Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Faith always contains an element of risk, of venture

I know I've talked about this in the past, mainly about how much respect I have for Elizabeth Edwards, but John Edwards right now is without a doubt running the best campaign out of any candidates. Maybe I am being suckered, but he is talking about the issues that I think are most important to this country. It isn't Iraq, it's the wealth divide and the lack of insurance. It's the fact that two years ago today a great portion of the Gulf was destroyed and to this day most of it still has yet to recover from it.

He doesn't believe in gay marriage, but I don't believe he would stop legislation allowing it. He's young (well younger then the rest save for Obama) and has vision of great things for this country and that is what we need right now. We don't need who is most popular, we need who is most competent for the job. We've gone the popularity route the last two elections, beer or no beer that did not work out too well.

I have all the respect in the world for Barack Obama and I do believe one day he very well may be President of the united states, but this is not his election to be the primary candidate. To truly defeat the Republican Menace we need someone like John Edwards. Hate to say it, but what we need is this Southern white male to draw in the votes from Republicans who have lost faith in their party.

I don't believe people like Romney or Rudy can win in the south, they're too Northern. Yeah, some may get fooled by Fred Thompson, but I doubt he'll get the ticket. John Edwards may not be my favorite candidate but he is the person I feel has the best shot of winning this race. Poverty covers all races, not just minorities. Katrina hurt all races, including the majority.

Right now I am not too concerned about who the ideal candidate to push for the legislation I want accomplished. Right now I want a candidate who can win against the Right Wing Smear Machine. We need to take this country away from those who would change it, who would alter it into a police theocracy. This country was built on the premise that ALL men should be free, even if all men weren't free at the time. It does not matter race, religion, sex, or sexuality, all should be treated as equals. All should have say in their own lives and not me lorded over a group of aristocrats who believe their power is divine. We overthrew that kind of superiority once before and we most do so again before it is too late, when our enemy has been Eastasia and has always been Eastasia.

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