Friday, October 24, 2008

Round The Bend 10.24.08

A super long edition of RtB today…

• The discussion of the World Series
• College Football Predictions
• NFL Predictions
• Various news and notes from around the world including Calligula as President

(excuse the format, Microsoft doesn't want to cooperate today.)
FishwrapDeacon: hello!
9:38 AM PhillyFan: Good morning
JackGonzo: Good Morning Everyone and welcome to the Friday edition of Round the Bend, we are joined this morning by our college reporter FishwrapDeacon, and as usual our cast of miscreants and fools
9:39 AM It's a beautiful day to be alive, it's not hot outside, the puppy is adorable, and the series is tied one game a piece
SayHey: Hello all
PhillyFan: that is not a good thing
the series being tied
SayHey: Who all is pumped up for the FSU vs VA Tech game??
9:40 AM Yeh, I predicted a Ray win
JackGonzo: It is for you, you won at least a game
PhillyFan: heyyy
SayHey: I had the Phills win last night
JackGonzo: I'd also like to begin with this awesome quote
SayHey: So im 2-0 so far
I should goto Vegas
JackGonzo: I made a mistake in presuming that the self-interest of organizations, specifically banks and others, was such as they were best capable of protecting their own shareholders.-Greenspan
SayHey: He is getting the shit end of this stick
9:41 AM PhillyFan: Apparently there is a 90% chance of rain in philly for saturday night
9:42 AM JackGonzo: ...I can't remember the last time there was a rain out in the series
SayHey: I cant remember either
Its not supposed to rain badly tho
Rain could be a Philly advantage
FishwrapDeacon: google says 2006
SayHey: But, Jamie Moyer is pitching
FishwrapDeacon: last rain out
PhillyFan: Eh we will see...
SayHey: Tigers v Cards, I remember
PhillyFan: yea he hasn't had a good post season
SayHey: Nor has Ryan Howard
9:43 AM JackGonzo: Rollins is still without a hit yes?
SayHey: I think so
Outside of Utley, the Phills have nothing in the tank
PhillyFan: Howard got hits last night at least...
SayHey: Not when they mattered
9:44 AM JackGonzo: I am reminded of a line in Major League 2 about batting .091 in the playoffs...
SayHey: He could have tied the game in the 9th
PhillyFan: well as long as he is finally getting on base....maybe he will break it next game. but yea phillies aren't coming through when it matters
so many guys left on base
SayHey: Yeh, thats whats killing them
9:45 AM Oh, and the Umping
JackGonzo: Funny, last year's MVP is hitless and no one says a thing, after one game everyone was on Upton's case...and he shut them up last night
that strike zone needed some V8
SayHey: Ive called Howard a phony from the start
It did
Phils did get robbed there
PhillyFan: everything i've read is giving JRoll crap too
SayHey: As they should
PhillyFan: well he said they were
JackGonzo: Yeah but you only read Philly things, I'm in Texas I get the national media...
9:46 AM SayHey: Yeh, fan sites never publically bash thier teams
JackGonzo: Hell, I wasn't refering to the Phils, he was giving Myers plenty of the inside of the plate
PhillyFan: Eh dc things too....and si and espn.
SayHey: I noticed Shields had a wider K zone
9:47 AM JackGonzo: I only got to see the final few innings due to DVR, had it up on GameChannel though
SayHey: Which could explain why the Rays 9hole has more walks than any other spot in the lineup
JackGonzo: Even Fox Trackers thing was...just a bit inside
Dews: that was a great game last night, but if anyone has to complain about the Strikezone, its Tampa, after they lost game 1 because of it
9:48 AM SayHey: Ill brb
Dews: Utley was clearly looking at strike 3 before hittin that homerun
JackGonzo: this is true
oh, but give it up for Senator Sherrod Brown
the man is a comedian
“About quarter till 12 on election night, it’s gonna be Bill O’Reilly sitting there with Sean Hannity,” he said, drawing another cascade of jeers from the crowd at the mention of another popular conservative Fox host.

“No, no wait a sec, this is gonna be too much fun. You’re not gonna be booing ‘cause you know what’s coming next. So Hannity – they’re going through all these numbers and Barack’s won California, New York and Illinois and Michigan and Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and all these others. And, you know McCain wins Utah or something,” Brown said, drawing appreciative laughs and claps from the energized crowd.

“Then Hannity’s sitting there next to O’Reilly, and they’re looking at each other, and O’Reilly says, ‘You gonna do it?’ And Hannity says, ‘No.’ So O’Reilly – sweat’s coming, tears are coming down his cheeks – you can see ‘em on your flat screen. And O’Reilly says, ‘Well, Ohio went for Barack Obama. He’s gonna be president of the United States!”
9:49 AM Dews: haha
that is good
FishwrapDeacon: comedian, or realist?
9:50 AM JackGonzo: I'm hoping to see Papa Bear have a nervous break down right there on the set....we'll do it live
Stephen has joined
JackGonzo: Well we've covered the WS, now lets move onto prediction time and good thoughts before we jump right into the mess we woke up to today
9:51 AM Dews: Tampa in 5 still
Steve: I'm going with Phillies in 6
JackGonzo: Should I even ask about tonight's Boise State game?
Dews: who they playing?
9:52 AM JackGonzo: They're playing SayHey's hometown team
San Jose State
Dews: I got Boise State then
FishwrapDeacon: I'm going with Boise
JackGonzo: I can't believe we're asking this, what an insane year...
Eastern Michigan v Ball St
9:53 AM FishwrapDeacon: seriously? Ball State
Dews: wow
JackGonzo: We do the top 25 and technically Letterman's alma is number 20
Dews: I got nothing there
9:54 AM JackGonzo: #25 Minnesota v Purdue
time for dews to kiss a lil ass
Dews: haha
I got Purdue on that one
Not big on Gophers :)
plus, they are kind of rivals for Vermont in Hockey
JackGonzo: But if we kill all the golfers...
Steve: ehh
not really
FishwrapDeacon: my dad went to purdue, so that would be my emotional pick
but I can't
9:55 AM event though it's a freaking retarded mascot.
JackGonzo: In one of the more intriguing games of the the weekend
Texas Tech v Kansas
9:56 AM Steve: I'll go with Kansas
JackGonzo: (I took Purdue as well)
FishwrapDeacon: I'm going Texas Tech
Dews: Kansas, only because I Bobby Knight is no longer at Tech (strange logic, but I know nothing of college football, and yes I know Knight is basketball)
FishwrapDeacon: that's a tough call, though. should be good game
SayHey: Back
9:57 AM JackGonzo: I want to go Jayhawks, I really do, but they don't have Talib anymore and I don't think their defense can handle the onslaught of Tech's offense, so Texass Tech
to catch SayHey up...Boise St v your hometown team san Jose State, Minnesota v Purdue, E. Michigan v Ball St
9:58 AM Now then, Surprising #23 BC v NC
Steve: BC
FishwrapDeacon: ohhhh
this one's hard
I might as well flip a coin
JackGonzo: knew this game would pique the Deacon's ears
Steve: speaking of BC i hope we go over #11 Vermont going to #3 BC tonight in college hockey
9:59 AM FishwrapDeacon: I heart my ACC
Dews: I got the Catamounts in that one
SayHey: ACC is great
JackGonzo: (pst you all suck)
Dews: Insert Wake Forest joke here....
FishwrapDeacon: phhhhpptttt
SayHey: I wasnt going to say anything
JackGonzo: Oklahoma v Kansas St
10:00 AM oh and....NC
SayHey: Oklahoma
Dews: Oklahoma
JackGonzo: Butch bounces back
SayHey: Butch has no QB right now
JackGonzo: at home
FishwrapDeacon: Oklahoma where the wind goes blowing through the trees...
JackGonzo: Has he ever?
Steve: oklahoma in a landslide
FishwrapDeacon: and I'm with Clint with Carolina
SayHey: Well, he has, but they all get huryt
FishwrapDeacon: even though that HURTS
SayHey: ahem, Ronald Curry
JackGonzo: He won national titles with Ken Dorsey
10:01 AM but yes, oklahoma...but not as much as route as you'd expect
SayHey: you mean McGahee?
JackGonzo: lol
Kentucky v Florida
FishwrapDeacon: Florida
SayHey: Ugh, Florida
Pains me to say
Steve: Florida
Dews: Kentucky!
10:02 AM SayHey: lol
For the spread?
JackGonzo: I wonder who was pained more, Deacon choosing the Tar Heels, or the Seminole choosing the Gator
Dews: of course
FishwrapDeacon: I'm still twitching
JackGonzo: Florida, and beats the spread by ten
SayHey: Me to
JackGonzo: In the game only gamblers and mormons care bout, UNLV v BYU
10:03 AM Steve: BYU rebounds
SayHey: BYU is angry
Dews: Gotta go with Christ, and UNLV
SayHey: But i have UNLV
Dews: :)
FishwrapDeacon: I'm going BYU
SayHey: Christ beat the Morons last week, I think the same can happen this week
JackGonzo: I'm going with Holy Underwear
Dews: ohhh, space underwear?
JackGonzo: Rutgers v Pitt
10:04 AM SayHey: Pitt
Steve: Pitt
FishwrapDeacon: Pitt
JackGonzo: gonna shock the world since they haven't been good all year, but I'm going with Rutgers
Dews: Rutgers, more syllables
SayHey: Goin with Wanstadt (sp)
JackGonzo: I remember that Dave Wanstandt is their coach and will choke away an easy game
10:05 AM best game of the weekend, OK State v Texas
SayHey: Texas
Steve: Texas
JackGonzo: deep in the heart of Texas
FishwrapDeacon: texas
Dews: even I know this is Teas
er Texas even
SayHey: God loves Colt
FishwrapDeacon: God is Tim Tebow?
who knew?
SayHey: Tim Tebow endorssed McCoy for the Heismann
10:06 AM Dews: haha, good call
JackGonzo: Tim Tebow is overrated
FishwrapDeacon: yes, he is
JackGonzo: ewwww, how do we get that taint off of Colt?
I don't want no gator endorsing my QB
SayHey: Well, it happened =)
JackGonzo: Anyways, South Florida v Louisville
SayHey: South Florida
Dews: impossible man, its like the ass-hands from "Chasing Amy"
FishwrapDeacon: Louisville makes me twitch
10:07 AM gotta go South Florida
JackGonzo: South Florida, but MAYBE in overtime
Steve: Louisville
JackGonzo: In one of the more interesting match ups
Virginia v Georgia Tech
FishwrapDeacon: VA
10:08 AM SayHey: GA Tech, but im pulling for VA
FishwrapDeacon: I don't know what they've done the last couple of games
Steve: georgia tech
Dews: GA Tech
FishwrapDeacon: but Virginia's looking a lot better
Steve: random fact
JackGonzo: They still were shut out by Duke, I'm goin Yellow Jackets
Steve: virginia play by play guy did vermont basketball for the past 2 years
10:09 AM Dews: interesting, did not know
JackGonzo: the second most interesting game Georgia v LSU
Dews: LSU
FishwrapDeacon: this should be a fun one
SayHey: Georgia
Steve: Georgia
FishwrapDeacon: I'm going to go Georgia
Dews: LSU = closer to Dragos
thus, win
FishwrapDeacon: but not completely committing
I'm leaning Georgia
Dews: I have rationale for all of these
JackGonzo: Since people are starting to listen to what I've said about LSU ALL SEASON a route
SayHey: Yeh, girls
JackGonzo: we're talking worst loss at home in a decade kind of blowout
Moreno breaking records and shit
SayHey: Dews is his female's voice
10:10 AM Damn Jack
Jack has the hate in him
JackGonzo: I do not understand the LSU love other then they won last year, and those players are gone
Dews: Dews what now?
JackGonzo: we finally come to the game
10:11 AM VA Tech v Florida St
Steve: VA Tech
FishwrapDeacon: I'm going to say this, and SayHey, I don't want to hear it ever again...FSU
SayHey: Girls you like or have liked, you pull for thier schools
JackGonzo: the game that decides if SayHey is the pitcher or the catcher for the next week
SayHey: Hey
10:12 AM JackGonzo: but yes, I'm taking FSU by at least 10
SayHey: Until VA Tech can find their identity, they will struggle
JackGonzo: In what is sure to be a blow out, Wyoming v TCU
SayHey: TCU for the kill
Steve: TCU
SayHey: TCU will beat Wyoming so bad, Dick Cheney will feel it
FishwrapDeacon: TCU
10:13 AM Dick Cheney can't feel anything
JackGonzo: Colorado v Missouri
FishwrapDeacon: he's a robot
Steve: Missouri
Dews: needs new batts
JackGonzo: he's more machine now than man...twisted and evil...
SayHey: Colorado
Daniels luster is all gone
Dews: Mizzou
cause... I used to work for the state?
yea, that works
SayHey: What is her name, Dews?
JackGonzo: I'm siding wih Eric, Colorado, but not because Daniel lost his luster, Colorado just beats a top twenty team once a season
Dews: haha, I'm still trying to figure out who went to LSU...
10:14 AM SayHey: LOL oh you know
She lives in Houston now
JackGonzo: RLB's sister?
SayHey: hahaha
Dews: ohh, that wasn't anything really
SayHey: Im not saying anything happened, but you did "like" her at one point
hence, my theory
JackGonzo: Though I do want to ask RLB where those BCS Balls LSU allegedly had are
10:15 AM Dews: ahh
JackGonzo: in a game that might be another blowout
Alabama v Tennessee
Steve: Bama
JackGonzo: is this Fulmer's last year?
SayHey: Ugh, I hate Bama
Dews: Tennessee screwed my brackets last march, so Bama
JackGonzo: has he depleted the penal system for prospects?
FishwrapDeacon: I'd like to see Tennessee pull this off...but I saw them play the other week, and they weren't good
10:16 AM JackGonzo: Bama by 18
Dews: and to my knowledge I do not know anyone that to Bama
FishwrapDeacon: they don't get out of the state much
JackGonzo: Oh, I'm sorry, I was wrong about the most intriguing game this weekend
SayHey: Everytime Bama wins, Nick Sabean looks good
JackGonzo: Penn State v Ohio State
SayHey: Ohio State for the upset
Steve: Penn St
FishwrapDeacon: Penn
SayHey: The Road Warrior has blood on his mind
10:17 AM Dews: Penn St, for JoePa
JackGonzo: Penn St in the worst home loss in Ohio State history
FishwrapDeacon: I dislike Ohio State, and think they deserve to lose
JackGonzo: no idea what that is, but that's the prediction
USC v Arizona
FishwrapDeacon: USC
10:18 AM Steve: USC
Dews: USC
JackGonzo: Trojan Man
SayHey: USC
Dews: Thanks Jack, have that commercial stuck in my head now
JackGonzo: and in the rare Sunday night game, UCF v, would you believe this #22 Tulsa
Dews: "Trojan man, what are you doing here??"
10:19 AM Steve: I'll go with Tulsa
FishwrapDeacon: I'm going tulsa
SayHey: UCF, even tho they are on the decline
Dews: Tulsa
JackGonzo: The dream ends, UCF
not top 25 but I know people want to discuss
Wake Forest v Miami
10:20 AM Dews: ACC!
SayHey: For Cristin and my hate for Miami
FishwrapDeacon: clearly, I have to pick Wake
but I'm concerned
JackGonzo: clearly
FishwrapDeacon: our red zone o is still bad
we haven't fixed it
Dews: Wake has problems with teams starting with the letter "M", so I got Miami
FishwrapDeacon: and I don't have an update on Swank.
Dews: I did research
FishwrapDeacon: without him, we have ISSUES
as in, we don't win
10:21 AM JackGonzo: just a bit, but I'm still going Wake
SayHey: Home game right?
JackGonzo: Illinois v Wisconsin
no, wake is on the road
FishwrapDeacon: no, at Miami
it's on ESPNU
Dews: Wisconsin
SayHey: Illinois
Wisconsin has been such a dissapointment
JackGonzo: Wisconsin, one of the other overrated football programs in the country will be shalacked by Illinois
10:22 AM FishwrapDeacon: I'm going Illinois
JackGonzo: just cause I want to see the reactions
FishwrapDeacon: and I'm also going to say that the schools in the midwest need new mascots
JackGonzo: Michigan St v Michigan
SayHey: For MoDews, Michigan
Dews: Wisconsin should just be a chunk of cheese
ah yea, I'll take Michigan for MoDews as well
FishwrapDeacon: Michigan
JackGonzo: Their theme song should just be badger badger badger
10:23 AM SayHey: Chunk of cheese and a Ron Dayne statue
JackGonzo: Javon Ringer runs all over Michigan...I'm going with SPARTA!
FishwrapDeacon: although, I'm tempted to say Michigan State, just because it's a rivalry, and those are unpredictable
SayHey: I like the Michigan youth movement tho
Dews: see if Rodriguezan justify that contract
SayHey: Oh we wont. He is a fuckup
JackGonzo: I call this game the game someone must win A&M v Iowa St
10:24 AM FishwrapDeacon: rumor is that the fans already want to get rid of Rich Rod
Dews: Iowa St
SayHey: A&M
FishwrapDeacon: A&M
JackGonzo: Iowa St
Dews: hell yea
not just me
JackGonzo: go Cyclones
10:25 AM Dews: Jack must know the same person I knew that went there
JackGonzo: A&M struggled against ARMY
SayHey: Whats her name, Dews?
JackGonzo: I think so, but not the reason I picked em
The Ty Bowl...ND v Washington
SayHey: Yikes, cant they both get the Clap on Saturday?
Dews: uh
10:26 AM FishwrapDeacon: ND
SayHey: ND
Dews: can't pick ND
for many reasons
JackGonzo: once again I'm with Dews, Washington and their QB
SayHey: Whats her name, Dews?
FishwrapDeacon: you know what I'd really like to see?
Dews: moreso the huge contract they got
FishwrapDeacon: someone break into their stadium and paint over Touchdown Jesus
Dews: hell ya
JackGonzo: even though he's not here today, we can still talk about it...Colorado St v San Diego St
10:27 AM SayHey: SDS
Dews: Yea, I'll take San Diego St
FishwrapDeacon: colorado state
SayHey: This of course if SDS isnt stoned or busted for growing pot
JackGonzo: I'm going with the Rams, why not
10:28 AM Dews: Colorado isn't exactly a sober place either
SayHey: Colorado St im sure is
FishwrapDeacon: I wonder...can you play better drunk, or high?
SayHey: COlorado is the drunk one
Dews: I'll take Drunk
SayHey: Rick Nuheisal = greatest recruiter ever
JackGonzo: ask Rickey Williams, he'll know
10:29 AM Dews: bribe him with funyuns...
FishwrapDeacon: ha
JackGonzo: topic 3...
Dews: no Vandy?
JackGonzo: in what may be the worst offensive game of the season, RAIDAS v Ravens
they play Duke
Dews: ah missed that one
I got Duke
JackGonzo: and this isn't BBall so didn't bring it up
10:30 AM FishwrapDeacon: you guys are going to have to stop thinking that Duke is a cake walk
they're doing WAY better than people expected
SayHey: Raiders
FishwrapDeacon: but I'm still going Vandy
Dews: I totally got Duke
screw Vandy
just sayins
JackGonzo: winning A game is doing way better then expected for Duke
FishwrapDeacon: this is true
JackGonzo: now then, Hells Angels v Syphilis
Dews: same thing
10:31 AM or related anyway
JackGonzo: Cards v Panthers
SayHey: Panthers
JackGonzo: (and I'm taking the Raiders)
SayHey: Cards are ruining their running game
Dews: I got Ravens before
Cards in that one
10:32 AM JackGonzo: Buccs v Cowboys
SayHey: How bout them Buccs
FishwrapDeacon: Bucs
Dews: Bucs
Cowboys are a mess
JackGonzo: I'm taking last week's passing yardage leader Jeff Garcia and the Buccs
Dews: and will continue to be so
PhillyFan: Panthers
JackGonzo: Redskins v Lions
PhillyFan: Cowboys
SayHey: Redskins, in a slaughter
PhillyFan: Skins
JackGonzo: wooooooooooooooow
FishwrapDeacon: Skins
Dews: uh, Skins
10:33 AM JackGonzo: did PhillyFan just pick the Cowboys?
Dews: wow
she did
someone say crack?
SayHey: Bizzare
PhillyFan: haha i dont want them to win
they just won't be embarrased again....that is my belief
i don't think they will let it happen again.
JackGonzo: I'm saying Skins until Portis blows his knee out
SayHey: Which is eventually gonna happen
Dews: nah, all the way to the MVP this year
10:34 AM JackGonzo: My Super Bowl pick for the AFC the Bills v Dolphins
SayHey: Bills
PhillyFan: bills
Dews: Bills
I guess...
JackGonzo: can the roll continue?
Dews: still not big on them, but hey keep winning
JackGonzo: Rams v Patriots
Dews: this is gonna be a GREAT game
I really wanna watch this game
SayHey: Rams, only because the Ram offense is electric right now
FishwrapDeacon: Rams
PhillyFan: I hope the rams win
Dews: I got Pats in the end, but I want to see this
10:35 AM JackGonzo: I'm taking the Rams
worked last week, suckas!
SayHey: How about Tom Brady vs Early Retirement?
Dews: yea really
FishwrapDeacon: Early retirement
Dews: that dumbass, went to the wrong doctor to start things
FishwrapDeacon: dude keeps having surgeries
SayHey: 4 surgeries, hell, he wont even be ready for the 2010 season
JackGonzo: I'm taking the third option, child support
Dews: now everything is messed up
SayHey: LOL
10:36 AM FishwrapDeacon: what's the over/under on Giselle walking?
JackGonzo: in the records that shock everyone, Saints v Chargers
FishwrapDeacon: errr...Chargers
Dews: think that is directly attached to his ability to still play Cristin
PhillyFan: Chargers
Dews: Saints, until the Chargers can prove they really ARE the Chargers
JackGonzo: not playing, just staying in the limelight
SayHey: Chargers
JackGonzo: going with Drew Brees and the Saints
SayHey: Saints are a mess
No Reggie Bush
Dews: yea, Brees with a big game
JackGonzo: Chargers would have a Super Bowl if they had kept Brees
10:37 AM SayHey: Eh, tough to tell
JackGonzo: Chiefs v Jets
SayHey: Rivers has had success in the post season
PhillyFan: J-e-t-s
JackGonzo: Rivers has, but you sir are now Jack kennedy
PhillyFan: jets jets jets
JackGonzo: *no
Dews: jets
but not excitedly
JackGonzo: fuck it, why not, Chiefs
FishwrapDeacon: I'm going with majority here...jets
SayHey: Yeh, boooooooooooring game
PhillyFan: haha
10:38 AM JackGonzo: I'm betting on Herm hating the Jets org
SayHey: Herm isnt like that, and i dont think he hunts with Favre
JackGonzo: a game Philly should be worried about, and it feels weird just typing that, Falcons v Eagles
SayHey: Ugh, so sad, but Eagles
FishwrapDeacon: Falcons
10:39 AM SayHey: Matt Ryan's first test with a powerful D
PhillyFan: Eagles
Dews: Falcons!
PhillyFan: we have a crazy record after the bye week
keep that in mind
SayHey: And Broken Ribs McGee is back
PhillyFan: we always win under andy
FishwrapDeacon: I went to college with Ovie...gotta go Falcons
JackGonzo: I'm starting to believe a lil bit
Dews: yea, they are solid
and Eagles are...
The Eagles
10:40 AM SayHey: If Ryan is successful, i will believe
Dews: crack?
JackGonzo: in maybe the ugliest game of the weekend....Bengals v Texans
SayHey: We already did the Cowboys, Dews
FishwrapDeacon: ugh
Dews: Texans
SayHey: Texans in a route
FishwrapDeacon: Texans
but I think it's another "ehh" game
JackGonzo: looks more or less unanimous
10:41 AM Browns v Jaguars
SayHey: Jags
PhillyFan: Texans
Dews: Browns aren't dead, but I got Jags
FishwrapDeacon: sorry Jack, I'm going Jags too
SayHey: Put the Browns out of their missery......... Hell, The Soldjia got suspended for telling the truth
PhillyFan: I'll go Browns.
10:42 AM JackGonzo: Jags have zero passing game, and their d-line is banged up, so I'm going Browns...
Dews: I like Garrard still
SayHey: I like the running game
JackGonzo: and I think we may see Quinn
Dews: Quinn should be playing
SayHey: Warming him up for next year
JackGonzo: if the Jags can do us a favor
Dews: not just throwing Subways
"Now I'm done"
SayHey: LOL
JackGonzo: best game of the weekend...Giants v Steelers
10:43 AM SayHey: Steelers
Dews: Steelers
FishwrapDeacon: Steelers
Dews: wanna see Eli cry
FishwrapDeacon: I think Eli's taken a big mental hit
SayHey: Motorcycle mayhem
JackGonzo: I'm going Giants, the Steelers running backs are hurt, I don't know what it is about PA, but they can't keep healthy backs
SayHey: Der Der Der Manning is showing us what we all knew
JackGonzo: but it will be the Giants D, not Eli who win the game
Dews: hey, he's got a Ring, I can't totally discredit that...
SayHey: Yeh, so does Dilfer
10:44 AM PhillyFan: Steelers
Dews: not like I enjoy defending him...
he's NFC east, thus the enemy
JackGonzo: Seahawks v Niners
SayHey: Yeh, i know your gritting your teeth
Dews: Niners
FishwrapDeacon: the pod person who was taking over Eli's body? he went home.
SayHey: Niners
FishwrapDeacon: Niners
SayHey: Our losing streak ends, and the Mike Singletary dynasty begins
JackGonzo: Singletary suits up for teh win
Dews: Niners playing on a screen near you (baileys?) at 4:15 sunday....
SayHey: woot
Ill be at the Hostile
10:45 AM JackGonzo: Seahawks, with a top five pick in the draft next year
Dews: haha, Hostel, it only gets hostile when Cowboy fans are there :)
SayHey: Best Linebacker of the 80s is going to coach the best linebacker of the present
I love it
lol my bad
JackGonzo: DeMarco Ryans?
SayHey: Uhm, no
PhillyFan: Neners
SayHey: Spell it correctly please =)
10:46 AM Dews: or else he'll get HOSTILE!
JackGonzo: In what jackass Dungy has called a must win, Colts v Titans
SayHey: Hulk ANGRY
JackGonzo: no no, it'
Dews: Titans
PhillyFan: Titans
FishwrapDeacon: Titans
I'm anti manning this week
Dews: every week for me :)
SayHey: Im anti-manning every week
JackGonzo: another unblemished choice, Titans
PhillyFan: agree with Eric
10:47 AM JackGonzo: I'm anti-Manning family every week
SayHey: What about Ricky Manning??
JackGonzo: the only one I like is the accountant
he was the smart one
Dews: I'm a fan of the oldest Manning that apparently didn't amount to shit
because, Thanksgiving must SUCK for him in that house
Stephen has left
FishwrapDeacon: this is true
JackGonzo: like hell it does, you know he's counting all their money
SayHey: LOL yeh, how did that happen?
10:48 AM JackGonzo: thinking, my body is healthy and my wife is better lookin then yours
FishwrapDeacon: I think he has some kind of illness, and can't play
although, I've heard he was the most talented
SayHey: Oh, well, now i feel bad
Dews: wow
SayHey: Thanks Wake
FishwrapDeacon: anytime :)
Dews: eh
FishwrapDeacon: he's still rolling in it, though
Dews: whatever
he's rich
JackGonzo: Seminoles always jumping to conclusion
Dews: I'm not
screw him
FishwrapDeacon: and he's probably happy he's not getting nailed by 300 lb guys every week
SayHey: Your heartless bastard!!!
10:49 AM Well, thats debatable
Dews: hahaha
10:50 AM JackGonzo: how's this...Archie Manning's wiki page...talks about family, there's his wife, Peyton and Eli...they all have sections, Cooper is only mention when discussing the commercial
FishwrapDeacon: I do feel sorry for him
it's like your worth is judged by football ability
SayHey: Eh, like Dews said, he is money
10:51 AM JackGonzo: another reason I like Cooper the best, he still gives shit to his brothers
“I’d have four Super Bowl rings by now,” Cooper Manning said. “Maybe five. I mean, how hard can it be to win the Super Bowl?”
FishwrapDeacon: hahahaha
Dews: haha, yea
SayHey: I dunno, he should ask Brady
Since he'll never no
JackGonzo: He has Spinal Stenosis, which ended his football career
10:52 AM Dews: that doesn't sound good
FishwrapDeacon: wtf is that?
SayHey: Yeh
Dews: anything Spinal seems to mean bad news
SayHey: Yeh
FishwrapDeacon: I'd look it up on webmd, but that site always makes me think I've caught some kind of tropical disease
JackGonzo: He's not an accountant, he's an oil and gas trader in Nawlins
FishwrapDeacon: oh, so he makes even more $$
SayHey: Living the dream
Dews: made me think I was having a heart attack, stupid webmd...
10:53 AM FishwrapDeacon: okay, spinal swhatever
narrowing of the spinal cord
JackGonzo: basically his spinal canal narrow and compressed the cord
Dews: ack, ok
SayHey: Oh, yeh, sounds nastry
er, nasty
10:54 AM JackGonzo: like Peyton's will after getting hit by Haynesworth
SayHey: Zing!
JackGonzo: Can Haynesworth start taking out all SEC QBs in the NFL?
SayHey: I wish he would
JackGonzo: First Alabama, next Tennessee?
SayHey: Shawn Rogers had his chance to help out with that
But Jason Campbell survived
JackGonzo: maybe take out Chris Simms in practice?
Eli almost didn't
SayHey: "Same team, man, same team"
10:55 AM JackGonzo: Well, final topic
Dews: Simms can take himself out, something else will just spontaneously combust inside him
SayHey: Well, he did lose a spleen
Its not like he was a weak QB.....he just sucked
10:56 AM JackGonzo: think about this...
Calligula for President?
SayHey: Uhm, no
Dews: hell ya
SayHey: Calligula had sex with his mother
Or was that Nero?
10:57 AM Either way, same bloodline
Dews: eh, prolly all of the above
FishwrapDeacon: I'm not up on my Roman emperors
JackGonzo: Calligula pretty much had sex with anything in front of him, including warm apple pie
SayHey: Marcus Airilues, baby!
Dews: Nero's legacy is tainted though by his critics
FishwrapDeacon: although, Wikipedia confirms that calligula was "sexually perverse"
Dews: he was blamed for a lot of things posthumously that were no of his doing
10:58 AM SayHey: Im sure W. would use that same argument
JackGonzo: for all the ladies out there though, beware of a Chantilly pharmacy who has become one of the few to become "birth control free"
SayHey: Yeh, i read about that
FishwrapDeacon: AGH. annoying!!
SayHey: The owner doesnt feel he can "Check his morales" at the door
Dews: yes, we have dispatched lawyers....
FishwrapDeacon: thank you
SayHey: Go Dews!
10:59 AM Oh wait, thats a hippy thing
Booooo hippies
JackGonzo: Feministing has a great article about it up
Dews: wait, what?
Who has a great article?
JackGonzo: Feministing
11:00 AM FishwrapDeacon: although, I've got to say
from that article, it looks like the pharmacy name is Divine Mercy Care
and I'm pretty sure I'd never step foot in a pharmacy called that
Dews: as in, pray to the lord you ain't preggers
SayHey: Oh, so if you pray hard enough, the pain will go away?
And they can cure pregnancies?
11:01 AM And take the "gay" away?
FishwrapDeacon: "forget the vicodin...God answers your prayers"
Dews: God says fall down the stairs...
SayHey: Wow
JackGonzo: it is God's will you have that rash Dews
SayHey: Fucked..........Up
God gave you herpe, to teach you a lesson
11:02 AM Dews: wow
JackGonzo: lol
11:03 AM something Dews should purchase
SayHey: Oh, that God........funny sense of humor
SayHey: Dews should pray harder
only 3 bucks
JackGonzo: not all of us can be the people of the lord
Dews: hey, I was almost a pastor...
11:04 AM JackGonzo: though I'm still confused how one can decide to become Jewish if not born or married into it
SayHey: So was Tom Cruise
FishwrapDeacon: Dews, I'm having difficulty wrapping my head around that
Dews: haha
FishwrapDeacon: are you making that up?
Dews: its true
SayHey: Bad first time?
FishwrapDeacon: hahaha
Dews: was one of the things I considered in High school (early though)
11:05 AM JackGonzo: Tom Cruise though is a 73rd level priest alien thing
SayHey: He knows the secret Zenu handshake
Dews: Xenu is getting Hostile!
11:06 AM SayHey: Xenu SMASH
PhillyFan: haha wait
you were almost a pastor?!
Dews: haha
I considered goin to school for it yes
SayHey: Not to be a child raping one, to be clear
Dews: no no, I'm not Catholic
JackGonzo: I do believe I played with the eighth grade...until I began playing with the opposite sex and got my god on in anotherr way
Dews: zing!
11:07 AM PhillyFan: oh ok
SayHey: "Oh God"
PhillyFan: wow
FishwrapDeacon: mind blowing, isn't it?
PhillyFan: haha my dad is a pastor....thats why he is baptis not catholic
SayHey: ANd.........boom goes the dynamite
JackGonzo: he that's what she said
PhillyFan: otherwise i would not be here
JackGonzo: so I don't know if folks have been paying attention to Palin's witch hunting pastor or not
11:08 AM but apparently his tales of hunting down witches in Africa...yeah not so much
Dews: wow
FishwrapDeacon: I've decided to not pay much attention to Palin anymore... it's like being in a horror movie, 24/7
SayHey: Nah, the media has been obsessed with her "average Joe wardrobe"
Dews: good stuff man
Cristin has left
Dews: its almost like someone paid McCain to take a dive
JackGonzo: a bad horror movie, one that is trying to be serious, but is bad and not even funny bad
11:09 AM HOLY SHIT! We need Dewey to take a road trip
time for some investigative reporting
SayHey: Wouldnt it have been funny if that were in Salem>?
Dews: Steve is living on the Cape right now...
11:10 AM he's prolly not far
JackGonzo: send one of the clan at least
oh, great news, the EU is doing something we should be doing next year
11:11 AM if it weren't for those damn "Castro Brothers" and their dog
Dews: hey, finally
the Mafia is just waiting to get there and open up Vegas 2
11:12 AM JackGonzo: though I do find it hilarious if the Palin spending violatated the MCCAIN-Feingold Act
Dews: haha yea, for spending?
SayHey: No surprise
Dews: ya
SayHey: 150k on clothes
and makeup
11:13 AM JackGonzo: 150 was just on the clothes, I don't know if that covers the make up
though her make up person did make the most money in the campaign the last two weeks
11:14 AM SayHey: And she got busted for using state money to finance Taadds snow mobile races
JackGonzo: for flying the family on "official business"
11:15 AM this lady is going to go home to Alaska and find all new chargers
SayHey: Yeh, big no-no
JackGonzo: charges
FishwrapDeacon: are we really going through 6 minutes of silence, or is my gchat f'ed up?
SayHey: Impeach the bitch
JackGonzo: that will pale in comparison
SayHey: Gchat is fucked
JackGonzo: Must be fucked
11:17 AM Well, since is, I will end today's chat with this heartwarming story

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