Thursday, August 16, 2007

Remake This!!

Wow, alas I have alittle time on my hands where I can post something. Ole Shane not only heckled #28 at last nights Nats/Phillie game. I dont post enough. Nuff said and your right.

As I was browsing the national media web sites, I mossied onto a site that struck a nerve, and a possible ongoing topic as to why Hollywood has officially run out of any ideas. Warner Bros have officially purchased the rights to make a remake of Bruce Lee's finest Kung Fu works, Enter the Dragon. Not only this, but they are renaming it to Awaken the Dragon. First off, LAME LAME LAME!!!! Second, what other great movies of the last 30 years will Hollywood tarnish.

5) Bad News Bears- Yes, this was already done. The movie was classic. The racism, the cussing, and the off color humor. It was like Blazing Sattles but with kids on a baseball diamond. Not even Billy Bob could save the role of Buttermaker and he is the closest thing Hollywood has to "an offensive" actor.

4) Cheech and Chong- I just know this is coming, but I figure Carlos Mencia could do a half way decent Cheech, but who would be Chong?? This can only work if Chong really becomes president and legalizes chronic, like i said he would.

3) The Goonies- Yes friends, there is quite a possiblilty that the kids from the boondocks will search for One Eyed Willies gold once again. Or better yet, the original kids have kids, and they are the parents. Its happened before, im sure it will happen again.

2) Escape from New York- This is not a possiblity, its FACT. Gerard Butler has already signed on to play the re-encarnated Snake Plissken. Good news is that Len Wiseman is slated to direct it. But still, only John Carpenter can make a remake of this movie really work. Nice try Hollywood.

1) The Lost Boys- Again, the script for this remake is already in development, and the 2 Cori's have been approached to make a cameo. Keifer could come back from the dead for his role. He came back from the dead how many times in 24??

Well, id love to go into more detail and make a longer list, but lunch time is over. Time to do some "real" work.

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