Thursday, October 2, 2008

Round The Bend 10.02.08

On today's panel we shall discuss the following…

  • The first day of the MLB Playoffs
  • Tonight's Vice Presidential Debate
  • The true teams and those who are faking the funk in the NFL
  • BCS Title Game and thoughts on the college season so far

SayHey: Hey all

Dews: Hello and welcome to the big show

9:59 AM JackGonzo: Why do I get this feeling you're all singing Saliva

SayHey: BOOM!

Dews: too early for me to be doin that

Mr.SanDiego: Yawn

SayHey: Yeh, listening to CNN Live

Mr.SanDiego: I jsut got out of bed

SayHey: Assnut!

Dews: must be nice...

Mr.SanDiego: don't hate the good life

10:00 AM SayHey: Half of this panel is living the dream!

JackGonzo: Same here, apparently Mr. SD and I are on the same schedule

Dews: it wouldn't be so bad if I just went to sleep at a decent hour I guess

10:01 AM SayHey: So the Dems fucked up again. Sen Stevens trial may be declared a mistrial

Dews: but, I'd like the perma-vacation mode

JackGonzo: Let's start off today with yesterday's baseball playoffs, initial reactions?

SayHey: Fuck the Dodgers!

Mr.SanDiego: eh? How is that the dems problem?

JackGonzo: strong initial reaction

Dews: Angels look like the typical Angels team

Mr.SanDiego: Alaska has a Republican majority house

SayHey: Its a Federal trial led by the Dems

10:02 AM JackGonzo: Cole Hamels, best player for the Phillies?

Dews: yesterday he definitely was

Mr.SanDiego: Lets just blame all that on Palin

SayHey: Yes

Bimbo Palin

Mr.SanDiego: Was there baseball yesterday?

SayHey: So Bill Maher calls her

10:03 AM 3 games

Mr.SanDiego: (sarcasm Eric)

Dews: Brew Crew is only gonna win when Sabathia pitchs apparently

SayHey: Tough to pick it up on gchat jimmy

Dews: <-- Got it


Mr.SanDiego: so basically the Angels dissappoint

JackGonzo: you have a tough time picking up on it in real life

10:04 AM Mr.SanDiego: and


JackGonzo: but who do they disappoint?

SD can couche for me, there are no actual Angels fans

Mr.SanDiego: The Angels were so strong during the season

Dews: yea, even with Tex in that lineup, they still look like the typical flop playoff team

SayHey: zing

Mr.SanDiego: I think the lack of a pennant race hurt them

JackGonzo: sure there are Naked Gun and Angels in the Outfield fans, but no real Angels fan

Mr.SanDiego: they are soft

SayHey: Angels will bounce back

10:05 AM Dews: At least with Cashman signing a 3 year extension in NY, that clinches the O's getting Tex as their 1b next year :)

JackGonzo: SayHey are you talking bout Stevens or TrooperGate?

Mr.SanDiego: I hate any good coming to the Dodgers but it sure was nuce to see all those dissappointed Cubs fans

Dews: agreed

SayHey: That was the only silver lining last night

10:06 AM JackGonzo: I'm telling you, Rays Cubs and have Lou's former team rip the heart out of the Cubs and the Yankees

Mr.SanDiego: waiting

Dews: as much as I hate Manny too, that ball he hit out had no business being hit that hard

that man is a beast...

SayHey: He is 4-5 with a HR

not shabby

10:07 AM Dews: Jason Bay proved Sox didn't need him though

JackGonzo: We received complaints, thoughts on Phillies?

Dews: eh, they can prolly limp through first round

which is unfortunate

Mr.SanDiego: Yes very

Dews: I'm still pullin for Brew Crew, but I figured Gallardo and Sabathia would bail em out

10:08 AM Mr.SanDiego: because we need the winner of the Brewers - Phillies to go to the series

SayHey: Agree with Dews

Mr.SanDiego: so we can avoid the abomination

Dews: yea

also though Burrell may be out for a while

which could have helped

JackGonzo: I'd rather see the Phillies then the Brewers

10:09 AM Dews: no Philly fans ever please :)

JackGonzo: shouldn't we, being the catalyst of Speed Racer's meltdown be supporting that?

SayHey: Thats blasphomy Gonzo

Mr.SanDiego: The thought of certain uneducated Phillie fans though does turn my stomach

SayHey: Some sacrifices must be made

Dews: I gave Philly a chance, i went there, had a cheese steak at Geno's, it was awful

10:10 AM SayHey: Id rather see Speed Racer own a ring than Philly fan happy

Dews: agree with SayHey

JackGonzo: Perhaps it's the hate I have for Bud Selig that makes it hard for me to cheer for the Brewers

Dews: Gonzo, I kinda feel the same way, hate having Bud Light get any satisfaction out of that

10:11 AM JackGonzo: We all know thought that Philly isn't happy unless they have a ring and I think weall agree that the NL isn't winning this year

Dews: nope

10:12 AM Side Note, caffeinated gum is vastly underrated

10:13 AM just fyi

SayHey: True, but we dont want to give them hope either

Philly fan with a chance is dangerous

JackGonzo: K, next question. Tonight we have our chat (not audio since someone would rather play RB2 with a Hooosier, and it isn't one who is marrying on next spring), thoughts on the VP Debate which could be more entertaining then the Stockdale ones

10:14 AM Dews: I knew Jack Kennedy, you sir are no Jack Kennedy...

Mr.SanDiego: Honestly I thought about this last night

JackGonzo: Where are we? Why am I here?!

Mr.SanDiego: and I think Palin is sandbagging

They have downplayed expectations

Dews: oh sure, both sides are doing that

10:15 AM JackGonzo: Obama's camp isn't

SayHey: All Biden needs to do is not speak

Let Palin dig her own grave

Mr.SanDiego: but word is that she was very sharp in her previous debates (that she actually attended)

Dews: Biden has been talking Palin up a little bit

Mr.SanDiego: Yeah, the dems need to watch out

Dews: either way, this is yet another "no-win" situation almost for Dems

10:16 AM Mr.SanDiego: because even a moderate improvement over her tv interviews might help her and McCain

Dews: seemingly every year we have the battle of slightly retarded vs decent speaking Dem

it makes Debates pointless

JackGonzo: The interesting thing I noticed though about her past experience of debates is that is was never one on one, and she would let the other two fight it out and have a lil quip

Now she's one on one

10:17 AM Mr.SanDiego: This is the latest on her

only one in three voters now see her as qualified

10:18 AM JackGonzo: is that her "trip to china" for the olympics?

Dews: ahh, Wonkette! Get that right wing propaganda outta here!

JackGonzo: gotta love jack cafferty

Mr.SanDiego: oh, as a side bar check out this confrontation from last night

JackGonzo: He's like the old, damn kids and their ZZ Top!

Dews: yea, he gets worked up over her just about every day


10:19 AM JackGonzo: I read about this last night oo


What an ass, Obama is trying to be professional and McCain does his best Belicheat impression

10:21 AM Mr.SanDiego: so my guess is Palin goes to the sympathy card

10:22 AM JackGonzo: This commercial break is brought to you by LOG!

Mr.SanDiego: and mentions her met addicted baby

JackGonzo: you mean her daughterrs?

Mr.SanDiego: err


Dews: She's so brave....

10:23 AM Mr.SanDiego: It may not happen tho

JackGonzo: Let's get to our next question...We're coming up on week 5 in the NFL, who are our real contenders and who is just faking the funk?

Dews: every team in the NFC East

10:24 AM Mr.SanDiego: house republicans will fail again today, and Palin will come to Washington to build a nowhere

JackGonzo: maybe a big bridge over DC so you don't have to drive through it to get to Maryland

10:25 AM so every team in the NFC East is faking the funk, is that your position dews?

Dews: no, just 4 of the top 10 teams are in the East

Mr.SanDiego: well nice to see that NFC East fans are still myopic

10:26 AM Dews: Records speak louder then potential :)

Mr.SanDiego: so in the land of reality

since only three of those teams can possibly make the playoffs

Dews: Giants have to still be the team to beat, being the defending champions

Mr.SanDiego: who is the worst of the east

SayHey: Philly!

Westbrook may miss Sundays game

10:27 AM Without him they are garbage

Dews: Agreed

Buckhalter brings nothing to that offense

SayHey: None whatsoever

JackGonzo: I think they are the most underrated, their defense keeps them in games. Now they have the worst offense, but their defense is strong

Mr.SanDiego: I guess McNabb lighting it up in Week 1 is all but forgotten

JackGonzo: who did they play week 1?

Mr.SanDiego: they do have a dangerous passing offense too

SayHey: Pretty much

10:28 AM Dews: oh no, McNabb is still great, but without Westbrook to balance things out, its pretty one-dimensional

Eagles aren't going to beat you on the ground with Buckhalter

SayHey: Not at all

Mr.SanDiego: he is a passable backup

and they did beat the Steelers with him

SayHey: But he isnt a threat

10:29 AM JackGonzo: Just for the record they played the worst team in the NFL, the Rams, week one, hence gaudy numbers

Dews: still not that impressed with the Steelers

SayHey: Steelers D is amazing tho

Dews: and that tackling dummy Ben

Mr.SanDiego: so I would argue that Carolina is better than maybe the NFC East

SayHey: But without Parker, the offense becomes predictable

10:30 AM Hands down

JackGonzo: as long as Rashard keeps fumbling

SayHey: Although Atlanta is making a case

Dews: You think Carolina is better then the Giants?

Mr.SanDiego: at least right now

Dews: or Dallas?

JackGonzo: Very possibly

Mr.SanDiego: Atlanta has a rookie QB

SayHey: But they are winning

Mr.SanDiego: they are not a contender

SayHey: 2 great RBs

And no distractions, ie Vick and Hall

JackGonzo: they have two backs, two wrs, a QB that has actually won a playoff game

10:31 AM Mr.SanDiego: Wrong

they lost to Carolina and Tampa Bay

and beat the Lions and Cheifs

you are way off on Atlanta

10:32 AM JackGonzo: I agree

Dews: Atlanta has some talent, but they aren't ready for the big show yet

good sign of things to come though

SayHey: Fair enough, but just wait and see

JackGonzo: they're better then they were, but still got a long way to go

there's no WR threat on ATL at all

Mr.SanDiego: yeah, Atlanta is a surprise in that they don't suck in a Chiefs, Lions, Raiders sort of way

JackGonzo: the raiders dont suck

SayHey: Thoughts on the Titans?

10:33 AM They kinda do

Mr.SanDiego: Titans are dangerous

JackGonzo: that team could easily be 3-1 right now

Dews: Titan's physical D will keep things close in any game

Mr.SanDiego: but I don't think another team can pull off what the Ravens and Bucs did, win a SSuperbowl with defense

Dews: and they have a QB that doesn't do anything flashy, but doesn'tmake many mistakes either

JackGonzo: the titans are playing 00 ravens football

Dews: I'd argue that Collins is better then Dilfer though

Mr.SanDiego: at some point these multi threat offenses are going to get to them

Dews: even though he's a jackass

JackGonzo: Dilfer's ring says different

SayHey: Titans are using RB by committee also

10:34 AM Dews: true that Gonzo

SayHey: This is true

JackGonzo: rolling thunder and lightning

SayHey: Titans remind of the Steelers

Mr.SanDiego: Hey, we beat them twice last year, same D

JackGonzo: just without the WR threats

Mr.SanDiego: but those were had wins

SayHey: Good defense, goalline RB to compliment a workhorse RB

Mr.SanDiego: hard

10:35 AM So Denver is finally coming back down to reality

JackGonzo: Denver sucks

Dews: agreed

JackGonzo: that is my vote for faking the funk

Mr.SanDiego: their lack of D is gonna kill their chances of going past first round of the playoffs

JackGonzo: though Ratface's reaction to Kiffin getting fired was money

10:36 AM Dews: Shannahan?

JackGonzo: Broncos aren't making the playoffs


Dews: He's still owed money from Davis

Mr.SanDiego: How about Travis Henry this morning

JackGonzo: Kiffin is going to be in the same bout


SayHey: The cocainne bust? haha

JackGonzo: Hey, you gotta pay for 9 kids somehow

10:37 AM Now, well hard to pay child support when you're in jail and not making any money

Mr.SanDiego: True

SayHey: They become the states problem

10:38 AM JackGonzo: Which state though? They're in multiple states I believe

SayHey: Good point

Mr.SanDiego: So what is the deal in the west

NFC west that is

SayHey: Ugly in the West

Niners are still capable of winning the division

Mr.SanDiego: is this the year the Niners break out of their cave

SayHey: I think so

10:39 AM Our line needs to protect O'Sullivan

Mr.SanDiego: funny that all it took was Alex Smith going away

JackGonzo: it's a battle of attrition in the west, and Nolan battling for his job

SayHey: Dont get me started on SMith

Mr.SanDiego: they play New England this Sunday

JackGonzo: A winnable game

10:40 AM Mr.SanDiego: should be a great test to see where both teams are

SayHey: Agreed

Its in SF

And if Miami can destroy NE, then we have a shot

Dews: I'm not ready to write off NE yet

JackGonzo: Final question of the day, predictions on this year's BCS Title game.

SayHey: No not at all

Mr.SanDiego: It can confirm if the Pats really are failing and if the Niners are for real

Dews: I'm pretty sure if I suited upI could still lead them to the playoffs

Mr.SanDiego: Yeah, I am not gonna write them off jsut yet


SayHey: I wouldnt

Mr.SanDiego: anyways

10:41 AM SayHey: This of course, if Billy boy doesnt get busted for player tampering

Mr.SanDiego: whatever

Al Davis is completely nuts

JackGonzo: But is it tampering if it's with the Raiders?

Mr.SanDiego: no one believes that story

SayHey: lol

Mr.SanDiego: I am surprised that Bob Kraft hasn't gone coastal to bitchslap him

JackGonzo: back to the final question, BCS Title game, predictions, go!

10:42 AM Mr.SanDiego: LSU

and fill in the blank

SayHey: Kraft knows Davis is on his last breathe

JackGonzo: seriously?!

Mr.SanDiego: Yeah


They are creaping up

JackGonzo: LSU? The team struggled against Miss St and hasn't played a real team yet

SayHey: Missouri looks good

As does Texas

And Oklahoma

JackGonzo: OU, also hasn't played a real team yet either

10:43 AM There is one team right now I keep seeing kill everyone they've played...

SayHey: Why I added Texas

Mr.SanDiego: And they will cancel each other out

JackGonzo: Texas played Arkansas at least

Mr.SanDiego: one team will be from the SEC

SayHey: Arkansas with an unproven running game

JackGonzo: but that wasn't who I was talkin bout

Mr.SanDiego: I think it will be LSU sneaking in again

SayHey: I dont see it

JackGonzo: Penn State is killing everyone

10:44 AM SayHey: No way will they make it

JackGonzo: SEC is going to eat itself alive...if Vandy doesn't sneak up and shock the world

Mr.SanDiego: Big 12 will eat itself too though

JackGonzo: It's conference play now, have you seen another Big Ten team as good as they are?

Very true

Which is why USC still has a shot

10:45 AM Mr.SanDiego: Three letters for ya


JackGonzo: could it be Bama and Penn State?

10:46 AM True, but even when Boise made it and were undefeated the teams in the title game weren't

they still won't give it to a western conference who isn't the pac 10

Mr.SanDiego: They have two PAC 10 wins this season

10:47 AM at the time both were ranked teams too

JackGonzo: LSU still has Florida, Bama, Ole Miss and Georgia, not to mention the title game

Dews: <-- totally lost still with College Football, so waiting for my chance on another topic :)

Mr.SanDiego: Yep

SayHey: Indiana U!!!

JackGonzo: and I don't know if LSU wins ANY of those games

SayHey: learn it Dews

Mr.SanDiego: Do the Catamounts have a football team?

Dews: they are developing one I believe


10:48 AM SayHey: They are aggressive women. Morrison will learn this soon enough

Mr.SanDiego: don't underestimate Les Miles

SayHey: Oh hell no

Dews: actually I'm supposed to pull for Purdue in exchange for one more Redskins fan

JackGonzo: lol

Ah a Boilermaker

10:49 AM Mr.SanDiego: I think it is still too early in CFB though to make a call

after this weekend things will look better

JackGonzo: Now, an interesting thought, what about a mid major title game?

Dews: yea, things seem pretty fluid still

JackGonzo: What if it comes down to BYU, Boise and South Florida all being undefeated?

Mr.SanDiego: boring

10:50 AM who cares about a runner up game

better is ever team had a fair shot at the BCS though

JackGonzo: no, I mean those teams in the BCS Title game

not an actual mid major title game

Mr.SanDiego: One of those teams might make it

10:51 AM but not two

JackGonzo: what if every other big school has two losses?

Mr.SanDiego: so tomorrow are we talking about the weekend games?

JackGonzo: or one embarrassing one like Ohio State? Yes, tomorrow we'll discuss the annual Seminole/Hurricane thug down

10:52 AM Mr.SanDiego: See, Ohio State beats Penn St

Dews: do we know who is available to play and who is on parole?

JackGonzo: But we're ending here as for the east coast it's lunch date time

Mr.SanDiego: and...

or breakfast

JackGonzo: seriously

Mr.SanDiego: for us late risers

Dews: damnit...

Mr.SanDiego: later skaters

JackGonzo: love my raisin bread

10:53 AM See you all tonight for the debate chat

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