Thursday, August 9, 2007

Time for a sit down sparky

Someone please explain to Pacman Jones the difference between an arrest and being charged with a crime.

Sadly this man went to college and didn't manage to flunk out. With each passing day I get this feeling that someone needs to look into the West Virginia football program. Pacman and Chris Henry...ten arrests between the two of them. Someone needs to go check on the situation over in the Blue Hills.

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Dews said...

I don't think you are allowed to fail a division one school if you're good at a high income sport like football (high income for the school of course).

Schools invest a lot of time and energy (Why else do sororities exist?) catering to the football and basketball players every need which in turn bring them in millions of dollars... They can't be expected to TEACH them anything, much less allow them to stay longer then 4 years...