Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday Blog Round Up

I will always be one to support a noble cause.

I for one would be willing to support an idea like this all across America.

Two months ago O'Hackery gave Iraq two months, two months later he hasn't made the same claim. I wonder if wants another extension like the Administration.

What kind of cold-hearted bastard do you have to be to take insurance away from children?

I know many of you want us to talk to the right, to try to compromise and not take things over using their methods. Well, when people support the idea of the Nuclear option when it comes to Iraq I think you can no longer discuss anything with these people. They also want to declare Dubya King, and unlike the first George President, this one likely wouldn't turn it down.

The deadline has come and gone, and the Administration still has their fingers in their ears making a nanananana sound.

Tsk Tsk Mr. Thompson, not even officially in the race yet and you have a FEC complaint against yourself.

The only difference between these bunch of nuts and radical Islamic extremists? One has a stage and pyro, the other has weapons. I wish I was kidding, but it's true. They both want the same thing, their specific type of religion to rule over all. It's assholes like this that made me have a problem with religion, pax romana!

AT&T, ya fucked up, now you've pissed off your shareholders.

I think I speak for many when I say, keep showing Elizabeth Kucinich she's the best part of the debates.

Who ever spent time designing this deserves some kind of medal!

Miss Chatter has returned from vacation.

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