Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Romney Youth

Monkey Muck has a great post about the Romney Familia and how they are doing their part during this time of war. They chose to ground and pound, to get deep into the trenches and fight...for their father to be President. Of course never mind the fact that this war has been going on since 2002 and he just began running this year, they're up to their elbows in life and death situations!

Ah, look at that family, it is the ideal Mormon clan. You have the plenty of blond hair blue eyed aryans that another man who ran for a position of power desired in his people as well.

I mean come on, Romney? This guy flips more then a fish dropped onto the Mojave floor. I could go after him cause of his Mormon religion and the fact that it might be a bigger threat to folks then Scientology, but why? This guy is so sleazy he leaves a slime trail everywhere he goes.

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