Thursday, September 13, 2007

Chad freakin Johnson

Chad Johnson, the most entertaining player in football history, has declared his touchdown celebration intent if he scores this Sunday against the Browns.
Following up a promise he made last year but failed to fulfill, Johnson said if he scores on Sunday, he's jumping into the Dawg Pound.
Yes. That's a star player, enemy of all Dawgs, vowing to jump into one of the least-friendly places in the NFL.
"That," Johnson said, "would be a first."
"I can't wait to see the Dawg Pound," he said. "I hope I get in there. They can give me some popcorn, throw some beers at me, whatever they want to do.
"It should be fun."

Now the Dawg Pound is no Black Hole, we're not packing knives, brass knucles, batteries or guns. I just don't think it is a wise idea, if he jumps in he may not come out. They may not find a body for weeks, then again, he may get so much beer poured on him he may be legally intoxicated. We only have to wait a few short days to find out.


Dews said...

I can't afford to have a hurt Chad Johnson for Fantasy Football man... Browns fans better just check themselves or else I'll put them all on "The List" after Jeffrey Maier...


Shane Rollins said...

If he wishes to jump to his death, that is his choice

TheNaturalMevs said...

If he does jump in, I predict that he survives it with flying colors. Not because the Browns fans; like their team, can fuck up any situation they're put in regardless of how one sided it may seem, but because any fan sitting in the dawg pound won't have the time or resources to do anything to hurt golden teeth.