Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Night Coverage

America Has Voted And They Are In Favor Of The Big O

JackGonzo: Good evening everyone and welcome to the LSWTF Election Night Chat

SayHey: Greetings

Dews: hola gents

5:37 PM Looking interesting early already

JackGonzo: as I turn on the TV I know Indiana's polls are closed, any word?

SayHey: Yeh, just 1% in so far.......But the exit polls are the most surprising so far

JackGonzo: oh?

Dews: it is neck and neck in Indy, which bodes well for Obama

SayHey: Yeh, Indiana and Kentucky closed

5:38 PM Dews: I feel like as the more populous areas of Indy start coming in, that tally will be leaning more and more Obama

SayHey: I agree

Usually inner cities are the last to report

JackGonzo: we can hope

Dews: already is at 51%

JackGonzo: what does the misses think SayHey?

SayHey: Yeh, was 55 earlier

About the race?

5:39 PM She was in a 2 block voting line, just had to throw that out

JackGonzo: The biggest win in recent memory wass Reagan, could this beat it?

no, about Indiana will lean


SayHey: HoosierDaddy is hardcore Obama, but thinks that Indiana will vote McCant

5:40 PM JackGonzo: ah

Dews: wow, Vermont is closing soon... wonder where they'll go...

SayHey: She feels its way to racist heh......but who knows, she was in school there 5 years ago

Time changes

JackGonzo: Bama is still up in Hoosierville

SayHey: Mickey Mouse!!

JackGonzo: jesus, MSNBC is showing Grant Park in Chicago...PACKED

5:41 PM SayHey: Yeh, expecting 1 million people

JackGonzo: wow

SayHey: Yeh, booked for only 100k

But park police arent restricting

Mayor says more the merrier hah

5:42 PM Hey Stefan, why were you not allowed to vote for 10 years?

JackGonzo: so I know someone wanted to have a predict the senate races

he's been a DC resident

Skynet: Oh, DC resident.

SayHey: Oh gotcha

JackGonzo: and it's Skynet

SayHey: lol

Skynet: I voted for Prez, just not congress.

SayHey: The fun lies with the congress

JackGonzo: No surprise McCain is widening in Kentucky

5:43 PM SayHey: Yeh, thats a gimmie state

He didnt campaign there because its unwinabl


Skynet: So I'm told...unfortunately I moved to Boston, home of the two safest congressional seats ever conceived :)

JackGonzo: less barack keeps it close

SayHey: lol true

Felt good voting for Warner for Senate

JackGonzo: Obama up by 3% in Hoosier

SayHey: Nice

5:44 PM JackGonzo: Oh, no comments on the big announcement for the team?

SayHey: Quinn?? what about it

should have happened weeks ago

JackGonzo: testify

SayHey: LOL

"Now im ready"

JackGonzo: ouch, indiana just got really close

SayHey: If obama loses Ohio, im blaming Brady

5:45 PM JackGonzo: I just hope it's a sign that RAC is GONE at the end of the season

5:46 PM who knows, maybe the Niners fuck up and we can hire Singletary

SayHey: Hey, bite your tongue

JackGonzo: lol

SayHey: Get your own HOF Middle Linebacker coach

5:47 PM JackGonzo: unless we get...THE CHIN

SayHey: Its quite possible

JackGonzo: wow...msnbc has roman columns in cgi set

5:48 PM Dubya's approval rating is 28%

Dews: we have CNNHD in the front, FoxHD on small TV, and MSNBC HD on my tv in the bac here...

SayHey: Yeh, like a record low

Dews: Wolf Blitzer ain't got shit on us

SayHey: Oh, you hear about those Robo calls in Cuban Miami?

Dews: small TV is also all of 40 inches I think?

5:49 PM JackGonzo: lmao


just checked, comedy central is on at 8

SayHey: Yep

Dews: ok, MSNBC shall be changed on mine to Comedy Central then

JackGonzo: though not an all night thing as I was expecting

5:50 PM that would have been awesome

scratch that

they do have two hours starting at ten

well, ten your time

the ones at 8 must be last night

SayHey: Yeh, CNN til comedy central

5:51 PM Kentucky losing the senate race

JackGonzo: I got Maddow, Tweety, Bad Hair Gregory and KO


SayHey: Er, Dems losing

JackGonzo: raise your hand if you think Al takes Minnesota

Dews: Finally CNN is giving props to our boy Howard Dean

5:52 PM JackGonzo: everyone has today, as they should

Dews: that started this whole "Compete in every state" theory

JackGonzo: this is all HIS doing

SayHey: Lunsford......If he changed his name to Lansford. it would be different

Dews: its bout freakin time

Ryan has joined

Dews: Vermont owns the campaign process

you are all welcome

SayHey: Eh, Canada Jr

JackGonzo: one precinct in kentucky went dem

5:53 PM Dews: kills ya doesn't it SayHey?

SayHey: Wow, shocking

Eh, not really

Just like to bust your balls

JackGonzo: nah, it's Louisville

SayHey: 50-49 Indiana, Obama

Dews: ahh, Louisville I'd expect to be Dem

SayHey: Indiana is close

5:54 PM Too close

MoDews: McConnell's down now..

SayHey: Nice

MoDews: Louisville hurt him!

SayHey: I think McConnell was supposed to win

Dews: amen

yea he is

he prolly still will, but that Louisville tally hurt him I'm sure

SayHey: Yeh, perhaps

5:55 PM Dews: prolly woulda wrapped this up if he didn't look like a troll

SayHey: lol

Dews: my bad, scrunched up face troll

I'd call him poindexter, but that'd imply he'd be a normal looking geek

instead of scrunched up weirdness

5:56 PM SayHey: lol, good thing politics isnt a fashion show

Dews: in my humble opinion

of course

thats fierce

SayHey: Jesus, Jesus Christ

Josh has joined

SayHey: Obama is closing in on Kentucky


Dews: Dewey, you missed us giving props to Dean for winning this election

5:57 PM Josh: my boy

Dews: and how Vermont will be in charge of us winning this election

SayHey: I wonder if Deans chair is made of solid gold

If not, it should be

Dews: no, but he craps solid gold

Josh: he pisses excellence

Dews: thats how he was able to give all us kids free insurance

SayHey: He is excellence!

Dews: he paid for it with golden crap

SayHey: Socialist

Go back to Cuba, Dews

5:58 PM Josh: it's not socialist if he voluntarily gives us his golden crap

MoDews: Dean pisses excellence, McCain pisses blood

SayHey: This is very true

Dews: Dean revolutionized fundraising

Josh: what is this business about Dean not marrying internet donations to community organizing?

SayHey: Yep, lets all pay homage to

Josh: CNN has the dumb

Dews: yea really, I"m confused

5:59 PM SayHey: Agreed, im very dissapointed with CNN coverage

Josh: nearly 7

SayHey: Unfortunatly, Ted Turner cannot shit golden experts

VA is about to close......woot

6:00 PM Dews: he did before, but he sold CNN and all that already

Josh: the only question is whether VT goes over 65% for Obama

Dews: POLLS CLOSED!!!!!!!

Josh: haha

Dews: whoa!

SayHey: LOL

That was quick

Dews: what a shocker

Josh: I hate you Kentucky

Dews: again... you are all welcome

SayHey: Thanks, Dews

Dews: although, I was a VA voter this time

Josh: at least we joined the union before them

SayHey: You chose wisely, Dews

Dews: this is true

Josh: that means we're better than Kentucky

6:01 PM Dews: well, we didn't need this to know that

Josh: obviously

JackGonzo: sorry, being host so getting food ready and what not

SayHey: Dems won a senate seat

JackGonzo: the NC thing?

yeah saw it

first time since 52 there won't be a dole or bush in office

SayHey: Nice, fuckin Dole

6:02 PM JackGonzo: LOL love MSNBC, polls just closed and they're reporting every state...too close to call


imagine that

SayHey: haha

JackGonzo: though they appear to be calling kenfuckyurcusin for McCain

Dews: wow, I loved the CNN breakdown of VT voters

JackGonzo: oh?

6:03 PM SayHey: Yeh, i like that to

Dews: every single voting bloc EXCEPT "Conservatives" and "Republicans" voted for Obama

gee, ya think?

Josh: yeah, Steve and Dave are real pricks

JackGonzo: lol already calling win for warner

SayHey: Wooooo

Shit, losing Indiana

Josh: 1,200 votes though

6:04 PM SayHey: Yeh

Very close

Josh: interesting that McCain only won KY by 8,000

SayHey: YES

Skynet: Okay, time for me to head to a returns party, but my laptop is coming with me, so I'll be back online soon.

SayHey: COnfirmed, Mark Warner

6:05 PM Have fun

Dews: haha, with 0% reporting too

SayHey: lol This state loves Warner

Now Dems own VA

Kaine, Webb, and Warner

Josh: can I get some hologram?

6:06 PM SayHey: Dems lost the Gov seat in Indiana

Er, failed to take it

6:07 PM Josh: NYT has NH going Obama

whoa, nevermind

with a whopping 48 votes in

6:08 PM Stefan has left

6:09 PM Dews: I do kinda feel bad for Bill Bennett being stuck on CNN tonight

6:10 PM SayHey: McCain took a nice lead in Indiana

6:14 PM Dews: McCain ahead in VA,but still wayyyy too early

SayHey: VA scares me right now

Dews: no worries, way too early

SayHey: Big cities report last, im hoping this is the mountain areas

6:15 PM Dews: the fact that the Obama people came here 3 times today to stalk MoDews tells me their Org is freakin unbelievable

SayHey: close senate race in KY

MoDews: Was waiting for Biden to call me..

JackGonzo: yeah remember va was mackaka early too

Josh: CBS has Obama up in IN

Dews: WHOA

it's princess leia!

"Help me Obi Won"

SayHey: Now that is awesome

6:16 PM Dews: are you guys seeing this on CNN?

where is R2???

wayyyy too sober for this

SayHey: Me to

Where is my chinese food, damnit!

6:17 PM Dews: I have marinated steaks

JackGonzo: lol well yeah who wants that wolf blitzer smell

Josh: I'm going with muscle relaxers myself

Dews: ohh, Dewey with teh win


Josh: yep

Dews: oh sweet

6:18 PM Josh: did she just say that it took engineers three weeks to make a tent?

Dews: this has wonderful Pr0n ramifications

Josh: obviously

6:19 PM I'm waiting on holosuites myself

SayHey: wave of the future

6:20 PM Dews: one more really expensive toy...

lord knows I do NOT have enough of those

JackGonzo: woooooooo holodecks

SayHey: all i know is that i want one

6:21 PM JackGonzo: so, what are the drinks of choice tonight?

Dews: Miller

Josh: now, what was the difference between a holosuite and a holodeck?


JackGonzo: correct naming

Dews: we have Patriotic Jello Shots being brought over

SayHey: im down to my last beer

JackGonzo: lmao

SayHey: So sad

Dews: we have LOTS of beer here SayHey

Josh: I have some Magic Hats in the fridge

JackGonzo: well since we're electing a socialist I have a white russian

6:22 PM Dews: that shall be used to celebrate the Indy win, with "Sink the Biz"

SayHey: Yeh, i think we are in for the night

JackGonzo: and bought rolling rock for the name

Dews: excellent work Jack

we have some Sam Adams winter lager as well

and PBR

SayHey: brb, dinner time

JackGonzo: someone send sayhey some alcohol

SayHey: lol yes

6:23 PM Dews: I'm not leaving

I have everything I need right here

JackGonzo: lol sayhey, send the future wife!

Josh: Peter Petrelli '12

6:24 PM Dews: cavalry has arrived


Chrissy and Jenny H are here with more alcohol

JackGonzo: nice

6:25 PM lmao numbers in alaska look good for dems

6:28 PM tell chrissy...nothing...I have nothing to say after this weekend

MoDews: still looking close in Indiana.. but the dem areas haven't been counted yet

6:29 PM Josh: and he's won some formerly Republican counties

JackGonzo: yeah the big cities are always dem

6:30 PM MoDews: think Senate will have 60 dems?

6:31 PM wow Florida is looking good early..

JackGonzo: I'm thinking yes

6:32 PM I'm wondering though, more then 60?

6:33 PM right now mitch mcconnell is losing

Obama leads in ohio

6:35 PM MoDews: can't see Mitch losing.. he's pretty popular and is still the minority leader..

I think it's gonna be tough to see 60 but won't be surprised if it's 61 or 62

6:36 PM especially if McConnell does somehow lose

6:37 PM Warner is the only party change right now

6:38 PM JackGonzo: nc will likely change too

6:42 PM SayHey: We went from 39-41

We gained another senator i think

MoDews: yeah.. wasn't a change though

was Rockafellar i think

SayHey: Oh,gotcha

6:43 PM JackGonzo: yes, rockafeller has been called

SayHey: Tim Gunn should have run for the Idaho senate seat

MoDews: haha

SayHey: Would make Craig very happy

JackGonzo: lost

why idaho?



SayHey: LOL

JackGonzo: gotcha

6:44 PM SayHey: Florida is looking good so far

6:46 PM Bridget has joined

6:47 PM JackGonzo: Welcome to the party PhillyFan

on you can track the races that matter to you

PhillyFan: Helloooo

yea Dews I'm probably not gonna make it to the house


6:48 PM JackGonzo: ...I don't see Dews

is he typing?

PhillyFan: nope

JackGonzo: gotcha

6:50 PM PhillyFan: Is it just you here?

JackGonzo: no


6:51 PM they're here

but sayhey got dinner

and chrissy and jenny showed up with jello shots

so everyone has been quiet

but I have a white russian

PhillyFan: Oh ok

6:52 PM I have nothing sadly

JackGonzo: boooo

think SayHey has already drank all his

SayHey: Yeh, im all out

6:53 PM Got alittle chinese left tho

JackGonzo: just like tight ends

SayHey: VA is beginning to scare me

JackGonzo: dude

settle down

ZERO of the big cities have reported

NOVA and Hampton has not reported

SayHey: Goto MSNBC, they have a map that shows states by counties

Kinda cool

6:54 PM most of the blue areas are already counted


6:55 PM PhillyFan: Hmm I have been offered wine by my roommate, i might have a little :)

SayHey: Do it.......Do it

6:56 PM SC called

JackGonzo: DO IT

6:57 PM nice cnn

Obama is winning SC but you're callin it for mccain

SayHey: CNN could easily lose credibility here

MoDews: Yeah sorry.. me and Dews have been hanging out in the other room.. should be in periodically

6:58 PM JackGonzo: next time we hear from dews he'll be naked

MoDews: hahaha

lets all hope not..

SayHey: And Dews being the model brother, will post those on facebook

6:59 PM JackGonzo: wow Hagan is KILLING Dole

SayHey: As she should be

Dole is worthless

PhillyFan: Yum red red wine


SayHey: Dole called Hagan "godless"

Those are fightin words

JackGonzo: and sueable

7:00 PM LOL Guy on CNN just said they shouldn't have called it for McCain


SayHey: Damn, screen lite up blue

JackGonzo: polls closed and cnn is calling like ten states

7:01 PM SayHey: Very ballsy

7:02 PM JackGonzo: wow

MSNBC called PA for Obama

SayHey: Damn

Waiting for CNN to do the same

PhillyFan: yea msnbc called a lot

JackGonzo: Barack Sherman

PhillyFan: i've got msnbc

SayHey: lol

I have CNN

They have fun visuals

7:03 PM And holograms

JackGonzo: GO FLORIDA!

SayHey: Yes!!!!

PhillyFan: hmmm so my vote mattered?

JackGonzo: Yes, but Wolf Blitzer bores the hell out of me

PhillyFan: haha....i still vote pa

SayHey: Thank you for not burning down the polling areas

7:04 PM PhillyFan: eh apparently the panthers tried to fight people off in philly though

SayHey: Damnit CNN, call PA

THey should have sent some panthers down to Richmond to fight the cops

JackGonzo: lol

7:05 PM who made that decision in richmond?

The mayor is dem

SayHey: I dunno.......mayor is very Dem

DOuglas Wilder

JackGonzo: wait, how is NC too close to call?

7:06 PM SayHey: Not sure

JackGonzo: Hey, Vermont, what'

SayHey: Good to know NOVA hasnt reported yet

JackGonzo: s

SayHey: and Richmond city

JackGonzo: up with electing a Republican gov?

7:08 PM SayHey: CNN is most upseting

PA still not called

7:09 PM JackGonzo: msnbc is trying to figure out any way the mccain can win

they can't

7:10 PM SayHey: CNN wants Obama to win so badly

7:14 PM PhillyFan: brb

wine run


JackGonzo: nc is stretching more and more to obama


7:15 PM SayHey: Yeh, it looks like a blowout

JackGonzo: msnbc just said Obama won whites with college degrees 54 to 46

SayHey: lol

JackGonzo: no democrat has ever won that according to some center

7:16 PM SayHey: Kerry and Gore owned that demographic

JackGonzo: apparently not

Josh: geez

7:17 PM Dews - Pollina up over Symington

SayHey: You mean all those nascar fans who vote Repubs, have degrees?

Wonder how Heath Shuler is doing

7:18 PM JackGonzo: lamar alexander won

and so did susan fuckin collins, GOD DAMN IT!

SayHey: And Lindsey Graham

JackGonzo: hate that fuckin whore

7:19 PM brb

SayHey: ok

10 minutes

7:29 PM Josh has left

7:30 PM SayHey: New Hampshire, Obama

9 minutes

7:39 PM SayHey: Wow, Texas 50-49

5 minutes

7:44 PM JackGonzo: ok, back

needed a smoke break

SayHey: lol

7:45 PM Texas is very close

JackGonzo: and everyone got here

SayHey: Oh, CNN finally called PA

JackGonzo: florida still obama, good good

SayHey: McCain is winning the popular vote

JackGonzo: How is Lando doing?

because the major cities aren't reporting

7:46 PM SayHey: Still owns NC but is losing VA

Alabama and Georgia called for McCain

JackGonzo: but NOVA still not reporting

he can have em\

SayHey: Only Arlington remains in NOVA

7:47 PM But city of Richmond hasnt been reported yet either

Good Million votes there

JackGonzo: fairfax hasn't reported I dont think, or alexandria

SayHey: Fairfax reported

JackGonzo: fully?

or just partially?

7:48 PM PhillyFan: Ok have I missed anything?

JackGonzo: nothing much I don't think

SayHey: PA went to Obama

Way to go PhillyFan

Alexandria has not reported in VA

So we have a shot

JackGonzo: the hamptons?

7:49 PM SayHey: Mitch McConnell is prolly havin a heart attack right now

If Lunsford takes his seat, then game over man, game over

7:50 PM PhillyFan: Oook

they call things too damn early

7:51 PM JackGonzo: yeah

didnt they learn from 00?

WV right now is obama

7:52 PM mccain is only up 75000 in va

easily catchable

Noodle: Yo

SayHey: WV is shocking

Her Noodle

JackGonzo: welcome cali

SayHey: How is life in the land of the wonderful?

7:53 PM PhillyFan: Hi Noodle

Noodle: So what's the Electoral college count.. 102-34?

JackGonzo: about

SayHey: 103-58

Obam a

Hangan is called


Er,Hagan defeats Dole

7:54 PM Noodle: hey there bridget.. do you have a long weekend?

I have Friday and Tuesday off but not monday

SayHey: PhillyFan's brain cells are stil recovering from a week long beer bindge

7:55 PM Hey Noodle, the misses wants to know if your still registered in VA or in Cali?

Noodle: Ryan - Jefff you there?

SayHey: They are hosting a post-election party

They have been on and off

PhillyFan: I took Friday off

last week and this week!

But yea Philly was fun

and going to NC for homecoming this weekend

Noodle: did you see the parade?

7:56 PM PhillyFan: oh yea I was right there at Citizen's Bank Park

Saw everything....crazy

JackGonzo: is it me, or does the mccain pic on msnbc have hi with the biggest shit eating grin

PhillyFan: and on halloween! So that was awesome too.

SayHey: How yellow are his teeth?

PhillyFan: haha

JackGonzo: cant tell, small pic, but HUGE grin

Noodle: CNN's got a bad one too

7:57 PM SayHey: Lets face it, he isnt a good looking guy

Noodle: Poll's close at 8pm tonight.. but some places still have 2 hour lines

(in CA)

SayHey: Jesus

7:58 PM Yeh, I was stuck in a 2 hour wait in Alexandria

JackGonzo: in and out here BAM!

SayHey: Alabama goes to McCant

PhillyFan: I did mail in


Noodle: In and Out is the shit, i had that for lunch on Friday

SayHey: VA is not looking good at all

F*ck you Noodle

7:59 PM Noodle: really shit.. hopefully all the results are from rural counties

SayHey: Nah, NOVA has reported, as has Richmond

Only VA Beach and Norfolk remain in terms of big cities, and they vote either way

Noodle: hmm maybe all the rich people didn't want to be taxed

8:00 PM JackGonzo: Obama is now winning popular

PhillyFan: oh yea?

JackGonzo: yup

8:01 PM Noodle: ugh so how bout them redskins?

SayHey: Them losing is Obamas victory

Jeff has left

PhillyFan: well they lost so obama could win

Noodle: hopefully so..

SayHey: I agree Philly

Noodle: Redskins O' line was a joke 7 sacks

PhillyFan: haha they would have lost either way...


Noodle: Philly is still in the NFC east

PhillyFan: sorry i can't resist

JackGonzo: wow

8:02 PM SayHey: LOL

PhillyFan: Yup! If we beat the giants we are tied

JackGonzo: Arizona...TO CLOSE TO CALL!

SayHey: Gotta beat the skins

lol i heard

PhillyFan: Really? wow...

Noodle: So ABC news is reporting Obama with 170+ electoral votes

JackGonzo: so is msnbc

SayHey: MSNBC webpage needs to update

8:03 PM PhillyFan: yea cnn has 174

JackGonzo: cnn webpage sucks

SayHey: They all suck

JackGonzo: ah, so apparently the NOVA thing is that they have BEGUN reporting, not that they have

SayHey: Obama is losing the pop vote again

Noodle: nbc 175- 70

SayHey: Ahhh nice

8:04 PM Yeh, 175-70

Noodle: so Bridget what does Stanley think of all this?

JackGonzo: cnn has obama still leading pop

SayHey: Just picked up 2 senate seats

JackGonzo: he's thinking whiskey is delicious

Noodle: haha

SayHey: Took 2 Rep seats

JackGonzo: which ones?

Jeff has joined

SayHey: NH and NM

8:05 PM Shaheen and Udall

52 dem senators

8:06 PM JackGonzo: bye bye Liberman

SayHey: Fuck Lieberman

Discrace to my Jewish bretherin

MSNBC has Obama leading the pop vote now

8:07 PM JackGonzo: lmao

Noodle: good

JackGonzo: ah va is starting to charge towards obama

Arkansas is mccain

8:08 PM PhillyFan: Oh sorry I missed that Noodle... havent talked to him since he sent a text about kentucky

He voted there today though! but I'm sure you can guess...

8:09 PM JackGonzo: he'll be happier a year from now when he realizes the world hasn't ended

8:10 PM Noodle: and his guns won't be taken away

JackGonzo: well no, they're coming hree


as you should all follow their example

PhillyFan: Yup we are leaving the country first

then texas


JackGonzo: same thing

Noodle: Mcain down to 51 % in VA

PhillyFan: haha yea...

8:11 PM JackGonzo: if the entire upper right goes blue, call it

SayHey: Still uncomfortable about va

8:12 PM JackGonzo: lady on msnbc has Shatner hair from the original star trek

PhillyFan: hahaha

see it

SayHey: lol

PhillyFan: Yes, I actually did watch star trek too

8:13 PM JackGonzo: only 27,000 vote difference in va now

Noodle: wow

SayHey: Im shocked Texas is so close

8:14 PM Noodle: said low vote total from ffx county

15% of vote in

SayHey: Oh, phew

Noodle: per abc

8:15 PM JackGonzo: yes, it always takes NOVA a while to report

SayHey: Yeh

Noodle: brb

JackGonzo: I still think Florida and VA goes Obama

Noodle: dinners ready

8:16 PM SayHey: Enjoy

JackGonzo: Apparently Crist has been "called to tallahasse on an urgent legal matter and can't attend the mccain victory party"

Arlington has ZERO percent reporting

8:17 PM Obama now stretching out the pop vote

8:19 PM mcConnell starting to stretch out the win

SayHey: Fuck, McConnell won

8:20 PM JackGonzo: maybe maybe not

still close enough to change

they can call it

SayHey: nah, cnn just called it

JackGonzo: but still close enough to change

SayHey: doubtful, but who knows

8:21 PM JackGonzo: we can hope

8:22 PM so, should we have a giant inauguration party?

since no one works tat day in dc

and we can have a nah nah nah goodbye


PhillyFan: ohio to obama

8:23 PM JackGonzo: Thank You Brady Quinn for giving us Ohio!

or should I think Phil Savage

8:24 PM Noodle: sweet

dagger for mccain

JackGonzo: he's KILLING McCain in Ohio

8:25 PM SayHey: McCain took WV

JackGonzo: he can have it

Joe Scarborough is basically calling it

SayHey: lol

JackGonzo: he's saying it's over

8:26 PM SayHey: Well, ill dance when it happens

Noodle: 195 + 55 for CA

SayHey: 195-76

8:27 PM Doesnt include WV

MSNBC hasnt called it yet

JackGonzo: 195-85

msnbc is callin louisiana for mccain

SayHey: Ohio called for Obama, on MSNBC

8:28 PM JackGonzo: welcome to the conversation sayhey

Noodle: true but when obama wins CA, mccain would almost every other open contenst

SayHey: 50-49 VA

Noodle: almost have to win i mean

8:29 PM JackGonzo: huh mississippi is still too early

SayHey: I dunno what thats about

8:30 PM JackGonzo: All I know is comedy central in 30 minutes

SayHey: lol

8:31 PM JackGonzo: New Mexico OBAMA

what did the five fingers say to the face?!

8:32 PM 200-85 obama

PhillyFan: I texted Ole Miss to try to console/be response though

SayHey: Nice

Dems predicted to win NM

JackGonzo: lol are we reading what's about sayhey?

Noodle: 13,000 vote difference in VA

JackGonzo: oh, and someone tell dews to stop motor boating

8:33 PM SayHey: He wil never stop motor boating

JackGonzo: lmao

nothing can stop the grimace

8:34 PM SayHey: CNN finally called Ohio

JackGonzo: obama now up almost 200,00 votes in popular

8:35 PM SayHey: Still very close popular vote

But Cali will give Obama the push

JackGonzo: wow, only a 6000 vote difference in missouri

SayHey: Nice

8:36 PM Cali, Washington, Oregon = Game over man

Noodle: 200 - 90

JackGonzo: cali, washington and hawaii alone right now give obama the victory

8:37 PM SayHey: Yeh, but i want to crush him

JackGonzo: yes, hence why only those three alone give him 270, with the 200 we have now

8:38 PM SayHey: Exactly

JackGonzo: cnn has a calculator

SayHey: Yeh

8:39 PM Noodle: 200-124

not sure what mccant won

8:40 PM JackGonzo: my guess has obama with 360 electoral

SayHey: I dont see that number

Noodle: ah texas to mccant

per abc

SayHey: Ohhh makes sense

8:41 PM PhillyFan: alright my computer it going crazy on me, i'm gonna turn it off

enjoy the night, will there be a chat tomorrow?

JackGonzo: maybe

we'll see how bad tonight gets

PhillyFan: alright


8:42 PM Bridget has left

JackGonzo: wow...this is gonna get REALLY ugly

8:43 PM SayHey: CNN has this race over

JackGonzo: yeah, msnbc just keeps saying with cali, oregon, wash and hawaii it's over

SayHey: Franken is getting his ass handed to him

8:44 PM JackGonzo: I only see Coleman with a 4000 vote lead


SayHey: Ah

8:46 PM Noodle: va 50-50

SayHey: Sweet

MSNBC and CNN suck

8:50 PM Mississippi goes to McCant

12 minutes

9:02 PM JackGonzo: LMAO

this is fuckin hilarious

SayHey: This is awesome!!!!

Always love a guy running while on fire

JackGonzo: CityCaty has tomorrow's headline

9:03 PM America In Favor Of The Big O

SayHey: lol

I like it

9:04 PM JackGonzo: I miss anything?

SayHey: nah

This is funny as hell

JackGonzo: Franken has taken the lead in minnesota!

Noodle: msnbc showing obama leading va

9:05 PM

SayHey: Yeh, has a very narrow lead now

9:06 PM JackGonzo: HAHAHAHA

The city that never sleeps will never support a man who goes to sleep at 730

SayHey: I love this

9:07 PM LOL awesome grapjic

JackGonzo: PHE-Nomenal

SayHey: LOL no votes for Colbert

9:08 PM Obama 50-49 in VA


JackGonzo: jesus obama is KILLING in PA

SayHey: Game over man

9:09 PM JackGonzo: South Dakota abortion ban has failed

9:10 PM Contraception also has failed

Noodle: good

SayHey: Phew

Good to know some people still use their brains

9:12 PM JackGonzo: LMAO


9:13 PM SayHey: Bambi background, haha

9:14 PM JackGonzo: now I want to go bowhunting in a hangglider

SayHey: lol

Sweep the leg

9:15 PM JackGonzo: put him in a body bag!

9:19 PM Oprah is in Chicago for the party

Bill Bennett apparently just said "America has grown up."

9:20 PM SayHey: Bah

NC is getting tight

JackGonzo: it was going to be

9:21 PM SayHey: CNN just called texas......jesus, there are slow

JackGonzo: a lil

9:22 PM Noodle: wow

9:23 PM JackGonzo: wtf was that

SayHey: What does a Rhino have to do with anything

9:24 PM McCain just took the lead in NC

9:29 PM JackGonzo: only by 3000

SayHey: Obama owning VA now

Noodle: hmm wonder how much longer before its official

SayHey: Close

Noodle: official nationwide3

how close in VA?

9:30 PM SayHey: Once Cali is called, there is a good change its done


89% reported

Noodle: florida is still going obama by a wide margin

9:31 PM er more comfortable than wide but still

JackGonzo: 50,000 vote lead now for obama in va

9:32 PM SayHey: Nice

JackGonzo: milton bradley?!

is he still a ranger?

9:33 PM SayHey: Yeh

9:35 PM JackGonzo: LOL I don't have to be racist to be republican

SayHey: Wow, Franken is up

JackGonzo: well, yeah

it's minnesota

9:36 PM LOVE Minnesota with how they vote...and play baseball

SayHey: Love it

The new hippie state

Sorry Dews

Noodle: hahaha

JackGonzo: Dews, who has been MIA since Jello Shots arrived

actually the entire clan has been MIA

9:37 PM Noodle: ah whered they go?

SayHey: Hosting a house party

Noodle: ah

JackGonzo: misleader

9:38 PM one does not "host" a house party at the frat house

you two know this

it is what it is

SayHey: Well, this is one of those planned shin-digs

Noodle: they just sort of happen

JackGonzo: grrrr don't get to watch Lesner Couture fight live

9:39 PM well, maybe, if I can sneak off to Hooters after work

SayHey: Yeh, i need to make a hooters trip for that fight also

9:40 PM McCant wins SD

9:41 PM JackGonzo: hahahahahahaha

9:42 PM Colorado right now heavily obama

SayHey: Yeh, and should win that senate seat

9:43 PM Up in Montana also

JackGonzo: Obama is up by 4000 in montana which I believe is a landslide there

9:44 PM SayHey: haha true

Obama running away with VA, but losing NC

9:45 PM Noodle: hey back... ie locked up on my old crappy laptop

did i miss anything?

9:46 PM SayHey: nah, nothing really

Noodle: any news in last few mins?


JackGonzo: Dews is still motorboating

SayHey: Nope, just waiting for your state to be called in 15 minutes

haha im sure he still is

9:47 PM Noodle: is he still motorboating melissa?

JackGonzo: nooo...ashley?

SayHey: lol ashley is the new fling

Noodle: ahhh

SayHey: lol

9:48 PM I think this one is a keeper tho

JackGonzo: sounds like

and we're gonna talk about it since he's too busy with jello shots

9:49 PM SayHey: Yeh, that punk

WHen half the house is unemployed, there really isnt much else to do

Noodle: who is unemployed?

Dews: Heeeeyyyyy'

Noodle: other than jimmie

9:50 PM drunk/


Dews: dudes-

SayHey: haha dynamit

Dews: she is a keeper

SayHey: Girlfriend!!

Dews: omg

SayHey: omg??? damn, you really do like her

Dews: It's Blakeley

no no no

9:51 PM i mean

im sure he really likes her

SayHey: Ohhhhhhhhhh i was gonna say, Morrisons balls went missing

Dews: but... he didn't type that- i did

Noodle: hahaha

JackGonzo: This is Citycat, officially revoking your Guy Cards, and noting that you can NEVER EVER make fun of girls for being girly about relationships again.

No, continue.


Noodle: citycat being brenda?

9:52 PM JackGonzo: I would be lost if this was my first dance with our attempt at conversation

and yes

SayHey: LOL hey, id be single if i made fun of HoosierDaddy and her girlyness

Dews: Hey Brenda!

JackGonzo: Dews you must answer one question (HI)

to answer a thought from earlier

Noodle: less than 10 mins till ca closes

Dews: i'll relay

JackGonzo: are you naked?

Dews: yes-

9:53 PM SayHey: How would we know

Dews: but it's hard to tell -

SayHey: He is so damn hairy

Dews: b/c


damnit eric

you took the words

SayHey: I have a tendancy to read minds

Dews: so

i've heard

Noodle: morrison = sasquatch

JackGonzo: you can smell your own

SayHey: Morrison = Wookie

JackGonzo: we all saw SayHey's chest hair from halloween

9:54 PM SayHey: I am man

Dews: So- back to what i was told was supposed to be the topic of conversation...

SayHey: motor boating?

Dews: the E.L.E.C.T.I.O.N.

shut up-

SayHey: Oh yeh


Dews: no- that is reserved for the press club only

Noodle: well only a matter of time now

9:55 PM SayHey: 5 minutes

JackGonzo: apparently HoosierDaddy is in favor of waxing sayhey

SayHey: LOL nice..........Oh wait, now i got that damn Abe Lincoln on my mind

Thanks Noodle

Dews: aaaaaaallll righty

SayHey: She likes her man silky smoothe


Noodle: haha

9:56 PM Dews: i'm about as far behind in understanding this convo as mccain in the polls

JackGonzo: VA is called for OBAMA!

Noodle: Sweet

Dews: WHAT? really?

SayHey: PHEW

Dews: what network?

JackGonzo: Comedy Central

Dews: ...checking now...

9:57 PM JackGonzo: So how many times have you motorboated RavenFan tonight?

Dews: no se.

SayHey: RavenFan?

Dews: Hi Clint. This is Blakeley


SayHey: hahaha

JackGonzo: LMAO

even better

SayHey: Clints been drinkin to many White Russions

Dews: NOT. Jeffery Morrison

9:58 PM Noodle: is morrison still awake?"

Dews: Well, the dude does have good taste...


he's next to me...

who is next to ashley-

SayHey: CNN called VA for Obama



Dews: VA

Noodle: wo hoo

9:59 PM i should be out celebrating

SayHey: Me to, damnit i need to drink to get drunk

JackGonzo: No No, he's missed our conversation about Dews and his obsession with motoboating

I'm only on white russian number three

SayHey: LOL, Apparently SDFan is not a famn

JackGonzo: in my nats beer cup

a fan?

10:00 PM of?

SayHey: Motor boating

Since someone never heard of the term, cough cough

JackGonzo: o.0 how can he not be a fan, how can anyone not be a fan and be male?

Dews: CNN

Noodle: hey supposedly there is this place better than hooters out here with better food

JackGonzo: hell I even know gay men who love motorboating



10:01 PM JackGonzo: twisted kilt?

Dews: THERE are MORE important ISSUES


JackGonzo: Comedy Central just called it

SayHey: Byyyyyaaaaaaaaah

10:02 PM JackGonzo: damn near in tears now

10:03 PM SayHey: 8 years of misery man, i feel a huge burden lifted

Jeff has left

SayHey: Turns out Florida was a waste of time

JackGonzo: Riggle looks like James right now

10:04 PM SayHey: Now we need to get the magic 60

Then the master plan is complete

10:05 PM Jeff has joined

JackGonzo: <---is wondering what is going on with daily show

10:09 PM well...the day has finally come gentlemen

10:11 PM SayHey: Yes, lets enjoy this moment

JackGonzo: McCain apparently has called Obama and conceded

Noodle: yes taking it all in

10:12 PM SayHey: I spent 8 years of my youth pissed off, now i can be happy for a change

10:13 PM Dews: Yes

JackGonzo: wait...has anyone checked the pity party on Fox?

Noodle: Bush you're fired!

SayHey: LOL

I want McMann to fire him

JackGonzo: wow...Rove is on Foxx

10:14 PM SayHey: Rove knows he is going to jail now

JackGonzo: wow...Rove is giving obama onair felacio

Dews: checking now...

Noodle: co to obama

SayHey: LOL

Dews: Perkins says Rove predicted this...

JackGonzo: oh yeah

10:15 PM he knew mccain was fuckin up

lot of the old school repubs did

SayHey: In the end, i think it was Palin that was the final nail in the coffin

Noodle: mccain to speak in a few minutes

Dews: Wow-

I hope someone wlese is listening b/c the House is a bit loud.

Noodle: yeah i think so too

JackGonzo: not the bush ones, the old school ones like buchanan

SayHey: Ok, the misses wants to spend some time with me

Gotta go

10:16 PM One hell of a night, ladies and gents

JackGonzo: lol ah celebration in the jewish household

SayHey: One hell of a night

Dews: tell herhello

SayHey: haha

Dews: haha

JackGonzo: just make sure you make her call you jay snoogins

Noodle: haha nite Eric.. i'm rick James Bitch, it's a celebration

Dews: what's that song

JackGonzo: well we shall end this tonight

Eric has left

10:17 PM Dews: hava nagila

JackGonzo: it has been what wee have been fighting for for the last two years

and it has happened

Dews: it's going to be a loudcelebration

Damn straight

Noodle: mccain in any moment

JackGonzo: fuckin a

fox i showing jesse jackson bawling

Dews: yes clint?

10:18 PM JackGonzo: so, do we have an inauguration party?

Dews: yea



Fucking Palin

killed it

10:19 PM JackGonzo: saying goodbye to dubya and hello to barack

Noodle: yup dagger

JackGonzo: obama's group looks like a bunch of date rapists

errr mccain

10:20 PM Jeff has left

JackGonzo: well, we don't need to say this much longer as we no longer need the luck, but good night and good luck

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