Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It Must Be Wednesday

Yeah, it has to be Wednesday, nothing is going on. It is offically hump day, I own Madden but likely won't lose my soul to it until tomorrow night due to the Phillies/Nats game tonight at RFK. I know I'm looking forward to the pitchers duel that is Kendrick and Redding.

I should start my pre-season Conference reviews of College Football, but I think I shall save that to next week. Though I shall be releasing my Pre-Season All Americans at some point today. Mind you that my All Americans are based on who I think will have the best years this year, so I may shock some of you.

Though apparently Rupert Murdoch isn't satisfied with just the Wall Street Journal. We all know the kind of excellence he strives for his "news organizations", and it should be illegal to hold so much power over the news, then again, it used to be. I honestly think he won't be happy until he controls the horizontal and vertical.

I guess PCU was right, Yes! That's the beauty of college these days, Tommy! You can major in Game Boy if you know how to bullshit, or in this case fantasy football.

FINALLY, a baseball player who went to Bobby The Brain Heenan's school of charging the mound.

Congrats go out to the Central Valley's own Bobby Cox for setting a great record last night. Sadly I can't remember him being in any brawls like Zimmy has been in.

In this day age where people get divorced more then they stay together it's nice to see a beautiful love story covered by the media.

Though I have no love for the Yankees, Phil Rizzuto was a class act and will be missed.

Finally, an interesting article that asks you if you're not a fan of the BCS, then root for TCU against Texas Sept. 8. I for one would like to do so, if it was against OU, but I cannot root against my Longhorns, I don't care that my second cousin played for TCU, I will not betray my Longhorns. Though I would like to know if there is anyone not directly getting money from the BCS system that actually supports the BCS?

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