Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Round The Bend 11.11.08

This morning on Round The Bend…

  • We discuss last night's MNF game
  • The Matt Holiday Deal and the continued bashing of the Giants
  • The AIG bailout and executive trips
  • Various XFL News and Notes
  • Thoughts on this year's BCS Title game

Dews: top of the afternoon gentlemen, and ladies

JackGonzo: Good Morning and welcome a week later to the same ol America, just with a fresh coat of paint

11:19 AM I know we've been gone for a week, but I had to travel for a funeral and I think collectively we all had to come down from the Obama high or Phillies win

Jimmie has joined

SayHey: Yeh, let reality kind of sink in

Dews: it is difficult to assemble the transition team afterall

11:20 AM JackGonzo: at least we've assembled the transition team early this time and not a week before

FiveByFive: Yayyy a liberal party!

MrSanDiego: hahaha

11:21 AM FiveByFive: Your boy Obama is off to a blazing start clint!

SayHey: It wont be that bad

MrSanDiego: Kentucky

we are reaching across the aisle here

JackGonzo: I was just shocked at how short Laura Bush is

Dews: There are some old school libertarians in on this chat as well

MrSanDiego: LSWTF is determined to approach this in a bipartisan effort

11:22 AM SayHey: And some people who are just sick of alot of things

JackGonzo: Michelle and Laura standing next to each other looked like a High School Basketball game

FiveByFive: I'll read across the aisle....with an AR-15

Dews: <-- Ati-Bob Barr Libertarian

er Anti

JackGonzo: you read with an AR-15? didn't know the sight was so bad you needed a scope

MrSanDiego: I think the next brilliant political move would be to solve the whole Lieberman mess by nominating him to be the Sec of Homeland Defense

get him out of the Senate entirely

11:23 AM Dews: hell no, don't like the door hit his arse on the way OUT

JackGonzo: nah Ambassador to Israel

SayHey: God no..........My job is hard enough with ole Chertoff

PhillyFan: Hello

Dews: can't stand sell-out politicians

so basically 99%

SayHey: Ambassador the Chetnia

MrSanDiego: oh is that why you libs support Bob Barr?

SayHey: sp

Dews: Already labelled myself as Anti-Bob Barr Lib

11:24 AM just a few lines ago

JackGonzo: so lets start off with the big news today, the imitation of Mama Cass (or the Cleveland Browns) had by SayHey's team last night

SayHey: That was established months ago

Id rather not discuss

Dews: yea

replays didn't help

JackGonzo: I think you should be proud

SayHey: And Tony Kornhole

11:25 AM JackGonzo: this may have the first game in a long time that you were competitive in

SayHey: I was proud, but i wanted to tear Kornholls head off and shit down his throat

I had respect for him until last night

JackGonzo: everyone who watches PTI wants to do that

MrSanDiego: TK doesn't last past this season on MNF

JackGonzo: what was so outlandishly said? I only saw what I saw when I got off the plane last night

MrSanDiego: he is this years Dennis Miller

11:26 AM SayHey: He constantly bashed the Niners, and when the game ended, he was like,"well the played good'

Dews: I was pulling for the Niners right up until about 10:30ish or so

MrSanDiego: TK pulled a Madden

SayHey: Fuck you Kornheiser, fuck your show, and fuck ESPN for bankrolling you

Dews: nobody can be as bad as Dennis Miller

but I see what you mean

MrSanDiego: stated the game was over after the interception at the end


JackGonzo: I still don't think Miller did that bad

he did his typical schtickt

SayHey: What didnt Kornholl get? This game was to be a blowout

Dews: he's just a prick though

SayHey: And we made it really close

Dews: I dont like his schtick

11:27 AM SayHey: Bah, fuck him

Oh, and dont get me started on the officiating

JackGonzo: it's gotten worse ever since he became a pussy after 9-11

Dews: Kornheiser just has trouble talking about things then his daughter's field hockey game, or things lasting past the time of 10 pm Eastern

as someone that had listened to his radio show for years

SayHey: Or with a cock on his mind

Dews: tell us how you really feel SayHey?

MrSanDiego: It could have been much worse

11:28 AM Dews: I feel like you're holding back

MrSanDiego: two interception returns called back for penalties

I made this point last night

SayHey: At least Jaws stood up for us....... Jaws in so many words, told Kornholl to STFU

JackGonzo: stupid penatlties will get you every time

MrSanDiego: MNF must have figured, Leinart vs Alex Smith

when they scheduled this game

Dews: ahh yes

11:29 AM MrSanDiego: boy how that went wrong

SayHey: Hill did well til he fell apart

JackGonzo: who started for the niners? Drunkenmiller?

SayHey: Was good to see the Other Hokie do well

Dews: I liked his gutsy play, especially with the headless dive for a first down

SayHey: Drunk is riding the pine in some prison somewhere

JackGonzo: prison?

11:30 AM SayHey: Oh i dont know

He should be there

FiveByFive: wtf? are you football nuts talking about....I'm going to my bunker to oil my assault weapons in preperation for the end of the world..yeeehahhh

SayHey: Robbed of us a draft pick

James has left

SayHey: oh. and raped a minor

11:31 AM JackGonzo: Damn, wanted to hear his opinion on something but at any rate

Dews: who hasn't in the NFL?

JackGonzo: apparently Drunkenmiller is an XFL and AFL veteran

SayHey: Well, drunk got caught

the day after the draft

Dews: the way to divide it up, is whether they got caught, and THEN whether they filmed it

11:32 AM JackGonzo: great side note to the story

it could be worse SayHey

you could have taken the man who was drafted right after Drunkenmiller

You could have drafted Rae Carruth

SayHey: Yeh, looks like martz days are over

11:33 AM lol this is true

Dews: oh wow

yea great draft class there

JackGonzo: actually, it kind of is

SayHey: westbrook, Pace among others


JackGonzo: Orlando Pace, Bryant Westbrook, Ike Hilliard, Shawn Springs, Warrick Dunn, Tony Gonzales

11:34 AM SayHey: who can forget jake plummer

JackGonzo: oh, funny side note again

Drunkenmiller's teammate on the Memphis Maniaz was Rashan Salam

11:35 AM Dews: haha, XFL All-Stars

as a Fantay XFL'er myself, I approve of their work

JackGonzo: and their head coach (this shouldn't shock anyone) is the current assistant head coach/passing game coach of the detroit lions

11:36 AM Bridget has left

11:37 AM MrSanDiego: ah the XFL

JackGonzo: ok, topic number two, the one everyone wants to talk about, the new Oakland A, Matt Holiday

MrSanDiego: lest we forget about the worst cheerleading attire ever


unless you are clint

SayHey: I think Holliday is going to be just fine

MrSanDiego: or into DSM

SayHey: But dont expect him to put up Rockie Numbers

11:38 AM Dews: Holliday is great pickup, but obviously not expected for Bean

hey, those aren't so bad

MrSanDiego: I don't think he will do well outside of Coors field

SayHey: Beane must have been pressured in by ownership

JackGonzo: ah the Chicago Enforcers

SayHey: That isnt his style

JackGonzo: that or ownership loosened the strings just a bit

it could all be a play to get CC

MrSanDiego: ESPN says SD and the Cubs are about to bust a deal

11:39 AM SayHey: The As gave up top prospects from the Swischer and Haren trade

JackGonzo: we get a big name offensive producer so CC doesn't feel like the only star

SayHey: So in reality, it was Haren and Swisher for Holliday


Rumored had it that CC wants to come to the Giants

And be our cleanup hitter

MrSanDiego: ZITO!


SayHey: Want him Perkins?

11:40 AM MrSanDiego: Remember the ZITO Giants fan

never again

JackGonzo: LMAO

SayHey: We will take your first pick bust, Matt Bush

JackGonzo: so apparently WR Mike Furrey of the Detroit Lions played for the Las Vegas Outlaws

11:41 AM MrSanDiego: you could have him

if his elbow ever heals

JackGonzo: and a man who holds a super bowl record, Kelly Herndon

SayHey: what a terrible #1 pick

Jose Cortez, our old kicker, was an XFLer also

11:42 AM Dews: I had him

he was a fantasy stud in XFL

as was Tommy Maddox

MrSanDiego: I think at the time they thought they had another Peavy

Dews: also my starting QB

MrSanDiego: Homegrown too

but yes a bust

SayHey: Whats that, 2 bust #1 picks

Along with Abner?

11:43 AM MrSanDiego: ZITO Eric Zito

11:44 AM SayHey: lol least he plays

JackGonzo: Here's something I still don't understand...why trade Peavy?

MrSanDiego: I think he cost the Giants more than what the Pads lost on Bush

SayHey: And keep Giles at 9 mil?

MrSanDiego: um Bush can't lose a game for the Pads at least

I don't approve of Giles

SayHey: Thats terrible logic

MrSanDiego: I think they need to fire sale

11:45 AM trade Gonzo too

replenish the farm system

JackGonzo: ah gotcha

SayHey: A's tried that, and traded all there prospects for Holliday

JackGonzo: everything must go! Like the Marlins

MrSanDiego: $126 Million

JackGonzo: bitch please, we got more prospects then you got titties at a high school kegger

11:46 AM SayHey: Again, at least he played


SayHey: Tim Lincecom? Huh? What?

Trading Peavy is a sign of absolute stupidity on the side of owenrship

11:47 AM Unless they get an impact player, its kinda crap

Dews: Bedard anyone?

why does this all sound familiar...

JackGonzo: eh

Dews: Peavy is a helluva lot better..

I know this

SayHey: Well, this is alittle diffderent

JackGonzo: Bedard was never and will never be a jake peavy

Dews: but still

SayHey: Padres are low balling the hell out of the deal

MrSanDiego: Right now that averages to 6 Million a win

good deal on Zito

Dews: its the same type of situation, you have a team that has multiple needs

11:48 AM and a HUGE trade chip

JackGonzo: the starting quarterback for the Birmingham Thunderbolts was none other then...Casey Weldon

SayHey: Pads have a much better foundation that the O's tho

MrSanDiego: They aren't gonna get much for Peavy

SayHey: Pads are giving up for no reason

MrSanDiego: they just can't afford to keep him


Dews: they need "stuff" back

SayHey: Its really sad

Dews: its not "giving up"

its just what you have to do

MrSanDiego: The majority owner has to sell his share because of a divorce

SayHey: No

Not when you add in Gonzo to the mix

JackGonzo: ouch

Dews: trade a strength for prospects that can turn into a strength

MrSanDiego: that is the reason they are fire selling

11:49 AM SayHey: Maybe im not acustomed to the whole practice

Giants sign old people and just wait for them to retire

Dews: you will be very soon

SayHey: Who are we going to firesale?

Dews: well

not realy "A" level guys

but Winn will be dealt I'm sure

SayHey: Lincecom? at 1 mil per season for the next 4 yeatrs?

11:50 AM MrSanDiego: Maybe Lewis

SayHey: Winn isnt an impact player like Peavy is

Dews: why would they deal a young guy under control?

Lincecum doesn't even apply to this convo

vets that are closer to the end of their contract do

SayHey: Well, when all you really have is Cain and Lincucum, i ask, what can we firesale?

MrSanDiego: Dave Roberts

Dews: mid age ones, closer to 27-28 years old

SayHey: How would I get used to it?


Take him

Roberts wont get resigned, so thats moot

MrSanDiego: I think the Giants season is already over

11:51 AM cash it in

Dews: yea

JackGonzo: teams are not gonna give up much for used cars

Dews: at least they'll save some money

SayHey: We are declining on Aurillia, Roberts, and Vizquel

Dews: they spent a lot onthat team last year

SayHey: Giants?

Dews: yea

SayHey: 17th highest payroll

That isnt alot

Dews: about 10 mil more then the O's

SayHey: Take away Zito, then we are damn near Royals

MrSanDiego: well at 18 million a year

they need to dump Zito

SayHey: Oh I agree

11:52 AM MrSanDiego: by the balls my friend

Dews: pay someone like Peavy that kinda money

MrSanDiego: he's got them by the balls

Dews: they really need a bat though

SayHey: Well, keep in mind

Dews: Holliday coulda helped you guys

SayHey: Zito was a cy youing winner also

JackGonzo: just choke up on the bat sayhey and let him go

SayHey: Zito doesnt have health issues

He just choked

JackGonzo: most players are for us

SayHey: COuldnt live up to the contract

11:53 AM MrSanDiego: His Ks to IP ratio wasn't as good as Peavy's

SayHey: No, it wasnt

MrSanDiego: I think we all agree Zito was a bad deal

SayHey: But zito had the 20 win season, stayed healthy, dropped CGs

MrSanDiego: it set your team back a few years

SayHey: But man, he died the second he stepped foot at 3Com

MrSanDiego: money wise

11:54 AM SayHey: Eh, Giants have the money

SPent 30 million less last year on payroll

Of course, 25 of that was Bionds

JackGonzo: just because you're not paying barry doesn't mean you have money, people aren't coming to the park like they did with barry

SayHey: I know this

I didnt argue that

11:55 AM Im just saying, Giants spent less without Bonds.

If Giants wanted a 100 mill payroll, they would have dropped big money on another bat

That isnt the direction new ownership wants to go

JackGonzo: like...Manny

SayHey: ANd Zito is gonna kill us

JackGonzo: I say shell out barry money for manny

SayHey: SF wants Manny more than Drunk wants a 13 year old

MrSanDiego: pft

they are not in that market

11:56 AM SayHey: But we aint paying another old guy huge money

JackGonzo: to be fair to drunk, it's a Hokie quarterrback tradition

SayHey: lol this is true

JackGonzo: hell, if we could get him even Beane would shell out the cash

imagine that outfield, Holliday and Manny

SayHey: Would be quite frightening

11:57 AM Wonder if Beane is gonna whore himself out for CC money

I know we touched that, but imagine it

One word comes to mind


JackGonzo: hell, imagine the season everyone expected if we shelled money for CC and Manny

of course every team imagines this right now

SayHey: CC, blows out his arm on his first start

MrSanDiego: they are trying to get a new stadium

JackGonzo: but I think even we could fill the stadium

SayHey: Giant fan starts to chuckle

11:58 AM MrSanDiego: do they spend the $$ to get the fans

SayHey: THey have the new stadium

JackGonzo: karma? we didn't TRADE you Zito, no one put a gun to your head

Dews: haha, yea really

JackGonzo: that was all self inflicted wound

11:59 AM SayHey: True, but our wound is blammed on the manufactorer

JackGonzo: pft...check under the hood mother fucker

that's why they have cars.com

SayHey: Yeh, mechanic named Ken Macha

Dews: there isn't anything wrong wth him physically anyway

SayHey: SHould have gotten the warranty


Dews: even the O's got insurance on Belle

JackGonzo: he just misses Alyssa, and who can blame him?

SayHey: His mind is all fudged up

12:00 PM She dumped him for a Dodger, right?

Or a hockey player?

Dews: good question

JackGonzo: who knows, I think she's gone through a few more since then

obviously nothing can compare to the zito

MrSanDiego: on pitching

who gets the NL Cy?

JackGonzo: cause everyone loves baked zito

SayHey: Tiny TIm

Dews: Lincecum

JackGonzo: Linecum

12:01 PM SayHey: AL goes to Lee

JackGonzo: the only star and a field of absolute darkness

In a


MrSanDiego: hehe

I guess

JackGonzo: funny how the two cy young winners are from shitty teams

12:02 PM MrSanDiego: So how is it the NL West dominates in this category the past few years

JackGonzo: they won in spite of their teams

Dews: and pitching against sub-par teams primarily

SayHey: wait

JackGonzo: like the padres

SayHey: WHich division won the WOrld Series?

The AL?

Dews: NL East

SayHey: Oh wait

Dews: EAST

SayHey: The "JV" NL

Dews: It is still the NL

12:03 PM SayHey: lol you keep telling yourself that

Dews: my division was represented in the WS

JackGonzo: yes, and linecum pitches in the WEST

SayHey: Whatever helps you sleep at night

West = Manny, Dunn, Gonzo, among other hitters

Oh, and Holliday

JackGonzo: dunn?

Dews: Manny and Dunn came when?


JackGonzo: did you honestly just say dunn?

SayHey: We played the Dodgers 11 times when Manny got there

Dews: exactly, thus his incredible numbers

12:04 PM SayHey: HAH

JackGonzo: yes, and manny was the sole reason the dodgers made it to the playoffs

SayHey: Whatever man

MrSanDiego: Linecum would be only the second Giant to win the award

SayHey: Hey, you asked who was in the NL West

JackGonzo: and linecum didn't pitch against him 11 times

SayHey: Obviously

MrSanDiego: the first went to Mike McCormock in 1967

12:05 PM the first time they gave the Awards separately to NL and AL


JackGonzo: indeed

ok, we've stayed too long and the stove hasn't even warmed up this winter yet

Dews: agreed

12:06 PM JackGonzo: topic number three, AIG getting bailed out once again and already we hear of an executive retreat to an Arizona resort last week that cost about 350,000

MrSanDiego: sp McCormick


12:07 PM SayHey: Socialistic Governemt

Dews: its ridiculous, but you really do get your money back for Lobbying efforts

SayHey: That Dubya

next on the list......Ford

MrSanDiego: Funny


I think GM fails first

Dews: our entire Auto industry is a joke

SayHey: Both?

JackGonzo: so the question is, why do we constantly bailout companies who made poor decisions and not the regular tax payer who made poor decisions? (trying not to sound like lou dobbs)

MrSanDiego: Ifr one fails they all do


SayHey: Easy, hit the reset button and all is forgotten

JackGonzo: yes, GM is in more dire straits then Ford

Dews: should declare the Auto industry necessary to national security, nationalize it, then turn Detroit into Washington DC 2

MrSanDiego: well the auto industry has a snowball effect that we don't want to deal with

12:08 PM all the parts manufactures

the dealerships

SayHey: Do people forget that we bailed out an airline and rail industry?

JackGonzo: can't Dews

MrSanDiego: the side industries

SayHey: Only fitting we do the same for all of our transportation

MrSanDiego: it would be much worse that the bank fallout

Dews: we've already purchased "preferred stock" in banking companies

JackGonzo: then the Lions become a Nationalized team

Dews: its the next logical step




JackGonzo: sort of like a large scale bad version of the Packerrs

12:09 PM MrSanDiego: hahaha

SayHey: Packers are capitalism at its best

Dews: well,the Lions at least look like they're run by the federal government already

JackGonzo: but it can't be worse then current ownership

SayHey: Montreal Expos?

MrSanDiego: And I remember thinking Hugo Chavez was an idiot for nationalizing everything

SayHey: Remember?

MrSanDiego: now we are doing it

Dews: what about the Expos?

JackGonzo: then though maybe Dews can make his connections on the hill nominate all of us to run the Lions

12:10 PM SayHey: They were Gov owned, in a way

ALl owners owned em

Dews: no, they were run by Bud Lite

that scheming bastard

Baseball in its infinite wisdom destroyed that juggernaut back in 94 and they were never able to save the franchise

12:11 PM JackGonzo: yeah imagine how good the Nats would be with their players the other owners stole from the team

oh, thoughts on the new unis? Looking sharp

Dews: have not actually seen them yet

MrSanDiego: Fugly

at least the black with stars and stripes lettering

12:12 PM JackGonzo:
Nationals New Jerseys

MrSanDiego: I think they had the rip off hat hawkers from outside the main gate design them

JackGonzo: yes, the "special" jersey is really special

but the red with w I think is their best yet

MrSanDiego: at least no pinstripes

JackGonzo: even if it's a walgreens uniform

Dews: yes, I like the bit in there about Dukes having a "Scheduling conflict", I'm guessing Parole hearing?

JackGonzo: anger management

12:13 PM Dews: Text messaging for psychos 101

JackGonzo: or perhaps Kevin Mitchell's seven step course, What Not To Do About Your Girlfriend

Dews: ahh haha, that too

MrSanDiego: zing

12:14 PM Todays theme is bash all things related to the Giants

SayHey: Pretty much

JackGonzo: well, we are celebrating the bassh brothers team

MrSanDiego: haha

JackGonzo: SayHey you can't be upset, after all you got Pumpkins tonight...TONIGHT TONIGHT tonight

MrSanDiego: Come on

12:15 PM it is jsut too much fun

SayHey: Oh, i dont care about the bashing

MrSanDiego: Rice a Roni City is gonna have plenty to celebrate later today

SayHey: Look at Dews and his O's......always makes me smile alittle bit knowing that things could be worse

12:16 PM Dews: Me being the one least bashing the Giants and all

well, if only we signed people to longer larger contracts

SayHey: This is true........Im sorry Dews

Dews: then we'd be there

JackGonzo: oh, good news sport fans, someone finally got his wish

12:17 PM Long Island Ducks New Manager

SayHey: He will be a great coach

Dews: Long Island ducks???

I've never even heard of these guys

JackGonzo: lol

Ducks Fly Together

12:18 PM Dews: hahaha

JackGonzo: I'm not a Pirates fan, but even I may want this shirt

Dave Parker's Great Shirt

12:19 PM Dews: I want a James Dews Shirt from Miami

Jimmie has left

Dews: sorry SayHey, but I may be sporting Miami colors :)

not rooting for them...

but hell, Dews?

it speaks to me

12:20 PM SayHey: sellout

Dews: er not shirt, but bball jersey

I think its been established that I am

SayHey: Doesnt matter, we already beat Miami

Least the Noles arent failing me these days

Dews: my College bball is still Catamounts though

but they don't have Dews

12:21 PM SayHey: Fair enough

THis might be VCU's last shot at making the tourn for awhile

Dews: and may be watching some Purdue and IU games at somepoint too...

Jimmie has joined

Dews: what conf you in SayHey?

MrSanDiego: got disconeccted

SayHey: IU at Porters? HoosierDaddy is very interested also


12:22 PM JackGonzo: it's way to early to talk about bball, it isn't even feb

MrSanDiego: Hey did I miss the part where we talk about Dan Snyder's latest move?

Dews: I'm up for Porters, I heard Penn Quarter is IU and Purdue too

SayHey: Oh, the thug?

Dews: oh lord

oh, MeAngelo?

MrSanDiego: Wooohoo

SayHey: Got him dirt cheap

12:23 PM JackGonzo: not exactly cheap, just the rest of this year's contract

MrSanDiego: Better hope he doesn't play

JackGonzo: the question is, do they try to keep him after the season

MrSanDiego: cuz he gets burns day and night

SayHey: No

MrSanDiego: burned

SayHey: Hiscontract is bought out

SKins are paying him 500k

MrSanDiego: yeah they got him for 500 G


Dews: its worth a shot to see if he's got his old skills and was just unmotivated

12:24 PM hell, he's actually younger then Rogers

SayHey: Good deal for the Skins, but this puts their ROY Horton on the bench

MrSanDiego: I have to give credit for this next one to the roomie Jacob

Dews: Horton is a safety

MrSanDiego: Michael Vick, where ya at?

SayHey: Plan is to move Rogers to Safety

MrSanDiego: just wait

Dews: uh


SayHey: Thats what i heard on the radio at least

Dews: no way they move a shutdown corner to safety

no way

12:25 PM especially the way he's been playing

SayHey: Or maybe it was Smoot

Dews: he can't catch a damn ball, but he sure as hell can deflect em

SayHey: I dont remember, but it seemed that Horton was getting the shaft

Dews: well, we cut Torrance, you sure you dont mean him?

12:26 PM SayHey: Name doesnt ring a bell

JackGonzo: wait, when did carlos rogers become a "shutdown corner"?

Dews: he's been raved about this year

MrSanDiego: haha

yeah no

JackGonzo: in the dc press perhaps

Dews: nope, national media, they talk about it on the national broadcasts

JackGonzo: just because he's doing much better then his previous years don't turn him into Primetime

SayHey: Yeh, I dont think he is a shutdown

JackGonzo: I ain't heard it

12:27 PM Dews: he just can't catch

at all

SayHey: Nope

12:28 PM JackGonzo: how proud is JoePa right now?

Larry johnson At A Bar

12:30 PM MrSanDiego: I think western PA is had a football apocalypse this past weekend

Penn St. falls

Big Ben chokes

JackGonzo: all we need is for the Steelers to have their very own QB Controversy

QB Controversy

12:31 PM Dews: ahh yea, good call

12:32 PM JackGonzo: It had to be awesome for Leftwich though

the guy grew up in dc, used to sneak into RFK, and then comes in and beats the Skins

12:33 PM before we leave today, I won't one prediction right now...who plays in the BCS Title game

Dews: Texas Tech

MrSanDiego: TT and Florida

Dews: yea

same as SD

12:34 PM JackGonzo: pft...amateurs

Florida will be out of the national title picture...actually I'll come right out and say it, no SEC team will be in it

MrSanDiego: Okay USC vs Oklahoma then

12:35 PM Dews: haha

JackGonzo: florida will lose to either the Ol Ball Coach or Bowden, but beat Alabama

MrSanDiego: how you like that Steer Queer


Dews: I'm guessin I'm gonna hear Texas vs Tech?

JackGonzo: no

the Big 12 situation is so fuckin complicated it's ridiculous

oklahoma beats Tech, creating a three way tie

MrSanDiego: USC FLA?

Eric has left

12:36 PM JackGonzo: the team with the highest bcs ranking makes it to the big 12 title game

so assuming beating a number two helps propel oklahoma over texas, you have Oklahoma

Now then, seeing this happen the writers get a certain sense of amusment

12:37 PM MrSanDiego: dream on

I know what you ar gonna say

JackGonzo: they want a game everyone will watch, and hopefully will calm SOME of the calls for a playoff system

yes, yes you do

MrSanDiego: ain't no border war for the BCS

JackGonzo: Oklahoma Boise St 2

MrSanDiego: Nope I don't see Boise st in it

JackGonzo: Boise will be undefeated

12:38 PM they have the track record

MrSanDiego: Border war is more likeley

no no no

they hate on the small schools

always will

JackGonzo: hell, if all things were equal it would be Utah v Boise St

Dews: wait wait


JackGonzo: if we want the undefeated teams to be in the title game

12:39 PM MrSanDiego: Obama will bring us the BCS Playoffs

JackGonzo: and if they're the only two undefeated teams standing you very well may have a HUGE uproar about teams with losses and teams without not in the game

yes Dews, Boise

the kid who ran all over oklahoma the first game and the proposed to his hot girlfriend is now a senior

and he's ready to do it again

12:40 PM MrSanDiego: what, did she say no?

JackGonzo: and I'm ready to point and laugh at Sooner fan

no she said yes, the running all over Oklahoma part is doing it again

though they could renew their vows

or she drops child right there on the sideline and he cuts the cord in celebration...beat that TO

12:41 PM Dews: I feel like the kid should be kicked into the uprights too

12:42 PM JackGonzo: fair enough, join us next time folks

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