Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dispatches from "Real" America: You Can't Make This Up or Make It Go Away

I graduated from a college deep in the heart of "the Heartland," the midwest. When I was there, I got to know a guy from southern Missouri. Wasn't a great friend with him, but some time ago he added me on Facebook. Trying to be amicable, I approved the friend request. Last night, I saw that he'd posted the rant I've re-posted below.

This, I imagine, is what those folks deep in the "Heartland" of "Real" America are thinking right now. Personally, I find it bigoted and paranoid, but I'd like your take. I'll let this speak for itself. I'll give the author full credit for his spelling and grammar errors.

Authored & Written By: ZCC

Proud to be an AmericanThis is MY Rant: Feel free to read, get angry, and Re-Post... because America needs to know

I cannot believe this.

Democrats across the country are defending Barack Hussein Obama, including their own approach to a REAL-LIFE interpretation and personification of what the Bible says is going to come to pass. Now, Mr. or Mrs. Democrat, my Master's Degree may not be in Policital Science, Economics, or even Theology (which it isn't) but I know from my backrow Baptist education all my life that Barack Hussein Obama represents NONE of the qualities that Jesus spoke of when it comes to DEFENDING what is right and what is ours. The Israelites were commanded to defend their holy land, and allowed to kill thousands in the name of THE ONE true GOD in the Old Testament... why is that? Now, I don't have a big fancy title behind my name, but my knowledge comes from reading the bible and that discernment is that God has a purpose for this Nation, and it isn't to become part of any "One World Government" or any "One World Religion" or any "One World Currency" or even any "One World Peace". The Bible tells us that when these things happen... to BEWARE, because the World is about to be deceived. So what does Barack stand for? He's got a lot of rhetoric, but - not to be facetious - where's the creme filling? He has ZERO substance to his policies. You can argue with me until you're blue in the face, but you neglect to show me how dropping my taxes, cutting spending to education, and in turn taxing the big corporations who employ millions of Americans out the nose (which by the way, will just be passed on to the average American in the form of wage freezes, cut benefits, and large scale downsizes & layoffs), is going to have ANY EFFECT AT ALL on Lowering the federal deficit? ITS NOT!!! And I swear, what is the mantra that all Democrats are forever proclaiming like a jihad's anthem? "Down with the Evil Republicans! They only make the Federal Deficit Higher!" Don't feed me that rotten tuna sandwich, there is nothing edible there. That claim is about as credible as Rev. Wright's sermon's.

So would I bring all this up without a point? I'm a good ole' boy from Missouri. I have a public school education, I come from a blue collar family, and I have been able to support myself and I pay taxes every year. I'm also middle class. I'm also BETTER OFF now then what I (or my family) was 8 years ago when Clinton was in Office. Our country is free, our Military might strong, and our allies stead fast. I work, I am able to pay my bills, and I respect our President. How can a self-proclaimed Christian with good conscience cast a vote for someone who's personal record has as much credibility as a White House intern during the Clinton Administration? No, I take that back... at least THEY had some government experience under their belt (however illegitimate)! The truth is that you can't. What's scarier is how much money has come into Barack HUSSEIN Obama's campaign fund from 3rd World AND Middle Eastern Countries!?!? Some people might site GWB's ties with the Saudi's and their alleged contributions to his Campaign fund in '00 and '04. Is a vested interest in our Country's oil supply really the same as electing a self-denying closet Muslim as President? We as a Nation should be pushing ourselves SO FAR AWAY from Barack HUSSEIN Obama as a Presidential Candidate! Most Democrats would say, "Why? We have no legitimate or credible evidence to support those outrageous claims!" Well - Democrats - Please... for me... tell me where I can find:

1.Occidental College records -- Not released
2.Columbia College records -- Not released
3.Columbia Thesis paper -- Not available
4.Harvard College records -- Not released
5.Selective Service Registration -- Not released
6.Medical records -- Not released
7.Illinois State Senate schedule -- Not available
8.Your Illinois State Senate records -- Not available
9.Law practice client list -- Not released
10.Certified Copy of original Birth certificate -- Not released
11.Embossed, signed paper Certification of Live Birth -- Not released
12.Record of your baptism -- Not available

Truth is, you can't produce those things! Even if John McCain was a COMPLETE Scoundrel, a TOTAL BUREAUCRATIC SCUMBAG (which most Democrats behind closed doors would say that he is)... I'll take a dishonest, greedy redblooded patriotic VETERAN American over someone with as many shady, radical, and UN-AMERICAN accusations running through their camp. The bible says to abstain from the VERY APPEARANCE of Evil. How can Democrats (who claim to call themselves Christians) with a clear conscience vote for Barack HUSSEIN Obama. Truth is, they think that they're doing what's right.

Can you imagine what would have happened, GOD Forbid, if we would have had a Barack HUSSEIN Obama in office on September 11th, 2001? Seriously, think about it. Instead of showing military might, like GWB did in good faith, we could have been hearing things like "Now let's not jump to conclusions and go attacking some people just because we have supposed evidence showing that they were muslim extremists. It's just not right for us to drop to their level and attack them just because they killed a few thousand innocent, unarmed, non-militant civilian Americans unprovoked. We should instead show compassion. I will send the peace corps into Afganistan to meet with the Taliban and ask to see if we can have a face-to-face meeting with Osama Bin Laden to talk about our differences."

Folks, you have got to be out of your minds. THIS MAN WANTS TO SIT DOWN FACE TO FACE WITH HORRIBLE PEOPLE AND TRY AND "Talk Things Out!" Can you imagine how WWII would have ended if FDR said that he wanted to sit down and talk with Hitler or Hirohito?! COME ON PEOPLE! How many more thousands of Americans have to DIE at the hands of terrorists before we wake up and smell the anthrax! THEY HATE US! North Korea HATES US! Iran HATES US! Cuba HATES US (yes, even with Castro charge)! Venezuela HATES US (Obama seems to like the idea of meeting with Chavez for a face-to-face meeting to 'talk about things' - even as Chavez is filtering $MILLIONS$ of American Dollars spent via Citgo & Valero to fund Anti-American Terrorism)

Yeah... sure. You better wake up, people. This is not a drill, and it's not a test. This is the viability of our country and our own children & grand children at stake here.

Some lofty people in special interest groups like Acorn or NOW or NAACP can sit up on their high philosophical pulpit and preach tolerance and peace to all the masses who have been lulled to sleep by DECADES of absence of REAL GUT-WRENCHING World War.... but us REAL Americans, like myself and others from proud Small-Town America... we aren't fooled. You may think that you're doing the Nation a service Mr. & Mrs. Democrat, by telling me you're lofty bourgeois'ish doctrine and anarchist, "I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke & Live in Perfect Harmony" twisted philosophy & doctrine but those of us who work for our paycheck and ESPECIALLY those of us PERSONALLY touched by the losses of 9/11/01 (my Uncle was in the Pentagon) we're never forgetting. It may be easy for some people to sit back and elect someone when they don't understand the eminent consequences. This is REAL, and as long as there is breath in THIS American’s lungs, I’m going to fight against it.


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