Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy MLK Day

I know there are plenty who think it's very fitting that MLK Day is occuring a day before we have our first black president sworn in. Many believe that if he hadn't been assassinated that Martin Luther King Jr would have been the first black president if he hadn't been taken from us far too early. I'm sure he's somewhere out there smiling down at this day.

It's also the day to find the Arizona Cardinals in the Super Bowl for the first time. I should quote about this...
During the Super Bowl era, of the teams that have existed for more than 50 years, only three teams hadn’t made an appearance on the game’s biggest stage. You can cross the Cardinals off that list. To quote the great George Costanza in “the contest” episode after Elaine dropped out - “And then…..there were two.”

The Detroit Lions and your Cleveland Browns.
Not gonna lie, that's fucking embarassing.

The Browns and the Lions, though you could argue that it isn't COMPLETELY true, since the Ravens won and that was the team and that you could argue that this team has only been around for a decade. Sure they have the same records, team colors, etc, but they were created like an exspansion team and have yet to have solid leadership anywhere. Hopefully Mangini and crew will change that.

Now I don't know what everyone is planning tonight, but I was thinking of a livechat to go over the last eight years and what we're expecting in the next few. Of course I'll have enough rum in me to blind a pirate, so it should be interesting enough...

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