Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Weds Wrap Around

At least some in Congress won't bend and haven't forgotten the lies they have been told in the past. Thankfully there also seems to be someone to vote for in Texas as well.

It appears someone is afraid of the Christian right because someone claimed not to worship Jesus. I'm right with her on this one, suck it Jesus.

At least someone in the media is giving Kucinich some air time, that person being Ed Schultz. Three hours on the radio, I may just have to tune in and listen.

Hey, the Dems finally stood up to the Repubs over something. How ridiculous is it that the thing THEY want to do is vote on censuring people's opinion?

KO aired from Ground Zero last night. It's getting to feel like we're fighting Eurasia isn't it.

So apparently there is another Pentagon report coming out that calls for the quick withdrawal of troops at the beginning of the year. How convenient that it would come right before the election, sigh, and people will fall for it hook line and sinker.

Wow, they are already eating their own on the right. Romney has had more devious characters in his campaign so far then Nixon.

Where is it going to end when it comes to Capitol Police? Assaulting an officer my ass, that only works when there are no witnesses and the person doesn't have a BROKEN LEG!

As someone who lives in the Beltway Bubble Corrente hits it right on the nose. The folks only go home to see their families, not to talk to those who elect them.

Don't forget about this weekend's march at the White House on the 15th. I know I want to go just so I can see Etan Thomas, Washington Wizards basketball player.

This back and forth yesterday almost makes me sad to see Warner go. Hopefully Virginia will elect another Jim Webb person, we can only hope.

The search for the new Fredo continues with some Bolton look alike in the lead. Just looking at the people they're thinking about one phrase continues over and over in my head, we're fucked.

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