Thursday, August 9, 2007

Worst Mascot Vote

Mr. Red and Gapper?

Whose mascot looks like Letterman after Drew Barrymore flashed him, and Gapper?! What in the same hell is that? The Phanatic looks more plausible.


I hate this F'N bird and his bouncing belly

Steely McBeam?

Look at the reactions around him, Pittsburgh is just rallying behind this guy!


Looks like some drunk French-Canadian had sex with the Leprechaun of Notre Dame.

Though, since we're talking bout Mascots, this has to be the worst school mascot of ALL time. I give to you, the Robstown High School Cotton Pickers


SayHey Kid said...

I hate to say it but Screetch may be annoying as hell, but he is a hometown mascot.

Do we get a fill-in vote for most annoying RFK in-between-innings Ryan Seacrest wanna-be's???

Dews said...

Honestly, I'm glad that the Pittsburgh Steelers are being so progressive with their openly gay mascot.

I think thats refreshing in today's "RA RA WE HATE GAYS" atmosphere.

Course, its also the AFC, which nobody outside of New England or Indianapolis watches anyway.

Shane Rollins said...

Dews has mad me laugh so hard I'm crying

Dews said...

Screech makes me feel Patriotic.

I need to go beat a godless liberal now.