Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Round The Bend 10.29.08

With less than a week till the election…

  • We discuss the World Series and its postponement
  • The Republican Party and their unbalanced view of what socialism is
  • Houston, DC and San Diego social scene differences
  • Thoughts on movies, including GI Joe the movie

JackGonzo Good morning and welcome to the postponement report

SayHey: Our usual mid-day distraction, gotta love it

11:12 AM Dews: Also getting an angry form letter response for anye that starts dropping "Redistributor" references to me with some Keating 5 questions...

JackGonzo no word on how excited the Philadelphia city officials are about the excitment and possible looting being loward

SayHey: Im sure PhullyFan hasnt slept in 2 days out of anticipation

JackGonzo and I thought that was because CaptRock was back home

SayHey: Well, at least its wet outside in Philly. So maybe the entire city wont burn to the ground

11:13 AM Dews: I'm sure we're all excited to see Philly burn

this is true

SayHey: A nice silver lining to a Philly win

JackGonzo especially if the fires head south and envelope Baltimore

Dews: ...


SayHey: Peace out Camden!

11:14 AM JackGonzo The longer this delay hits though the better for the Phils

PhillyFan: how come?

I think its on tonight...

SayHey: Yeh, 8pm

Dews: yea, no "travel day" for the rays even if they DO win

11:15 AM JackGonzo How come? The longer it takes the more likelihood that Hamels stays in the game

PhillyFan: 8:37

SayHey: So far Hamels is still pitching

As has been on deck for 2 days

PhillyFan: no heisnt

SayHey: Uhm, yes he is

PhillyFan: every philly paper says differently

JackGonzo I believe that would count as a "quality at-bat" for Pedro Feliz

PhillyFan: wuoting manuel

Dews: well, he's technically "on deck"

11:16 AM until he's officially pinch hit for

SayHey: Bottom of the 6th, #9, 1, 2 hitters

JackGonzo Yes, until the game begins he is "on deck" "technically"

SayHey: Time for a So Iguchi appearance?

PhillyFan: either way manuel has said he isnt pitching. which is the important part

Dews: oh yea, no way they let him pitch

SayHey: Nope

Not on 2 days rest in 30 degree weather

JackGonzo Why? Unless they throw this game away, go back to TB and he pitches Game 7

Dews: nope

even Dusty Baker wouldn't do that

11:17 AM SayHey: Hell, he could pitch game 6

Thats debatable Dews

JackGonzo well, there is a way, but the wristbanded lizard isn't the manager

PhillyFan: there wont be a game 6


Dews: yes, this is true SayHey...

SayHey: Philly- Dont get all smug yet

PhillyFan: we get 12 outs, they only get 9 :)...we can work this

JackGonzo I disagree, hell yes Baker sends him out there, and hell yes he gives him a green light

SayHey: You hear what Michael Jorday said about winning?

If you win just one title, you LUCKY!

11:18 AM JackGonzo well technically if you do it correctly you only need 9

PhillyFan: im not smug..i am always optimistic. when has that changed?

SayHey: Im just saying, simmer down on the smug talk

Dews: eh, not getting that from Phillyfan about the Phillies just yet

now EAGLES are another matter :)

SayHey: Im picking up on it

JackGonzo The only way the Phillies could screw this up is if Donovan McNabb appeared at the ballpark

11:19 AM SayHey: or TO

JackGonzo no, TO was what kept them in that Super Bowl

SayHey: Rays should give TO an "appearance" fee

PhillyFan: he read the lineup the other night

JackGonzo That Super Bowl proved why everyone complains about his behavior but wants him on their team

SayHey: Yep

Dews: I don't want him

SayHey: He is the devil with skill

Dews: gonna put that out there right now

11:20 AM SayHey: I had him, and I dont want him

PhillyFan: i need to go, sorry

SayHey: DOnt go

Dews: ciao PhillyFan

Bridget has left

JackGonzo this ends our world series coverage

11:21 AM SayHey: I guess my "smug" hit a nerve

JackGonzo I will remember PARTS of Philly well, the rest needed the burning

Dews: it IS possible something came up :)

JackGonzo That's what she said

SayHey: That to, Dews

JackGonzo now then, topic number come Republicans can't stand it when facts are put to their faces?

11:22 AM SayHey: Because they rely on misunderestimations!

JackGonzo Take for example David Gregen on Anderson Cooper last night...

Gergen: Now, one of the most effective popular programs we've had in the last three decades. It's called the earned income tax credit. It's a program whereby, if you're a working person, a working couple and you're below the poverty line, the government will actually give you money. That's a redistributed program. It's a program which takes money from the upper classes and gives it to the lower -- to the working poor.

Now who started that program? The earned income tax credit? Ronald Reagan. It was one of the -- it was an achievement of the Reagan administration that Bill Clinton then built on.

SayHey: The Michelle Obama "400 dollars on Lobster" was a blatent lie also

11:23 AM Dews: its just desperation

its a slash and burn policy now

just keep reaching out and killing things until something works

JackGonzo Look, coming from a man whose wife goes to thousand dollar dinners on a regular basis, a $400 lobster isn't an oddity

SayHey: Well, to be honest......the 700 billion dollar bailout is Socialism, and the Repubs are blasting Obama for Socialistic ideas

The Lobster story was a lie, Repubs got slammed for it

JackGonzo It isn't socialism if it's for corporations...just individuals

11:24 AM didn't you get the memo?

SayHey: Oh, I remember now

Dews: right, we live in a corporate Police state, its our job to bail them out

SayHey: This is the Non-Socialistic act that suspended McCants campaign, right?

JackGonzo We'll get ya a copy of that memo...thanks peter

Dews: we have human rights and free speech just so long as it benefits the corporate interests

SayHey: Next on the Non Socialistic agenda- Auto bailouts

11:25 AM JackGonzo which is needed, but should come with a caveat

SayHey: Oh, and what about our Non-Socialistic "stimulous package" bailout last year?

JackGonzo to make their cars fuel efficient by 2011

SayHey: I got 600 bucks..........why would i get that if not for Socialism?

11:26 AM I highly doubt that Jack

Dews: to hell with our Auto Industry, they fucked themseves by fighting CAFE changes for the last 20 years

thats why we've lost the Auto industry

they spent too much fighting efficiency and not enough actually achieving it

SayHey: Made in America means monthly trips to the mechanic

11:27 AM JackGonzo Now, I expect there to be pictures Friday as someone in the Communist Compound needs to carve some fucking pumpkins

Political Pumpkins

Dews: we have one already, but squirrels have eaten his mouth...

11:28 AM SayHey: Funny

Dews: Squirrels are kind of like our neighborhoods mafia

they run things

11:29 AM JackGonzo You could so take the Palin one and make it a teabagging sarah palin pumpkin

Dews: if you don't pay protection money, they will fuck with your pumpkins

SayHey: Shame that OleMiss moved out, he was the regulator!

Drunk OleMiss meant lots of gun toting

Dews: I think we shall be creating another local militia

JackGonzo OleMiss moved out? With PhillyFan

Dews: with high powered Pellet guns soon

SayHey: OleMiss is moving to Tailand for 65 months

And taking PhillyFan with him

11:30 AM er, 6 months

Dews: yea, he's been gallavanting around the world for a few months now

SayHey: PhillyFan is living the dream......Going to pull a Half Baked at work

JackGonzo lol

11:31 AM SayHey: He just left Brazil

JackGonzo I know the gallavanting and I was hoping he would be on today so he could join us to give us a few comments on the GOP eating itself alive

SayHey: I honestly dont think he cares

Dews: he would have been talking Redistribution

SayHey: We need CowboyFan on

11:32 AM Dews: haven't seen him since he got kicked by a mule


SayHey: Oh, is that the story he is using?

Dews: sure looked that way anyway

SayHey: Yeh, got beat the fuck up.......but i dont know how

Dews: bouncers will do that to you if you fuck with them

11:33 AM SayHey: He dodged so many fists, he was bound to get tagged eventually

JackGonzo and police officers if you piss them off

Dews: ah yes, them too

SayHey: Yeh, he tends to piss them off

JackGonzo outside of santa bar crawls

SayHey: To funny!

11:34 AM Oh Dews, did you get the email regarding this years Santa Crawl?

Dews: yes I did, I shall be there

SayHey: Yeh, so you need a santa suit and a Steely costume

JackGonzo fuck you all, Houston may be better in many ways, but where it is not is bars and the like

Dews: yea, its gonna be a busy week, but I'll figure it out

SayHey: It only took Jack 5 months to miss DC

Dews: haha

11:35 AM SayHey: Noodle is cracking after 3 weeks

JackGonzo No no, don't miss it, or the traffic

Dews: Jack, I may actually go to a bar this monday dressed as Steely with a Skins logo on my helmet too

SayHey: May


No, you are

Dews: ha

SayHey: And im taking pictures

Dews: maybe it should be a Steelers bar

SayHey: Poor House

JackGonzo the social scene just isn't Houston, of course I imagine it's more difficult when everything is more spread out

11:36 AM Dews: Politiki!!!

I don't care if its not called that anymore, it still is to me

JackGonzo don't give dews flashbacks

not while he's holding a giant steel beam

Dews: haha, yes, lotta stuff happened there

SayHey: It may be foam, but SteelerFan wont know that

JackGonzo though there needs to be a shot of Steely humping RLB's leg

11:37 AM Dews: haha!

hopefully with the score in the background of Skins winning...

11:38 AM any thoughts on the Obama Video thats being suppressed?

SayHey: Thats tonight, right?

JackGonzo ah, this just in, the Utah Jazz owner, who owns a chain of movie theaters, has banned Zack and Miri

SayHey: Yeh i heard

YET, played Saw 5

Dews: Saw 5 is a family movie

11:39 AM I fail to see the connection

SayHey: Its about a lumberjack family of bears, right?

Dews: exactly

SayHey: With Rabbit sidekicks?

And an evil Monkey?

Dews: and their epic struggle amongst a failing timber industry in northern Canadia

JackGonzo ...they say there is nudity in the it elizabeth banks?

if so, fuckin a

SayHey: I so pray that it is

So hot

Im sure its Traci Lords

Dews: well, its about a pr0n being filmed, so I'd imagine there is at least some?

11:40 AM SayHey: Or it could be Seth Rogan

Dews: that would explain it being banned then

SayHey: We already saw 3 full frontals from Jason Segal in Forgetting Sarah Marshall

11:41 AM Either way, looks awesome

JackGonzo yeah but from all acounts seth rogen is like dews, he's half wookie

SayHey: Yeh, I dont really want to see that

JackGonzo actually, if you mixed the three of us together you'd probably get Seth Rogen

SayHey: Rogan lost a shitload of weight for Green Lantern

11:42 AM JackGonzo lol Green Hornet

SayHey: Oh, Hah

Something Green, damnit

11:43 AM JackGonzo yes, one has a stereotypical side kick, the other a FAB-U-LOUS ring

SayHey: Yes, I get that part

To many Retarded remakes coming out

JackGonzo ...Bill Kristol will be on the Daily Show on Devils Night

11:44 AM SayHey: I just read about Welcoem Back Cotter, with Ice-Cube

Is Dews alive? or is he killing babies?

11:45 AM JackGonzo The Kotter movie has been canceled already

SayHey: I just read an article today about it

No mention of it being cancelled

Oh, and we have A-Team, with Ice Cube

11:46 AM JackGonzo John Singleton, long attached to A-Team, has dropped out of it as of last week

SayHey: Excellent

Some things just need to be left alone

A-Team is one of em

Oh, and GI Joe.....but thats to late

11:47 AM Oh, word has it that there might not be another Batman

Nolan said he doesnt think he can top Dark Knight

JackGonzo I'm beginning to have a lil excitement over GI Joe

SayHey: Hence, he may not bother


11:48 AM JackGonzo the photos that are appearing are...rpomising

Baroness is SMOKING hot

Yes, that's all fine and well, but the only GI Joe anyone cared about was Snake Eyes and SGT Slaughter

SayHey: Ive seen the same 10 for months........have any new ones been released?

Oh, also, new Star Trek photo's

JackGonzo and Snake Eyes is being playing by Darth Maul

SayHey: This is true

And Destro has no silver helmet

11:49 AM JackGonzo The Cobra side is looking bad ass

So far

it may end with him receiving it

SayHey: Eh, if they are going to DO this, they need to do it right

Give Destro the mask

Dews: Brendan Frasier....

SayHey: LOL

As Gung-Ho of all people

JackGonzo and he very well may have it, but just at meetings or when confronted, but doing the mask is difficult

11:50 AM Come on, who else can pull off a giant Marine Corps tattoo on their chest?

SayHey: Brendan Frasier is that gay looking, I suppose

Dews: Tim Gunn?

SayHey: lol

11:51 AM Ill say this, the chick playing Cover Girl is Smoking hot

Dews: would rather have seen him as Shipwreck though

Gunn I mean

SayHey: Yeh, shipwreck is smaller in statute

JackGonzo Yes, only Tim Gunn can play Shipwreck

SayHey: Or Rock

Dews: ah yea

he did a helluva job is Be Cool

SayHey: And only SGT Slaughter can do SGT Slaugher

He did, prolly the only good thing about Be Cool

11:52 AM JackGonzo They should have found a part for Shaq

SayHey: Roadblock!!

JackGonzo like Roadblock

SayHey: But they gave it to Ekko

JackGonzo which is fair since they're going all serious

Dews: maybe Shaq is in the sequel as Serpentor

SayHey: Serpentor with a limp

JackGonzo here are some photos

GI Joe Movie Photos

11:53 AM SayHey: Yeh, ive seen em

Oh, and Baronness is wearing big plastic boobs

Dews: they look like cut scenes from a real-time strategy game....


SayHey: Stephen Sommers forced Sienna Miller to wear fakkies

11:54 AM This movie is going to tank..........But then again, I thought Casino Royale would also

And I was WRONG

Dews: Casino Royale??? Really???

JackGonzo DEAD Wrong

Dews: why?

SayHey: Well, lots of us thought it would suck

Including you, Jack

Dews: Its a Bond movie though

JackGonzo no one trusted daniel craig to be THAT much of a bad ass

SayHey: Didnt think Daniel Craig was a good choice

11:55 AM then i saw Layer Cake

And quickly changed my mind

Dews: if Roger Moore couldn't destroye Bond, nobody can

SayHey: Roger Moore was in one of my Bond Favorites

JackGonzo hell, that's who they should bring back for GI Joe


SayHey: LOL

Dews: Scratch that... Brendan Frasier COULD destroy it

11:56 AM SayHey: He destroys childrens imgionations

Dews: what about Terry Tate?

SayHey: Damnit, I cannot spell today

"Here come the Pain Train, baby"

JackGonzo They should have had Bazooka in it

SayHey: Or Flint


SayHey: Ok, gotta go

Con Call

Have fun

11:57 AM Dews: Ciao SayHey

JackGonzo alright, this is all for today, join us tomorrow as we discuss the massive choke job by Phily

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