Monday, October 27, 2008

Round The Bend 10.27.08

On this cold, windy morning, we have gathered together to discuss…

  • Thoughts on this weekend's football action
  • Reaction to the World Series
  • A few closing thoughts as this election cycle comes to a close
  • Thoughts about how Philly may burn to the ground tonight

JackGonzo: Good morning, hopefully we have a group of winners with us this morning, not a bunch of people out for themselves

SayHey: I would like to thank VA Tech QB's for at least showing up Saturday

JackGonzo: and I would like to thank SayHey for the GREATEST post-game conference since OK State's coach last year

9:33 AM Mike Freaking Singletary

Dews: haha, good quote

Want to remind everyone who picked Duke over Vandy too...

SayHey: Man, he put the fear of God in me

Yeh, but you had Purdue over Minnesota also

MrSanDiego: I may just go back into my cave and come out after Spring Training

JackGonzo: Already my favorite head coach in the NFL, you know the kind of coach Herm Edwards used to be

Just when LT decided to show up?

9:34 AM Dews: my apologies, Chat is having issues today

SayHey: Yeh, he will be awesome once York gives him a Mike Singletary team

JackGonzo: Wait, who had the Browns over the Jaguars? Or Georgia crippling the Tigers?

Dews: <-- College football genius here again though

SayHey: I had GA =)

But also the Jags

For the most part, my picks were pretty good

Dews: I had Duke!

SayHey: And Perdue

Dews: meh

9:35 AM it was a good game

JackGonzo: we all did fairly well, though I don't know who picked wisconsin, but hats off

SayHey: Always thinking with your Johnson.......

JackGonzo: he made the purdue choice out of...consideration

Dews: not true, Duke was outta spite

JackGonzo: you know, like how you would be forced to pick Indiana

SayHey: Hey, IU has some talent

JackGonzo: as you notice, I do not have that issue of picking Penn State over Ohio St

SayHey: And they showed NW what that is......Trickery!!

9:36 AM JackGonzo: Their talent plays for the Redskins

Dews: hell yes, and very well

SayHey: We all knew the Skins would win.......but why so close?

I had the Skins in an epic blowout

MrSanDiego: you guys and your sig otros' college football teams...

9:37 AM JackGonzo: Cause the Lions are the team of almost this year

Dews: I cannot describe to you the amount of rage I felt watching the eary part of that game...

SayHey: FSU 2.......VA Tech QB's 0

JackGonzo: they've rarely been blown out

SayHey: I didnt know Glennon was so limber

MrSanDiego: PSU was a good game

Love to hate on Ohio St

SayHey: I missed that one.........To busy drinking my weight in free booze

JackGonzo: but hopefully the lions will live the unbelievable dream

Dews: yea, enjoyed watching that at the all you can drink for free night

JackGonzo: o.0

9:38 AM see, I miss things while working

though did listen to the Ohio St game and chuckled

MrSanDiego: where the f was I? Free booze...

SayHey: Tom Toms

Kickball party

Where drama always seems to follow

JackGonzo: ah, yes, they would need free booze to get me to go to tom toms again

Dews: SanDiego, I think you were on some mystical journey

9:39 AM SayHey: Yep, and I bit on their bait


JackGonzo: but it was probably some half ass light beer so not worth my while anyways

MrSanDiego: something like that I'm sure

SayHey: pffffffffffffffft

rail baby

And the good beer

JackGonzo: rail?

AND good beer?

SayHey: =)

JackGonzo: this was no WAKA event

Dews: oh no

SayHey: Nope.........All DCK

9:40 AM DCK is Socialist that wayt

JackGonzo: so any final thoughts on college football or the NFL?

SayHey: Putting booze in our pockets

Yeh, FSU #15!

VA Tech has no more QBs

9:41 AM JackGonzo: I would ask who have they beaten, but they play in the ACC so the answer would be nobody

SayHey: Ha Ha

JackGonzo: so good that I live in Houston now

I can say that without being lynched

SayHey: Texas showed us that Texas Tech isnt the fluke we all thought they were

Very close game

9:42 AM JackGonzo: Anyone shocked by Texas Tech's manhandling of Kansas?

Dews: not really

SayHey: Oh wait, got my games mixed up


JackGonzo: and I believe Eric means OK State

SayHey: Sorry, bra'

JackGonzo: Tech I believe is this weekend

SayHey: Correct

JackGonzo: no worries, we're no Jayhawk

9:43 AM SayHey: I am kinda shocked by Wake's loss to Miami

JackGonzo: The Patriots, still tied for their schedule really this easy?

SayHey: I cannot explain NE right now.........THey find ways to win

Dews: yea, its still Bellicheck

best coach ever

9:44 AM gotta hand it to homeless man, he knows his shit

JackGonzo: actually, looking at their schedule, yes, it really has been that easy

Dews: I mean, besides Jim Zorn of course...

JackGonzo: but now, look for the Colts to let out some frustration against the Patriots sunday

9:45 AM Dews: I'm more interested in seeing if Peyton survives tonight against the Titans

there could be some vicious hits

JackGonzo: true

but the next five games for the Pats, they should lose, if not 8 of the last 9

Heard an interesting stat last night coming home

9:46 AM Yesterday was Kurt Warner's 100th game, and 44th throwing over 300 yards, how damn impressive is THAT stat

SayHey: That is pretty good

Especially when we all counted him out 5 years ago

9:47 AM Dews: he's been a great QB for a long time

well, Very Good

SayHey: Dude is money when he has an Oline

2 time MVP

Id say he was great

JackGonzo: but was it long enough to get him into the HoF?

Dews: Gotta hand it to Bag Boy, he's good

SayHey: Good question...........Id say yes, but it might take a few years

9:48 AM He may have an Art Monk, type of wait

Dews: Art Monk should NOT have had to wait that long

JackGonzo: but Monk's biggest hit was he was never the best in the league, for a few years warner clearly was

9:49 AM SayHey: True.......He has the hardware also

9:50 AM JackGonzo: Now then, since PhillyFan must still be out of it, lets talk about Oakland Athletic Joe Blanton

if we knew this guy had this kind of power, he could have pitched hit for us

SayHey: He was solid

9:51 AM JackGonzo: Pinched

9:52 AM can anyone remember another team's top four of the order just being shut down like this?

Dews: not really, outside of the Yanks?

or Angels?

PhillyFan: 13 days of rest helped him too

JackGonzo: short of the phillies squandering every run chance, this would be a complete destruction of the Rays if not for their pitching

9:53 AM SayHey: Ironic that the Rays are struggling with the least talented pitching staff in this post season

Maybe they are over-confident?

Dews: think its still just a young team

PhillyFan: I think we have showed we are talented


Dews: hell, the oldest member of their rotation is 26


SayHey: Well, Ryan Howard proved to me he is still worthless

9:54 AM JackGonzo: I don't know if they're the least talented, I'd say they have the best pitcher in the post season

Dews: this is true

JackGonzo: and then they have veterans who aren't going to crumble under pressure

PhillyFan: who is pitching toniiiight!

JackGonzo: is tonight the end of the WS?

SayHey: Uhm, Hamels?

Nah, tomorrow night

PhillyFan: Undefeated in the postseason

9:55 AM haha... tonight!

JackGonzo: Is Hamels the MVP right now of the WS?

SayHey: Is it?


Wow, there go the ratings

JackGonzo: it is tonight

SayHey: Nah, Id give the MVP to Utley

JackGonzo: unless hamels pitches his ASS off tonight

PhillyFan: If Hamels does well...I would think its going to him

JackGonzo: then I'd give it to him

9:56 AM SayHey: I dont think the Phills have a reason to pitch Hamels.......Why blow out his arm if they are up 3-1?

JackGonzo: though I would highly suggest having buckets of water and hoses ready cause the fire that burns philly to the ground tonight could be extensive

they want to win it in philly, and who are you gonna send out there?

Dews: Hamels

has to be

SayHey: I guess

9:57 AM PhillyFan: Yup

JackGonzo: this isn't dusty baker, hamels arm isn't gonna fall off

PhillyFan: They don't want to lose...why wouldn't they send the best pitcher?

JackGonzo: Kazmir is going tonight ass well

Dews: its ok to run a young guy out there with less rest every now and then, just not for the ENTIRE season, ala Dusty freakin Baker

SayHey: Im just saying, Jesus............Remember, Dusty was our coach, im haunted

9:58 AM JackGonzo: How do the Mets feel?

9:59 AM if they don't choke like a porn star with dirk diggler they could have prevented all of this

Dews: Rachel Nicols anyone?

JackGonzo: thanks for nothing new york, as usual you were fuckin useless

SayHey: Yep.........Billy Wagner just HAD to talk shit to Philly

10:00 AM brb

10:01 AM Dews: Shootings in Central Arkansas

on campus

JackGonzo: oh?

Dews: seems to be "the thing to do" this year

10:03 AM JackGonzo: lookin for it, laughing at folks not knowing that the zogby poll is run by republicans

Dews: ah yea, Colorado and VA both listed officially as "Leaning Obama" though today

VA I was aware of, but Colorado is a lil surprising

10:04 AM JackGonzo: Obama is spending the last days in colorado

I'm confused at this Arkansas shooting

two dead, one wounded...and FOUR suspects are being searched for

10:05 AM are these the worst fuckin shots or something? Are these cops?

Dews: ha, yea really

JackGonzo: gotta love those police shootouts, like the one outside the strip club that killed the gentlemen on his wedding day

10:06 AM where the cops unloaded like two full clips each and hit nothing remotely around the guy

Dews: they call that "Resisting Arrest" in PG County

JackGonzo: they call a lot of things resisting arrest in PG County

the one thing they don't do is call local cops when invading on a mayors home

10:07 AM Dews: oh yea really

JackGonzo: with just over a week left, any thoughts as we finally wrap up the election season?

Dews: its looking like a landslide in the making

10:08 AM with the GOP running ads that hint at the Democrats having a rubber stamp in congress (essentially saying Obama will win and all) in tough races, its gotten bad

its almost begging at this point

JackGonzo: pretty much

10:09 AM though I wonder how much of it is, give them some rope and let them hang themselves!

what we have to make sure of is NOT to hang ourselves with the power

Dews: yea, I'm not confident that the Dems will know what to do with power anyway

neither party does well with it

10:11 AM JackGonzo: well, hopefully the new batch of blood in the democratic party ( and not being run by a bunch of ass hats) will prevent that

Dews: well, I do see Dodd taking the leadership role

JackGonzo: Obama spoke to a crowd of 100,000 in denver

Dews: so maybe that will get them to be a lil more aggressive

JackGonzo: the rockies couldn't get those numbers during the WS

Dews: haha

10:12 AM SayHey: Did i miss the "McCain, predicting his own win"?

Jimmie has left

SayHey: err, guaranteeing a win?

JackGonzo: not yet

10:13 AM SayHey: oh good

JackGonzo: have at it

10:14 AM SayHey: Seeing how it never works in sports, McCant is going to proving that "calling your shot" will work next week

JackGonzo: will this be the best call of all time? If not him, who would be better?

10:15 AM and good I mean the most wrong call ever

cause the best still has to be Joe Namath

SayHey: Well, its the only time it REALLY worked

10:16 AM And if he loses, McCant loses all of his credibility

Not that he isnt already

I do love how Palin is now the "rogue" of the ticket

10:17 AM JackGonzo: Maverick and Rogue

SayHey: Sounds like a bad sitcom

JackGonzo: soon to be join by Beat, Colossus, Aqua Man and Black Lightning and the rest of the Super Friends

10:18 AM SayHey: Well, once you add the Decider to the team

JackGonzo: who could forget Teh Decider and Turb Blossom

10:20 AM Well we've seemed to have run the gauntlet of topics today

10:21 AM we're gonna call this one and join everyone, likely tomorrow (though it may be delayed to weds) when we expect the Phillies to be world champions, bringing home the first championship trophy that's not from arena football, in a very long time, probably since the Phillies won in 1980

10:22 AM Dews: which, may be a sign of end of days...

PhillyFan: HELL YEA!!!

I will be going to philly so I might miss it


Dews: PhillyFan will be lighting the first spark for the fire that destroys philly after

JackGonzo: we may just meet back on weds then

PhillyFan: yessss

10:23 AM haha

JackGonzo: except the four block radius around Genos and Pats

Dews: screw Genos

burn it down

PhillyFan: I <3 philly. drunken parading is in order....hopefully!!!

Dews: those suck anyway

PhillyFan: pats is good


Dews: I need to try Pats next time

SayHey: Me to

JackGonzo: I saidd both since they're right next to each other

SayHey: GInos is good, but wow, very racist

10:24 AM JackGonzo: just like philly

Dews: yea, not giving them any more of my money

PhillyFan: Haha... they are very patriotic

very supportive of the troops

frmer marines

Dews: that part is fine

SayHey: And haters of immigrants

Dews: I'm all about that

yea, not that part

JackGonzo: racist against fat, white haired, rosey red cheeked people in red outfits

SayHey: No wonder McCant loves that joint

10:25 AM Dews: hahaha

PhillyFan: But Pats is good


hey whatever

Dews: good call Jack

SayHey: lol

JackGonzo: I did my part!

Dews: Santa is a communist afterall

SayHey: How can we forget

PhillyFan: santa speaks english

they would feed him

and make him fatter


JackGonzo: many folks are multi-lingual

SayHey: This is true....but you still booed him

PhillyFan: so not a good call

10:26 AM Dews: its just funny that a place called "Geno's" would be against immigrants

JackGonzo: yeah, he's a "socialist"

SayHey: a!

Dews: speaking as a paisan myself, I can say that they are def NOT Native americans

PhillyFan: They are against people who don't bother to learn english

JackGonzo: not the first time italians were against other immigrants

PhillyFan: haha

JackGonzo: coucghirishcough

Dews: Irish don't count

I'm against people that can't grow potatostoo

10:27 AM SayHey: puerto ricans

Dews: :)

JackGonzo: Italians are just famous for being so....welcoming...of other cultures

Dews: well sure, we had a hand in basically building them

10:28 AM you all are welome for Western Civilization and all

JackGonzo: except when you were invaded bby africa

PhillyFan: You guys are missing the point

SayHey: Oh, snap!

Dews: was the damn Christians that made it all rot from the inside...

JackGonzo: or do we need to play true romance?

SayHey: Point is..........Gino's hates

Even hates Santa


JackGonzo: of course, he's a socialist

SayHey: Was just about to go there, Jack

10:29 AM JackGonzo: but you people go to your two hour lunches that government employees are famous for

SayHey: But Dews, you just need to watch Dennis Hoppers speach, that will sum it all up

JackGonzo: but since you're all contractors

enjoy lunch at your desk

SayHey: A!

Dews: I do need to see it

10:30 AM <-- not contractor

SayHey: <---- is

Dews: <-- can leave soon if he wanted :)

JackGonzo: and I believe this is the point where we say, we are out

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