Friday, October 3, 2008

Round The Bend 10.03.08

Today on Round the Bend…

  • Last night's VP Debate
  • MLB Playoffs
  • NCAA Football Weekend Thoughts
  • NFL Week 5 thoughts and predictions.

SayHey: Greetings

10:06 AM Dews: hola

looks like I missed a helluva show last night

JackGonzo: His opinion supposed to be respected my ass. Good morning everyone and welcome to Round the Bend if you're just joining us I'm talking about James Carvell's response to last night's debate...or lack there of

SayHey: It was quite the debate

JackGonzo: We'll start right off with said debates, overall thoughts?

Dews: Carville is a Clinton guy though, could still be mad at the VP pick

10:07 AM SayHey: I think Carvells response was more in line with the perceived success on the part of Palin, and not the comical outcome we all expected

JackGonzo: Carville married the enemy

Dews: makes sense that he did though, someone like Carville will live longer if he could argue everyday

JackGonzo: success? When is it when someone doesn't screw up terribly a success?

Dews: and I'm sure that happens all the time in that house

10:08 AM SayHey: Im not saying it was a success

Many "experts" say that

I thought she was a trainwreck

JackGonzo: Have we fallen that far in this country that since she didn't fuck it up, she won?

Dews: Gonzo, in any debate for the last 10-12 years its been a win for the "dumb" candidate just to not screw up

its like the American people just don't care

JackGonzo: As for a "debate" she was annihilated

SayHey: Right, for her not to completely fuck up, is a win in the republican side

Dews: the Gore vs Bush Debate cemented that

10:09 AM SayHey: She answered no questions and was wrong on all of her attacks

JackGonzo: The dumbing down of America makes my head hurt and my trigger finger itchy

Dews: Dems can't win Debates no matter how much more refined or on topic they look in the Debate

all the GOP candidate has to do is show up, and not say they'll eat your baby

JackGonzo: They need to pull a Perot and start bringing slides

but I think she said that last night

10:10 AM SayHey: Obama has his fireside chats

Dews: well, I'm sure they can spin that somehow

"What she meant by the wanting to eat all american children, is that she has a special love for children, especially those with special needs"

JackGonzo: Hell, she wants to make the Earth pay for its own rape kit

Dews: "because as you know, Sarah Palin has a special needs child"

SayHey: I love Palins answer in regards to the Nuklear (yes, she says nuclear like Dubya does)

10:11 AM Fire the nukes so the enemy cant get em

JackGonzo: A special love for children? You know who hass special love for children? Pedophiles

SayHey: Palin dropped the single parent bomb on Biden

Lucky for Biden, she didnt do her homework

Since Biden was a single parent

JackGonzo: No, that was the single parent sling shot

SayHey: Either way......BACKFIRE

10:12 AM JackGonzo: Biden brought out his single parent Doom gun

Dews: I honestly don't understand why we even do debates anymore

the BFG?

SayHey: So news media has something to do

JackGonzo: word

how else would we drink DURING election season?

SayHey: If we were really drinking via the group chat, we would have gotten wasted in the first 20 minutes

10:13 AM Dews: I dunno, thinking about the general public's ability to pick a president, and our current options causes me to drink sufficiently

JackGonzo: I was, I did, I didn't go to sleep until 430 eastern

SayHey: Yeh, some of us work so I didnt get that luxery

Although I made up for it on Friday

JackGonzo: yeah, and I still got up before the wife lol

SayHey: Jesus

Dews: good work Gonzo!

10:14 AM JackGonzo: Three pints of romulan ale gets ya wired and makes you want to play Battlefield Bad Company until 330 in the morning

SayHey: Yeh, my drink of choice was flat water

Got hammered Wednesday night......had to take it easy last night

Dews: I was a "Flying Dog" and "Miller Light" champ last night

10:15 AM SayHey: You had the Biden and Palin of beers

Good and shit

Dews: while singing "Down with the Sickness" I might add

JackGonzo: Now we have a bigger topic to discuss...about dews...was it really Rock Band 2 with a Hoosier....or did he sneak off to the NKOTB concert?

SayHey: Question Dews........Why are you a Boilermaker fan when your female interest is a Hoosier?

Gonzo and I couldnt figure that out

10:16 AM Dews: ahh, Hoosier obviously went to IU, bu tis a Purdue fan

SayHey: Er, rather, pulling for them? We know your no college fan of any sort

Dews: and big Drew Brees fan

SayHey: Interconference confussion

Thats like Gonzo being an OSU and TX fan

FSU and Miami fan for me

JackGonzo: Indiana only has four options. ND, IU, Purdue and Indiana State

Dews: But, Hoosier was also born a Hoosier, didn't just become one from attending IU

10:17 AM SayHey: Huh?

Dews: From Indiana = Hoosier

JackGonzo: She obviously didn't want to be an engineer so she couldn't GO to Purdue

SayHey: No shit

Seems like your calling a certain someone a bandwagon

Thats all

Dews: I am?

SayHey: OlneyGirl wasnt a Hoosier fan as a kid

And went there

JackGonzo: No, what he's saying is that everyone born in Indiana is a Hoosier

10:18 AM SayHey: Now she is a Hoosier for life

Right.......Im confussed by his context

Dews: Ohhh no, not at all, just that she was born a Hoosier, but is a Boilermaker fan

SayHey: SInce Olney fits his other description, which sounds bandwagonish

Dews: OlneyGirl is a Hoosier too

just by attending

SayHey: Ok, I gotcha

JackGonzo: Jesus, are you two at the Press Club already?

Dews: I assume anyway?

I am unfamiliar with the rules...

I wish...

10:19 AM Jimmie has joined

SayHey: Me to......need to argue

JackGonzo: I can't make it tonight, I'm second row center for Henry Rollins tonight

SayHey: And it will be nice to not argue baseball, since its evident that both of our teams suck

Very nice!!

Dews: Good score Gonzo!

Mr.SanDiego: Sorry I am late. Dews jsut had a delivery

10:20 AM Dews: Ahhh, excellent....

SayHey: Whats her name??

JackGonzo: What, all his RB shit?

Dews: zing!

JackGonzo: I swear, the first thing that came to my mind was....thanks Jim, I just got from Red Lobster

SayHey: Oh, speaking of deliverys........Ill be sporting new garb at Hooters this Sunday

FINALLY, got a jersey

Dews: Skins?

Mr.SanDiego: nice

10:21 AM SayHey: Your an ass

JackGonzo: Alright, before we move on, any thoughts on last night's debate from San Diego

Dews: you sound like my mom SayHey

SayHey: Frank Gore, baby

No, she calls you an asshole

Big difference

JackGonzo: Look at him, the seminole cheering for the hurricane

Dews: right, my bad

Mr.SanDiego: Good for Palin that she didn't screw up more

but Biden really showed that he knows his shit

SayHey: She did fuck up the Commander in Afganistans name

10:22 AM JackGonzo: Even if she didn't answer a single question and looked like she needed a stiff drink all night?

SayHey: Agreed

Mr.SanDiego: and I think millions of Americans were thinking, between these two, he is the one I want a heartbeat away...

JackGonzo: dear christ I hope so

Dews: I would hope so

SayHey: Yep

JackGonzo: So let us continue the discussion of MLB playoffs...who is the worse playoff team, the Cubs or the Angels?

10:23 AM SayHey: Cubsa

Hands down

Mr.SanDiego: but lets cut the crap talk and get on to the only topics that matter for the weekend, sports

SayHey: 4 errors??

Mr.SanDiego: Cubs suck

JackGonzo: Each infielder had one

Has Manny proven yet that he's the best player in baseball?

SayHey: Im more focused on Longoria

Dews: unfortunately, yes

SayHey: Kid is a beast

10:24 AM Mr.SanDiego: I don't think he is the best

JackGonzo: You could be a beast against White Sox pitching

Mr.SanDiego: but he is a leader and he does have great timing

especially in the playoffs

SayHey: Sox are a playoff team, they must have done something right

JackGonzo: Let me put it this way then Anti-Dodger, is there a better producer in the playoffs?

SayHey: Oh, whats up with Mannys Cosby sweater fetish?

10:25 AM Mr.SanDiego: Evan Longoria

JackGonzo: I'm just talking overall

SayHey: Certainly no Philly

Howard and Utley, 0-7 with 6 k's


Dews: Longoria looks to be a beast too, but we gotta give him some more time to prove it

JackGonzo: Even when the Indians were losing in the playoffs he was raking

SayHey: Agreed

Mr.SanDiego: well we can only talk in the present

SayHey: But for a rookie, he has done some amazing things so far

Dews: Philly doesn't look like they're gonna slow though, even without their big bats

10:26 AM Mr.SanDiego: and this playoffs I think he has a bigger impact than Ramirez

SayHey: Yeh, they proved to me why CC is not an NY Cy Young

JackGonzo: As long as they keep pitching, and Victorino keeps pulling shit out of his ass

Mr.SanDiego: but we are only two games in

SayHey: He got shelled last night

JackGonzo: CC just isn't a playoff pitcher....he's like Dan Marino

10:27 AM SayHey: He is the pitching version of Arod

Dews: gotta cut the guy some slack, he was gettin squeezed on the strike zone, and he's thrown on 3 days rest 4 times in a row

SayHey: Thats just bad management

Dews: not if he can get you to the playoffs

and is capable of doing it

10:28 AM JackGonzo: Tonight is all AL, predictions?

SayHey: Not if the coaching staff has put his arm through that stress all month

He was bound to break down

Mr.SanDiego: Angels come back hard

SayHey: I think they will

Dews: the goal is to make the playoffs no matter what though

I doubt it

SayHey: Oh I agree

Dews: Angels are always choke artists

SayHey: And they made the playoffs

JackGonzo: I swear I thought Dusty Baker was managing the Brewers as much as CC was pitching

10:29 AM SayHey: Great point

Dews: haha, yes, good call

JackGonzo: College Football last night saw South Florida fall to Pitt, any other big upsets this weekend?

Mr.SanDiego: Tampa at home.

SayHey: I think Sveums thinking was, who gives a fuck, he wont be a Brewer next year

Mr.SanDiego: Oh yeah, there goes one of the "Mid Majors"

10:30 AM Ryan has left

JackGonzo: hopefully CC comes home to Oakland

Dews: uh

SayHey: Hometown discount

Dews: not likely

SayHey: number 1 target for Cashman

JackGonzo: fuck you, he's not going to the AL East

Dews: my guess is Angels or Dodgers

SayHey: Nahhh

JackGonzo: Beane is gonna be all Tom Cruise

Dews: west coast team will get a discount

Mr.SanDiego: Wisconsin over Ohio St.

SayHey: If anything, Boston, NY, or Chi Cubs

Dews: but Oakland can't afford that though

10:31 AM Mr.SanDiego: Football fools

SayHey: One can only hope SD

JackGonzo: like hell we can't, we're not paying anyone else

Mr.SanDiego: we are on football!

Dews: my bad

SayHey: Well, still paying Chavez huge dollars

Dews: sky is falling here... brb

Mr.SanDiego: changing topics is like trying to stop a freight train

SayHey: Pretty much

Mr.SanDiego: So clint was asking about weeknd NCAA FB

10:32 AM I think Ohio St. is ripe for being upset

JackGonzo: Is there a game bigger then Auburn Vandy?.....did I just say that?

Technically it wouldn't be an upset though, Wisconsin is ranked higher

Mr.SanDiego: I think both those teams are way over their level now

JackGonzo: I don't know, I've watched Vandy, they have some talent and no one is paying them any mind

Mr.SanDiego: this weekend though isn't the weekend one of them falls back down to earth

10:33 AM JackGonzo: If DJ Moore isn't a top ten pick next April I'll be shocked

Mr.SanDiego: Okay, they beat SC

but then who?

and no real blowouts

10:34 AM SayHey: SC is a non factor

Mr.SanDiego: they went through the soft part of their schedule and never really could pile it on

Vandy is a fraud

faking the funk

That said Auburn is no better

JackGonzo: they beat a tough Ole Miss team too

10:35 AM Mr.SanDiego: Um what was the score on that game clint?


JackGonzo: Vandy isn't an offensive power house, Vandy is a defensive team

Mr.SanDiego: a baseball score

JackGonzo: 23-17

Mr.SanDiego: oh I was talking Auburn now

SayHey: Not every good game has to be a blowout

Mr.SanDiego: and Miss st

10:36 AM But these were the weaker teams on their schedule

JackGonzo: oh Auburn sucks and is almost always overrated, just like the Suckeyes

Mr.SanDiego: when it comes time to put that into the BCS computers

it will hurt Vandy

Dews: Vandy sucks


10:37 AM Mr.SanDiego: I like Oregon vs USC for another smack down of the Trojans

Dews: only good thing to come outta Vandy was Buster Olney

SayHey: Jay Cutler?

And of course I joke

Dews: I stick by my oiginal statement...

JackGonzo: not if they can run the table...they have Georgia and Florida, but those are the only big power houses in the SEC they play until in the title game

Mr.SanDiego: So three losses

they won't even get a BCS game

10:38 AM Vandy may be better but they are not at that level yet

JackGonzo: Oregon St couldn't keep its production up and also lost last night to Utah, what's this say about USC?

SayHey: Over-Rated

10:39 AM Mr.SanDiego: I think the state of Oregon is not going to be kind to the boys from So Cal

JackGonzo: what's the worse game this weekend

10:40 AM Stanford v Notre Dame or LA Lafayette v LA Monroe?

Mr.SanDiego: Top 25 or overall?

SayHey: BYU vs Utah St.


JackGonzo: I should also throw in there Florida International v North Texas

10:41 AM SayHey: FSU vs Miami.........Cannes are going down my friends

Mr.SanDiego: VT at Western Kentucky

10:42 AM The Hilltoppers got beat 1-3 by the Wildcats (kentucky)

10:43 AM Noodle should be a happy camper this weekend

JackGonzo: Here's the real question, how many parole officers we will be at the FSU Miami game?

SayHey: Agreed

Mr.SanDiego: opps should read 41-3

SayHey: Not as many, the FSU suspensions are lifted

10:44 AM Dews: legal issues and NCAA issues are seprate though

SayHey: ohhhhhh


Mr.SanDiego: The Aztecs of SDSU get TCU this weekend

well they are in TCU

that should get ugly too, human sacrafices all around

10:45 AM JackGonzo: lol

Will the Titans and Ravens game this weekend be one of the worst offensive games ever?

Mr.SanDiego: sweet can we go through each NFL matchup?

Well both D's can score

10:46 AM I think the Titans get this one though

They aren't starting a rookie QB

JackGonzo: How insufferable will SayHey be if the Niners can beat the Pats this weekend?

SayHey: I will dance naked in the streets

Mr.SanDiego: We can jsut put him on mute

10:47 AM question is, can the Niners protect their QB

SayHey: Really? I thought we are all Niner fans this week

Mr.SanDiego: that will be the difference maker in that game

JackGonzo: SayHey has had this weird obsession of dancing naked in the streets for the last 24 hours

I'm on bye

SayHey: I really want an excuse these days

Mr.SanDiego: KC Carolina

how ugly can that get

SayHey: Carolina will spank them

10:48 AM JackGonzo: Carolina literally running away

Mr.SanDiego: or is Huard the savior of the Chiefs

Dews: Huard is at least a servicable starter

SayHey: Hell, I think Gonzo might be KC's next starting QB

Mr.SanDiego: They did beat Denver

JackGonzo: or are the Broncos just really that bad

Mr.SanDiego: They have the #2 offense in the NFL

SayHey: We'll see this week........Their defense is going to have quite the workout

Mr.SanDiego: So Denver vs Tampa

10:49 AM another slaughter I think

JackGonzo: Tampa

Mr.SanDiego: Tampa D is strong

JackGonzo: real quick sidebar, CityCat just sent me this story, maybe the greatest story I've ever seen

SayHey: Tampa has a great running attack

Oh, I read about this

Future whack job kid of america

er, the world

Dews: Tampa if Garcia is ever allowed to start again

Mr.SanDiego: nice

10:50 AM Dews: wow

Mr.SanDiego: What about your hometown boys clint

JackGonzo: no word on whether or not this kid is Dews in any way, we just can't be sure can we

SayHey: bye week

Mr.SanDiego: Does Houston have what it takes against the Colts?

Dews: they play them pretty well usually

SayHey: ah, Texans

Mr.SanDiego: Yeah no

JackGonzo: They get crushed...ZERO of their safeties are healthy

Mr.SanDiego: I have more respect for Manning and Addai

10:51 AM JackGonzo: I think they may pull a Washington State and start auditioning people for the spot

Dews: Manning is just beat up

he's at half speed

that totally screws up their timing

SayHey: And of course this matchup happens when I play Dews in FF.......Addai is going to single handedly crush me

JackGonzo: Ray Charles could throw all over the Texans

Dews: Yes, and Yes

Mr.SanDiego: Houston run defense??


Dews: And Portis

JackGonzo: they have a run defense?

Mr.SanDiego: So Atlanta Green Bay

SayHey: Not worried about Portis as much as Addai

Mr.SanDiego: Ryan vs Rodgers/maybe?

10:52 AM or is he out

JackGonzo: they only more inept team defensively may be the Broncos, Lions and Rams

Dews: I'm betting Rodgers is out

SayHey: He practiced yesterday, so im assuming Gametime decision

JackGonzo: He;ll play, if they let him

Dews: still wondering what happened to that older gentleman they had as a potential backup in Green Bay....

Mr.SanDiego: Matt Flynn

Dews: too bad they don't have him still...

JackGonzo: it's only the Falcons so he could play two series, score and let Flynn or Brohm in

Mr.SanDiego: wouldn't that be the way, all the hype on A Rog

SayHey: I think Brohm would have more success

10:53 AM Mr.SanDiego: and Matt Flynn leads this team

Yeah, even without Harris, the Packer D is going to dine on Ryan

JackGonzo: did Trey slip you the LSU Kool Aid?

Mr.SanDiego: Oh I love LSU

Geaux Tigers!

10:54 AM Speaking of...thoughts on Russell post Kiffin

and on the state of the Raiders

SayHey: Russell took the low road

JackGonzo: How bad are the Bengals going to get beaten by the Cowboys, and will you watch the game just to see Ocho Cinco kiss the star?

SayHey: I love what Sapp said

Dews: Russell was quoted as saing they had a good relationship though?

10:55 AM SayHey: He isnt going to stir the pot

Mr.SanDiego: Sapp is classic

JackGonzo: What did Sapp say?

SayHey: Sapp blames everything on Davis

JackGonzo: I don't have Showtime

SayHey: Said he needs to get rid of that 70's and 80's mentality

Mr.SanDiego: and yes, I would watch the Bagals Cowgirls just to see Ocho pull a TO

and get KOed at the 50

SayHey: And that once he is gone, the Raiders will be a playoff team again

10:56 AM Id love to see Ocho pull a Rock Cartwright.......since Rock stole that star dance from TO

Mr.SanDiego: so Cowboys baounce back

Dews: I'd rather see a Bengals blowout

SayHey: Mos def

Dews: obviously..

Mr.SanDiego: but the Skins are not looking as strong on D all of a sudden

Dews: They looked pretty good last week

Mr.SanDiego: both Taylor and Springs are out

10:57 AM SayHey: Redskins D has been pretty solid lately

Dews: Springs is hurt, but Springs wasn't the only guy covering TO

SayHey: But the loss of Springs will hurt

JackGonzo: Skins Eagles...or how much shit talking will dews have to hear from our resident Eagle fan?

Mr.SanDiego: So less pass D

SayHey: Carlos Rogers took over and did pretty well

Mr.SanDiego: Like I said before

Dews: we CANNOT lose that game with her there

Mr.SanDiego: McNabb is goign to have to throw against the Skins

that should help him

JackGonzo: if Jackson catches the ball

Mr.SanDiego: good point

SayHey: I dont think him catching to ball is the issue

10:58 AM Its fumbling while doing retard dances

JackGonzo: I know all about WR not catching balls

Dews: ah yes

SayHey: Braylon.........Edwards

Mr.SanDiego: so I say Eagles in a nailbitter

sorry Jeff

SayHey: I hate to give this to the Eagles, but I gotta

Dews: it should be a good gae

er game

SayHey: Philly home game

Dews: but we really only needed to win one of these games on the road

Dallas or Philly

10:59 AM Mr.SanDiego: What about that other NFC team

JackGonzo: does anyone care about the Bears Lions game? Does anyone care about the Lions?

Mr.SanDiego: the Giants Seahawks

Dews: and in all honesty, I'd rather see the Dallas win :)

Mr.SanDiego: does anyone even care

SayHey: Bears 76........Lion, tree

Mr.SanDiego: Bears

SayHey: Dah Bears

Mr.SanDiego: Giants

JackGonzo: Seahawks suck this year, even if Julius Jones is single handedly keeping me alive in fantasy football

Mr.SanDiego: Buffalo vs Arizona?

11:00 AM SayHey: Dah Bills

JackGonzo: bills by blowout

Dews: Cards

SayHey: No Boldin

No chance in hell

Mr.SanDiego: I think the Bills are better but they have a very very soft schedule

Dews: I don't believe in Bils

Mr.SanDiego: they win here though

SayHey: Bills play fundamental football........ I believe in the hype

Mr.SanDiego: next week they lose

SayHey: They have a bye next week

JackGonzo: you haven't seen a blowout this bad since Britney last flashed the paparazzi

Dews: Fitzgerald just get Boldin's 100 yards and finishes with 220 yards


11:01 AM SayHey: Terrance McGee is hurt, so its quite possible

Dews: Boldin is a luxury

JackGonzo: Bills are going to win the AFC East, and if the rest of the AFC isn't careful we're once again gonna be singing...Buffalos going to the Super Bowl

Mr.SanDiego: um...

Dews: nah

SayHey: Their #3 guy isnt half bad, Beesly, or something?

Mr.SanDiego: speaking of AFC East

expect to hear this a lot

Dews: Pats are still aroudn

11:02 AM haha

saw that coming

SayHey: Bah

Mr.SanDiego: Having seafood this weekend

JackGonzo: well it was only a matter of time until that came up

SayHey: Yeh, had to drop that eardrum burster

11:03 AM JackGonzo: Alright wrap this up, we've been at it for an hour again, absolutely killing whatever work SayHey and Dews do

Mr.SanDiego: It makes ya get up out of your seat and do a little dance

SayHey: Pretty much......But, one final question

Dews: yea, Election season makes sky fall here...

Mr.SanDiego: Pitt over J ville

SayHey: Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson?

Mr.SanDiego: game of the week

Dews: EAS MAN!

"Now I'm done..."

SayHey: LOL

Mr.SanDiego: NO over Vikes

SayHey: NO

JackGonzo: NO, Pitt

Dews: Nawlins

SayHey: Pitt, yeh

11:04 AM Mr.SanDiego: got em all

Monday morning QB next time


JackGonzo: Dodgers continue to piss off SD, Philadelphia fans lose their shit when they win a series and beat the Skins in the same weekend

Dews: not happening...

Mr.SanDiego: Yeah, We have to deal with Philly fan this week

SayHey: I think it will happen

11:05 AM Mr.SanDiego: oh jezus


SayHey: I hope to God we are wrong

JackGonzo: how come I see Dews doing a Gollum, I'm not listening thing right now

Dews: there is not enough beer to help me deal with that

SayHey: Philly fan deserves no happiness


SayHey: Ok fella's, time t ogo

JackGonzo: alright, you two go to lunch

Mr.SanDiego: take us out

Dews: ha

11:06 AM JackGonzo: SD and I will actually eat breakfast

SayHey: Hate you both

Dews: ...

JackGonzo: and everyone have a safe, fun, and non conception weekend

Dews: er

SayHey: No promises

Dews birthday

Dews: I got nothing...

SayHey: Booyah

Mr.SanDiego: peace

JackGonzo: When I say non conception obviously I mean no creating of babies, just the act of no actual

11:07 AM Jimmie has left

SayHey: Again, I cant vouche for Dews

JackGonzo: can we ever? Godd night now!

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