Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Weds Wrap Around

Apparently the Texas Supreme Court very well may believe that the rich should just keep getting richer. I'm sorry, but whatever happened to the Captain of a ship is responsible for what his crew did?

Bill Maher might as well host the Situation Room, he spends enough time there. I for one would be for it, least he doesn't pull punches like Wheezy Blitzer.

Ever since he took office Jim Webb has impressed me. This is a very important amendment and urge everyone to call your Senator and ask them to support it.

Every candidate worries about their closet skeletons, well that term may be perfect for Mitt Romney. I mean did he really think he could hide a bright pink flyer?

It has been said to ask the lower officers, NCOs and soldiers not Generals about progress in Iraq. Well, Jim Webb did just that and if I was his son I'd be pissed that someone else was getting credit for Anbar.

See there was a reason I am a carnivore, everything else will kill you. Like it was said in Revenge of the Nerds 3 or 4, cows eat this shit we eat the cows.

An interesting article by the New York Times Science Section probes morality when it comes to group and individuals. The write up following is exceptionally well done when looking at Progressives and Conservatives.

You've heard of the beltway bubble, now see it in action. This pretty much sums up the problems and failures of the Democrats in Congress.

They just keep picking winners for US Attorney positions don't they? I'm sorry but a government official is the last person who needs to be spouting bible versus, she's a lawyer, she had to have read the Constitution.

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