be pulling for the Brewers

Dews: if the Dodgers and Sox are in it in the end, I'm pullin for Dodgers, but that Manny doesn't do anything

with Nomar hitting a game winning HR in game 7

SayHey: I hate the Dodgers, gotta pull for the Sox

Mr. SanDiego: I can't go there

Dews: while Derek Lowe throws a perfect game

Gonzo: I'm an ass, so I'm pulling for the Cubs to make it to the World Series...only to lose to Lou Pinnela's former team, the DRays

9:56 AM Mr. SanDiego: I would not watch the series

SayHey: Me's a series of who do I hate more

and that is not entertaining

Mr. SanDiego: Brewers vs. Devil Rays is the best possible outcome

Or maybe the Angels

Dews: agree with my distinguished colleague from San Diego

SayHey: My favorite matchup

Gonzo: or worst, would anyone actually watch Brewers DRays?

Mr. SanDiego: I would

SayHey: I would

Dews: although, would still love to see former Sox stick it to em

SayHey: Be a hell of a series

Gonzo: DRays can't even get people to the ballpark

9:57 AM SayHey: True, but neither could the Marlins

And they made 2003 a very interesting series

Gonzo: Marlins should just be moved to San Antonio or somewhere

SayHey: Portland

Dews: Vegas

Mr. SanDiego: Va Beach


SayHey: Give Seattle a real rival....other than Ichiro

9:58 AM Dews: Vancouver?

Gonzo: The people of Miami only care about a record from 1972 and a bunch of wanna be thugs at the U who aren't even on the same level as Jimmy Johnson's thugs

Hell, piss off Dews' owner even more, move em to Virginia

SayHey: Vancouver would be ideal, but baseball is second fiddle in Canada outside of Toronto

9:59 AM Gonzo: can't we agree to get all professional sport teams that aren't hockey out of Canada?

Mr. SanDiego: Nah

SayHey: Nah, Bluejays are perfect in Toronto

Gonzo: Indiana has no baseball, perfect; they need something to get their mind of the abysmal state of Hoosier BBall

SayHey: I'd like to see the Raptors move though

10:00 AM Omaha should have a team

Gonzo: they have college world series, that's enough

Plus it's right next door to KC and STL

SayHey: Never enough

10:01 AM College baseball over pro's?

Gonzo: and SayHey's soon to be wife and Dews flame will now want to burn me after the Hoosier comment

SayHey: come on

Gonzo: Nebraska doesn't deserve the sunshine it receives

SayHey: Bah.......separate your Cornhusker hate from the topic

10:02 AM We all hate the Cornhuskers

Dews: <-- fan of Indiana

thats all I bring to table in collegiate sports

Gonzo: ok, next topic. A great group of anarchist-capitalists and Gingrich followers want to blame this entire financial crisis on the CRA and the like, thoughts?

Dews: damn World Bank...

10:03 AM somehow this is all Clinton's fault

Mr. SanDiego: Think that it is way past the blame game

SayHey: When in doubt, blame the man who led us through a recession and into prosperity

Agree with Perkins

Mr. SanDiego: people are going to start flipping out when they don't get their paychecks because businesses can't secure short term loans

10:04 AM Then you might see some anarchy

Dews: heard a good term today to define it, "Casino Capitalism"

Gonzo: Exactly, they forget that the CRA also gave business to small business as well

SayHey: People will flip out once credit card companies take away free lines of credit and not telling the customer

er, available

Mr. SanDiego: Oh they are already doing that

Gonzo: I just find it funny that it was fine and not hurting the economy as much, until Dubya made his own changes in 05 and in three short years it's all gone to shit

SayHey: True, but its more mainstream now

10:05 AM Happened to a few, now it's everyone

Mr. SanDiego: Heard a story about how one guy with good credit had his 25,000 limit reduced to 1800 with no explanation

SayHey: Yeh, and if he bought gas and his limit went to 1803, then he would get slammed with finance fees

10:06 AM Mr. SanDiego: So basically I am of the stance that we need to bail out the credit market

or we fuck things up even worse

Gonzo: since I brought it up, I'm pretty sure dews had to have some experience with the man and his people, what's your reaction dews to Gingrinch once again having a foothold of power in congress?

Mr. SanDiego: Personally I am buying guns, canned goods, and vegetable seeds

SayHey: I'm with Bill Maher, its bullshit

10:07 AM Gonzo: Yes, and as much as I'd for them to take the losses and eat it, we do need something or things are gonna get real ugly real fast.

If they are, I do believe Montana and the Dakotas are our best options

10:08 AM still plenty of wildlife for hunting

SayHey: And new oil discoveries

Mr. SanDiego: It makes me miss the arsenal that we used to have in the house, for when Arlington goes all LA riots on itself

Speaking of oil discoveries in North Dakota

Gonzo: true, see everyone will be joining us in Houston sooner or later

10:09 AM someone poke Dews

Mr. SanDiego: now you may have heard how people are leasing their land and making bank for oil derricks...

The latest trick is to lease your property in exchange for a wind generator

10:10 AM $900 a month plus royalties on what you generate

Gonzo: damn, luckily it sounds like the Dakotas doesn't have the complication of Texas when it comes to land and mineral rights

Mr. SanDiego: T Boone Pickens is gonna save America

Then he will run for President

10:11 AM Gonzo: there is only one Texan I want running for president right now...Kinky F'N Friedman

Mr. SanDiego: ...and I would be moving to Mexico.

10:12 AM Gonzo: The problem with moving to Mexico is that it is a bigger land of scum and villainy the Mos Espa Spaceport


10:14 AM Mr. SanDiego: speaking of Star Wars check out this

Dews: (sorry guys, keep gettin called away)

10:15 AM Mr. SanDiego: They work with the game, The Force Unleashed, for the Wii

Gonzo: Well, now the wife knows what to buy me for the holidays.

Dews: have to get you guys into Rockband

Gonzo: Please, the wife loves Rock Band almost as she loves the puppy

Dews: awesome, good to hear

10:16 AM gotta join the pro circuit then :)

10:17 AM waiting for updates on the supposed live explosives found downtown

Mr. SanDiego: John McCain is a hero of the common man

Dews: how quaint

10:18 AM Gonzo: just like the American Dream babys

Mr. SanDiego: Does anyone remember all the ruckus over John Kerry being married to the Ketchup lady?

Where the f is the outrage now

Gonzo: Which this article brings us to number three...Thoughts on tomorrow night's debate.

Dews: that Zombie involved in the swift boat thing?

Mr. SanDiego: So excited

10:19 AM Gonzo: Mr. SD, every single thing said about John Kerry in 04 can be superimposed with McCain's name and work exactly the same

Mr. SanDiego: I love Saturday Night Live. And when I heard they were airing a special show on a Thursday night...

Dews: it's gonna be pretty funny I'm guessing

Gonzo: Zombie? Obviously he was half man half hound dog

Dews: Hound Dogs have personality

and opinions I'm guessing

Gonzo: not when they're old

Dews: ahh yea

10:20 AM no no, you're thinkin of Lieberman

i.e., Droopy

i.e., "I'll sell my soul for a better job"

Gonzo: no no, Lieberman was last seen on the second Death Star with the Emperor

10:21 AM Mr. SanDiego: So I wonder if Palin is gonna have McCain in the front row correcting her answers for her like he did in Couric Part Deuce

Dews: I'm still thinking she may send a Stand-in like she did in Alaska

call in "sick" for the debate

10:22 AM Gonzo: nah, Algebra II will be sick

but if she does show, check her beehive for electronics

Dews: oh I'm sure we'll be hearing feedback from the Mic a few times over the evening with all that equipment up there

10:23 AM Gonzo: actually, if she has an ear piece, which we all know she will, I hope the Biden people can find a scrambler and right when she's talking about something important, the turn it on, and literally turn it into SNL's last sketch

Mr. SanDiego: I think we should live blog the debate

same way we are doing this

Dews: good call

and add some sorta drinking aspect perhaps

or I can do that

10:24 AM Gonzo: well I plan to be drinking

how else am I going to be able to do this?

Dews: true

Mr. SanDiego: Oh, found this, bit late for the baseball talk but still

Dews: though, I'm doomed if they have the heart-beat monitor thing again though

I'll be staring at it the whole time

10:25 AM "Gee, I wonder how independents feel about that... whoa its sliding down..."

10:26 AM Gonzo: I still have yet to watch the first debate. It's on DVR, just haven't had the urge

alright, let's wrap this up with one final question.

10:27 AM Mr. SanDiego: Yes, the Chargers will make it to the Super Bowl.

Gonzo: This gives us an idea on possible hail marys by the McCain campaign

10:28 AM any other predictions for his campaign before it's over?

Dews: still waiting for the Lobbying scandal to come out

sex for favors

that whole deal

Mr. SanDiego: idk

There is all theis rumor of an October surprise

10:29 AM Dews: I just don't see Palin being the VP pick either

Gonzo: There is always rumor of an October surprise, but what is it this time?

Mr. SanDiego: I wonder if the Bush Administration and Dickhead Cheney really will drum up some foreign policy crisis to boost McCains poll numbers after they just got PWND

Gonzo: Will the public be turned once again by some video?

10:30 AM I think they test ran that with Georgia, it didn't work

Mr. SanDiego: I am thinking something to do with Venezuela

Gonzo: and they also have to be careful. Word has it that Powell is for Obama, and if they tried to drum it up he might then get actively involved

10:31 AM Yes, Venezuela, who McCain believes is in the Middle East, just like he thinks Spain is in Central America.

McCain needs to dump Cindy and marry Miss South Carolina

Mr. SanDiego: Or we raise the Terrorism Threat Level for some classified reason

10:32 AM Anyways

Gonzo: Which no one but Fox pays attention to anymore

Mr. SanDiego: I have a date with a Microcenter for some new gadgetry and then Art class

so adios dudes

10:33 AM Gonzo: Yes, this looks to be it, thank you for joining us

Mr. SanDiego has left

10:34 AM Gonzo: Remember to tune in tomorrow night when we have an edition of Round the Bend during the VP debate. The question will undoubtedly be, can these men spell any word and have it resemble the English language by the end? We shall see.

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