Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Blog The Horn

Yet once again Fredo errrrrrrr Berto is caught in a lie. Anita keeps telling me that perjury is one of the toughest things to prove, but how many more witnesses do we need?

I love how the Washington Post is supposed to be this epicenter of liberal media, hard to be that when former Bush speech writers fluff Rove in its pages.

Tony Snow cites monetary problems as the reason he is leaving his post. Guess this goes to show you how far from America this administration is when you feel that you run out of money when you're making $168,000 a year.

Of course the administration will claim they have no hand in soldiers who chose death over another tour in Iraq.

Caught with their hand in the cookie jar, Faux News tries to under play said cookie jar as not actually having said cookies.

Why can't we have a politician like Jim Mora, how would be focused on the now not the playoffs, are ya kidding me?! Of course this current group of mouth breathers have decided that no matter what happens, we're winning.

FDL has some reflections on the Padilla trial. I for one am not surprised, even if they had more on OJ then they do on this poor bastard. The administration was not going to lose this case and likely stacked the box with stalwart Faux viewers.

K.O. speaks his mind about the Sept 15th report from someone. We know it isn't from Petraeus, he's merely the town crier, but someone wrote it, and from an undisclosed location on Pennsylvania Ave.

Do you need a giant Excel spreadsheet with the entire Division 1 football schedule on it? Of course you do.

I know there has to be at least one Giants fan out there reading this. So, for you, I give you your next reality football star.

You know why I laugh at this? Cause the shit is probably true.

Apparently we were neighbors with Mr. Irrelevant at the ball game.

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