Wednesday, January 7, 2009

O's Fan.....Rejected!

I cannot help but notice that Oriole fan is still having trouble removing the dagger that was jammed in their backs last month. I have a feeling that dagger will be Arthur’s sword in the stone for the next 8 years. But at least there are some pieces of good news:

First, our very own Dews went on a drunken bender the day Mark Teixeira turned his back on the city of his birth and purchased a plethora of anti-Tex sites (All of which link back to this very blog and are quite funny).

Second, his wife, Leigh, appears to have studied baseballs most notable bitch of a wife, Anna Benson. According to Marky Mark, his wife is solely responsible for his decision to accept the Yankee deal. Apparently she made the decision for him. Its only a matter of time until she either sleeps with Arod or gets the herpes from Derek Jeter.

And finally, Mark Teixeira, a Baltimore native, was NEVER an Oriole’s fan growing up, he was a Yankee guy. Yes, “that guy who wore a Yankee hat to Memorial Stadium and Camden Yards, B-more native". This guy is my age, grew up in Baltimore, and was blessed to have witnessed one of the greatest players in history dawn his cities colors, play shortstop like a legend, and represent the city like a stand up guy. It would be like Willie Mays wearing a Dodgers hat at a Giants game or Dennis Eckersley shaking hands with Kirt Gibson. Think of how Cleveland fan felt when they saw their hero, LeBron James wearing a Yankee hat at a Cleveland Indians game. Outrage!!!

Call me a baseball purist, but fan loyalty and the city of your birth (or in my case, my very early youth) are intertwined. Dews is an O’s fan because he spent his childhood summer years in the beltway, Gonzo and myself are from Central/Northern Cali, Dewey a New Englander, Noodle and Miss Cleveland Park are Beltway natives, CityCat an Ohioan,SDFan, well, from San Diego, and our LSWTF virgin, PerdueChick, a Perdue resident who went to Indiana University and is still a Perdue fan (Still dont get that, but gotta bust your chops at least one more time).

What do we all have in common?? We are hometown sports fans and are die hard passionate about our teams. I cannot help but ask myself where did Tex go wrong? Was it all about the money?? And more important, should he wear body armor to every road game in B-more??


Jack Gonzo, MD said...

Don't forget about the Deacon.

I guess he cared more about pornstaches in the 80s then he did about Iron Men.

Ashley said...

w00t! Finally some respect for my choice in college teams! So..."at least one more time"...does this mean that i am no longer going to get shit about being a Purdue fan because you understand my sick loyalty to a team i grew up with? ALSO,you should take note of the spelling of my beloved Purdue for the next time you mention them...inevitably when you forget you weren't going to give me hell and do.

SayHey Kid said...

This is true, I promise to no longer poke fun at your odd loyalties. On the other hand, I can not make such a promise when it comes to the future wife and her smack talk. Ive waited along time for a sports talk cat-fight and G-Damnit, I am going to get it!!

You do realize, that yes, you grew up in Perdueville, but you also attended Indiana. That is like Florida State fan going to Florida or Ohio St fan attending Michigan. Its like mixing oil and water!!

As for the spelling, you can blame M$ Word for that one. I guess Sir Gates has no love for your Boilermakers as well.

Dews said...

haha, he did it again. Its PUrdue man :)

Perdue are the genetically engineered chickens!

SayHey Kid said...