Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Back! With a blast....

So, after a brief hiatus (of a few days), I've gotta start getting back into the swing of things here...

What more positive way of doing this, then talking about a potentially new arms race between us and that lovable "I can see his soul" Putin.
Russia has tested the world's most powerful vacuum bomb, which unleashes a destructive shockwave with the power of a nuclear blast, the military said on Tuesday, dubbing it the "father of all bombs".
Also thrown out is the oh-so-important quip:
"The defense ministry stresses this military invention does not contradict a single international treaty. Russia is not unleashing a new arms race."
Now, I'm all for blowing stuff up (all legal ways where I live are boring), but no matter how you sell this, this is indeed a bigger better bomb, so why wouldn't this be an arms race?

We have to have a bigger one right? Its the only way to combat their big one right? We aren't compensating for anything right?

Also have to really love the timing of this announcement as Putin dissolved the government in the run up to their elections...

So to recap.

Russia has bigger bombs on the same day that Putin dissolves the guvmint.

More to come soon...

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Shane Rollins said...

If it doesn't have fallout and radiation I prefer it over the nukes.

We must not allow a vacuum bomb gap!