Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Weds Wrap Around

We begin this morning with the current state of education in our nation.

Courtesy of Kevin Drum, the White House is going to ask for $50 Billion for a prolonged surge in Iraq, since they know what Pratreus is writing since...they themselves are writing it.

Senator I'M NOT GAY Craig blames the media for his latest round of troubles. Senator, it's only a witch hunt if the allegations are false, you yourself plead guilty to them sparky.

We are now a nation who not only jumps at the shadows but also at a line of flour being put down for a race. Dear god I hope these people don't ever go to baseball games or track meets, lord knows how they would react to THOSE white lines.

Nothing says we have control over our emotions then to threaten nuclear holocaust to Iran. I don't know what Dubya is thinking, Iran doesn't believe in the holocaust.

You know the recent NIE that we thought was gloomy? Well, apparently it was quite tame to the original NIE they wanted to release. I remember the quote of history being wrote by the winners...

In something that is of no surprise to me, the only officer to go to trial over Abu Ghraib has been left off the hook. Well, I wouldn't want the Army to start changing the way they do things now would I?

I'm sorry, and this just may be me, but this is not a sign of progress in Iraq. Just because our numbers may be different doesn't mean other killings have stopped.

Miss Chatter will be shadowing the Nationals' media crew this Saturday. Go on over and give her a question to ask. No worries, I already asked that they change commentators. I'd take the job but I'm moving to Houston.

I'm not very good at Golf, but Sir Charles' swing is so bad it made Tiger Woods notice and mock him.

The GOP is afraid of a great many things in this world (gays, gay marriage, muslims, civil rights, non-white races, etc, etc) but all of a sudden the thing they're afraid of most is their own party members. We should start a pool to see who the next Republican is to fall to scandal.

People don't think there is a steroid problem in America, but when you're injecting your 13 year old with steroids to compete internationally at ROLLER-SKATING, there is a SERIOUS problem.

For all my single male sports fans, here is a top twenty hottest female athletes in the world. I personally would move number 20 to number 1.

Finally, I shall leave you all today with some of Fredo's greatest hits. I would say I'm gonna miss him, but I don't have any recollection at this time of that feeling.

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