Thursday, October 2, 2008

LSWTF Chat of the VP Debate

JackGonzo: Welcome everyone to the LSWTF live chat of the VP DEBATE!

8:02 PM wow, who chose Gwen's jacket?

SayHey: I think it was Janet Reno

JackGonzo: The wife believes it was Kenley who made the jacket

8:03 PM apparently Palin is going to a funeral

SayHey: She looks scared as hell

JackGonzo: We start off with the bailout

8:04 PM drink

last 8 years

SayHey: drink

Main street

JackGonzo: waitin for the golden

8:05 PM dosagreement with Palin? She hasn't understood a word you said eh

barometer? Welcome to the weather channel

SayHey: Of course, the soccer mom card

JackGonzo: Soccer? I thought she was a hockey mom

SayHey: She needs to pick a stereotype

JackGonzo: two completely different sports

8:06 PM may scare off the anti-immigrants crowd using soccer

we should drink every time she blatantly lies

SayHey: Yep

SHe didnt answer any question

JackGonzo: McCain 2 years ago? Try Obama in 02

8:07 PM SayHey: Yep

JackGonzo: genocide in bosnia?

8:08 PM uhuh sure he is

SayHey: Blowing smoke



JackGonzo: that's why we're outsourcing jobs right Sarah?

8:09 PM SayHey: Drink

JackGonzo: new energy?

Darn scootin

SayHey: Dont yah know.....

8:10 PM Joe Six Pack?

JackGonzo: Tonight's drink of choice is romulan ale

SayHey: LOL

JackGonzo: Hockey Moms drink

8:11 PM those are college kids with first time credit cards

8:12 PM Joey? was he in jersey?

SayHey: aaaaaa!!

JackGonzo: darn right

that phrase alone should be drink

8:13 PM in india



8:14 PM SayHey: Burned1

Snap! Biden knows his stats

JackGonzo: biden is like a crazed fantasy stat geek

SayHey: She should play for the Dodgers

Avoiding the topics

8:15 PM JackGonzo: Why she doesn't have dreds

buying bullets an economy?

8:16 PM SayHey, is it funny the only good pitcher tonight for the Brewers is a Dodger?

8:17 PM small business?

SayHey: Todd and I?

8:18 PM Spare me

JackGonzo: Did we just see a seccessionist?

SayHey: I do

Stefan: Wasn't her question on this topic about the burdens her health care plan would impose on small businesses?

JackGonzo: Wife-Wasn't she just talking about de-regulation? She's talking in circles

8:19 PM SayHey: Throws her party under the bus

JackGonzo: I want to talk to about his health care plans...cause I memorized that!


JackGonzo: scranton drink!

8:20 PM she has this look on her face like, FUCK! he knew that

8:21 PM SayHey: SNAP!

JackGonzo: ohhhhhh snap!

SayHey: Bridge to nowhere......finish your drink

vw gerrman ohhhhhhhh snap

Stefan: I'm impressed that he actually named an item to cut/slow

8:22 PM JackGonzo: He lives, welcome to the party

We'd like to apologize for Dews not being here...he's watching this while rocking out to rock band with a boilermaker

SayHey: She is a Hoosier

8:23 PM JackGonzo: that's what I'm talking bout grasshopper!

SayHey: But he is likely to have a happy night

JackGonzo: Thought she wanted him to cheer for Purdue?

shoot a moose?

8:24 PM Biden looks like a snake ready to strike!

SayHey: Yeh, He is prepared to bite

JackGonzo: And she has yet to answer one question

Stefan: She's sticking to the script really well, regardless of what questions are actually asked.

JackGonzo: bout the only thing you do produce other then hockey players and fur

SayHey: Yup


8:25 PM JackGonzo: re re reaaaaaaaaaally

SayHey: get your popcorn ready

JackGonzo: I believed Biden is saying, Palin...THIS is my pimp hand

8:26 PM SayHey: What did the five fingers say to the face?


JackGonzo: jesus she sounds defeated

SayHey: Yeh she does

She is getting punked

8:27 PM JackGonzo: Her nomination was made my ashton kutcher


8:28 PM Stefan: Note to Palin: do not pick the "would you have supported this bill making it harder for homeowners to receive bankruptcy protection" as the time to start answering questions with a direct "yes".

JackGonzo: lol the little is more principal

8:29 PM she looks like she needs a strong drink

there ya go!

Now she really is talking like Tina Fey

SayHey: Agreed

8:30 PM JackGonzo: Energy Foreign Countries Job Creation Tax Cuts Health Care

SayHey: Tina Fey will make a fortune on the next SNL

JackGonzo: National Security drink!

Dinosaurs are a lie!

8:31 PM SayHey: Books are bad.....burn em


Stefan: She's not attributing man's activities to the climate change?

Shouldn't that be the other way around?

SayHey: In theory

8:32 PM JackGonzo: Wait....she believes in climate change?!

SayHey: Why doesnt she pray for the climate to go away?

JackGonzo: Isn't that against the Republican propoganda?

8:33 PM God is melting the caps cause of the gays Joe!

Stefan: According to wikipedia, top 10 countries in terms of pollution emissions:

1. United States
2. China
3. Russia
4. Japan
5. India
6. Germany
7. Canada
8. United Kingdom
9. Italy
10. South Korea

Those other 9 are clearly putting out more pollution than we would ever stand for.

SayHey: I like that he has solutions

JackGonzo: applesauce bitch

8:34 PM SayHey: She seems clueless

Drill baby drill? Sounds like Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran

JackGonzo: nooooo that was at the convention palin

8:35 PM SayHey: His Wolverine Claws are about to be exposed


JackGonzo: But you would make the earth pay for its rape kit

SayHey: ZING

8:36 PM WOAH

JackGonzo: BIG question

SayHey: Palin is fucked

JackGonzo: ....maybe

8:37 PM SayHey: She will pray for the gay to go away

JackGonzo: but...she has a "gay friend"

SayHey: She would fund more Jesus Camps

8:38 PM JackGonzo: She believes it's a choice

SayHey: Sick

8:39 PM Drink


8:40 PM Does she really believe this?

JackGonzo: yes

a great american joe

8:41 PM SayHey: WOAH

JackGonzo: yes, because the genocide happening in Iraq had nothing to do with the lower violence in Iraq

SayHey: Finally, a call out

Biden is absolutly right

8:42 PM JackGonzo: Biden is like the Senate Fantasy Guru

SayHey: McCant voted against all of that stuff.....The armor and whatnot back in 04

JackGonzo: Fundamentals!


buffering buffering

Stefan: The iraqui surplus is actually down to about $60 billion currently

JackGonzo: White Flag of Surrender>


8:43 PM SayHey: pfffft

JackGonzo: Wait, now they want to listen to the commanders on the ground?

SayHey: Wow, the cat claws are out

8:44 PM Reeeeeeer!

JackGonzo: He's rope a doping her

SayHey: LOL

8:45 PM Stefan: Seriously, her gloves came off just there. There's usually more of an implicit understanding of the primary process and the fact that opponents become running mates.

JackGonzo: ohhhhhhh burn

SayHey: Snap

JackGonzo: she's thinking "I hate history"

Stefan: Good question.

JackGonzo: very good

SayHey: I like it

JackGonzo: Great answer Biden

8:46 PM SayHey: He is dead right

JackGonzo: lets see THIS response

SayHey: screen of death

8:47 PM JackGonzo: general patreus AND al quaida?


Stefan: Did she just dodge naming the leader of al quaida?

JackGonzo: well at least she got his name right

8:48 PM SayHey: She did

JackGonzo: uh, I'm pretty sure Israel can take care of themselves


8:49 PM Who's paying attention to Cuba other then Miami?!


SayHey: Diplomacy? Didnt she say she would attack Russia?

JackGonzo: The Republicans have TOLERANCE?!

SayHey: Define "friends"

8:50 PM JackGonzo: She's confused

Wait, he doesn't control Iran?

Stefan: He doesn't set nuclear policy there

SayHey: *cough cough * flip flopper

Stefan: That's the ayatollah's pet policy

8:51 PM SayHey: Wow


JackGonzo: I know...that's her thoughts

8:52 PM Israel will never allow a second holocaust

CityCat-She just godwin'd the foreign policy argument

SayHey: This is beyond true

8:53 PM JackGonzo: Joe Biden treating Palin like a moose

8:54 PM SayHey: Palin is the moose, Biden is the gun


Stefan: He's coming dangerously close to openly criticizing Israeli government policies.

SayHey: Olmert is Bushes bitch tho

So, Id say so

Stefan: Admittedly, I think they were poor policies, but that's a dangerous move in american politics.

JackGonzo: We both love Israel YAY!

8:55 PM CityCat-What is she talking about?!

No, Tom Cruise has been Maverick

SayHey: I have no idea..........The ghost of the Admiral is possessing her

8:56 PM JackGonzo: No, she hasn't fallen asleep yet

and I think she's in Missouri

I mean she knows she's in

SayHey: "Where am I" Rarrr Rarrr

Stefan: Good point for Biden to press on.

8:57 PM SayHey: Isnt Ill Jil a vegatable now?

Stefan: Is she implying that we should deploy our nuclear arsenal to prevent proliferation?

JackGonzo: i got to get this talking point in!

SayHey: Dodging another question I see

8:58 PM JackGonzo: we're securing a new mcdonalds!

145 love

8:59 PM John McCain wears Grandpa diapers!

SayHey: Oops I crapped my pants

9:00 PM JackGonzo: as opposed to lacadazical and foolhardy

CityCat-This is like Britney Spears at the VMAs

SayHey: She nailed it

9:01 PM CityCat that is

JackGonzo: but afghanistan doesn't oil....duh

SayHey: No, but they have alot of blow.....and we know that Dubya loves the snow

JackGonzo: CityCat-At least someone cares about Darfur

9:02 PM SayHey: Agreed

9:03 PM JackGonzo: ehhhh stumblin a bit, but probably getting too many thoughts in his head

SayHey: Biden is good

Stefan: McKiernan said, regarding Afghanistan: " Iraq-style 'surge' of forces will end the conflict there."

SayHey: Palin prolly doesnt know what a Darfur is


Straight talk

JackGonzo: they're craving that straight talk

9:04 PM No Fly Zone?

SayHey: Options on the table?? Talk to me?? What optiosn

JackGonzo: We're talking Darfur, not Iraq

SayHey: Err, options

9:05 PM JackGonzo: as human beigns!

my pint of romulan ale is almost out

where the hell are the commericals?!

SayHey: 25 more minutes.......find some more

9:06 PM JackGonzo: it's in the kitchen

SayHey: Ah

JackGonzo: she can't even look the camera in the face anymore

i uh eh ah uh

SayHey: Her moron giggle is annoying

JackGonzo: yes, we WILL have proof

SayHey: McCant won a war? Im curious to know which one

9:07 PM JackGonzo: Wait, we won Nam?

SayHey: I didnt know that

Stefan: I was just saying that

SayHey: Damn

All these years.......Deceived by those damn books

9:08 PM Great question.......When McCant croaks in 2 years.....

JackGonzo: very interesting question

CityCat-That's what I worry about, Obama getting assassinated

SayHey: I think that worries every supporter

JackGonzo: CityCat-She's not answering questions, why should I?

9:09 PM SayHey: The Republican strategy.....Avoid the questions and steal Liberal platforms


JackGonzo: a team scientologists!

SayHey: Maverick

JackGonzo: Tom Cruise all around!

SayHey: WHere is Mel Gibson

JackGonzo: CityCat-You have no opinions! You don't know anything!

9:10 PM SayHey: Maybe he can translate her tongue

JackGonzo: Wasilla has a m,ain street?

union Street?

9:11 PM Palin-I'm not gonna answer that

I bet they get it Joe eh eh! Wink Wink nudge nudge

SayHey: phooey on you

JackGonzo: pointing backwards?

9:12 PM SayHey: Huh?

Reward is in heaven?

JackGonzo: You mentioned education...I can bring up one of my flashcards!

SayHey: Oh spare me

JackGonzo: Not you SayHey, you're Jewish, so if you were a teacher, you're fucked

but she LOVES Israel

9:13 PM SayHey: We believe in heaven......not hell

JackGonzo: Israel only gets first base though

SayHey: Oh mos def

JackGonzo: You've both been subject to "gotcha" journalism

9:14 PM The vice president has people killed, duh!

SayHey: Nice to know she paid attention in freshmen politics

JackGonzo: Energy?

Special needs families

Stefan: Energy, reform, and short bus kids.

JackGonzo: the VP works with Special needs families

this is new

9:15 PM if he'd shake your hand Joe

CityCat-Joe will be in the room, she'll be on the short bus

9:16 PM SayHey: She can take a seat next to Dan Quail

JackGonzo: tapping? PHONES?!


SayHey: What the hell is she talkin about?

9:17 PM BAM

Stefan: Constitutional smackdown time.

JackGonzo: ohhhh, lesson time for Palin since she doesn't know this!

SayHey: Yep

Open up your book, bitch

JackGonzo: page 652

9:18 PM A business owner?

SayHey: She is a robot

JackGonzo: She's never owned a business right?

SayHey: She is using the CEO of Alaska card

JackGonzo: You're not even connected to the heatland of America!-CityCat

9:19 PM Stefan: A huge energy-producing state:

SayHey: Tell those guys getting tortured in illegal gulogs

9:20 PM JackGonzo: NICE

nice find Stef

hit that home, get those Hillary voters

SayHey: Yep

9:21 PM Obama is dacing naked in the streets right now

JackGonzo: oh wow

Somehow Biden just pulled a sympathy

SayHey: Yes, a miracle indeed

JackGonzo: card

wow, she almost cried too

9:22 PM SayHey: Drink


JackGonzo: CityCat-and if I don't like you, I'll fire you...and your boss

How is this a diverse background?!

SayHey: Took the ones with the least

JackGonzo: yes, we agree, he needs to leave

SayHey: 2 Jews and a Mormon?

9:23 PM JackGonzo: and a baby!

SayHey: YES

2 minute warning, Joe Montana has the ball, down by 4

JackGonzo: 2 Jews, a Mormon and a Pizza Place

SayHey: Nice


JackGonzo: We're going to California!

Stefan: Nice question

JackGonzo: We had the game and we're screwing it up!

SayHey: Yes, im interested in Palins remark

9:25 PM JackGonzo: only want one interested in one against roe v wade

9:26 PM SayHey: Gimmie a break!

Her shit smells like roses

JackGonzo: Compromise Definition...ur doin rung

doin it

CityCat-It's easy to compromise when your state has six people

9:28 PM and you fire people!

Stefan: She appoints people regardless of party affiliation?

SayHey: She said so, must be true

JackGonzo: CityCat-Some drives fords and some drive Chevys

9:29 PM Your reign in government spending by charging for rape kits

SayHey: Sick

JackGonzo: I think you're a handsome handsome man

ohhhhhhhhhh mainstream media!

9:30 PM Stefan: I seem to recall her cleaning house when she took office and firing people of opposing political affiliations.

JackGonzo: ...who makes over a million dollars

Stefan: I need to find records on that though

SayHey: In her case, her childrens childrens childrens children

JackGonzo: don't bring up sunset years...mccain gets touchy

SayHey: He sheds a tear

9:31 PM JackGonzo: john mccain is the ONLY man who ever fought for you

...except for the others

9:32 PM get up rock! Cause Mickey loves ya!

9:33 PM Stefan: It's a bit after the fact, but documents her firing almost all her top staff because she questioned their political loyalty.

JackGonzo: Never seen a politician so relieved to be done

9:34 PM who the hell is the old guy

SayHey: No clue

JackGonzo: looks like the old guy breaking plates in the DHL commercial

9:35 PM ok, thanks for joining us, have fun recovering tomorrow

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