Thursday, September 13, 2007

WWE Hall of Fame 2008/2009

Someone on JR's blog asked him yesterday or so about the Hall of Fame and if Sabu would be inducted into it? First off, Sabu? Yes, he has had quite an impact on this sport but some would argue if it has been good or bad. If it is for toughness alone he should be in there without a doubt. There are others more deserving then Sabu that likely would never make it in, which saddens me. So today I give to you the next fourteen folks I believe will be inducted into the WWE hall of fame the next two years.

2008 inductions

The British Bulldogs-This is a long time coming and I think this plus another induction this year would be the perfect time to introduce the new Hart Family, much like they did with Cody Rhodes this year. The real highlight would be to see Dynamite accept his award and speak to some of the people, I'm looking at you Jeff Hardy, who take too many risks.
Inductor-Harry Smith

Ravishing Rick Rude-An IC champ, a former WCW Champ, and one of the most hated wrestlers in history. There may be some bad blood from when he went to WCW, but that should be over now and he deserves to be in the hall of fame with his best friend Curt Henning. He was probably the best heel talker other then Bobby Heenan in the WWE in the late 80s.
Inductor-Bobby Heenan

The Model Rick Martel
-He had a very illustrious career, multiple champion everywhere he went and I think he deserves to be there. If Strongbow and Steele are in the Hall of Fame, Martel should be as well. They even gave him the crappy ass Model gimmick and somehow he managed to work it, hat has to go off on that.
Inductor-Tito Santana

Scott Hall-He's never gonna wrestle again I wager so why not induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame. Without a doubt Shawn Michaels might have never become the showstopper if it wasn't for his matches with Hall. He was also the cool bad character long before there was a Stone Cold running around. He definitely change the business with the nWo and would assume his friends would push for this.
Inductor-Shawn Michaels

Terry Funk-I was shocked when I learned that he wasn't in the WWE Hall of Fame. The grandfather of hardcore without a doubt deserves to be in there. We all know his contributions to this sport, and the get the bonus of having Mick Foley induct him into the Hall of Fame, how can that not work? Thankfully retirement is not a requirement for enshrinement.
Inductor-Mick Foley

The Big Two Inductions

Owen Hart-The King of Harts, the Black Hart, the sole survivor, The Rocket Owen Hart; it's a long time coming. I would hope this would happen about the same time an Owen Hart DVD was released as that is long overdue as well. Here you get the bonus of possibly having Bret Hart there once again to induct his lil baby brother and the reaction and tears would be legendary. Owen Hart deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, they OWE him that much.
Inductor-Bret Hart

The Rock-This year's Wrestlemania is in Florida, why not have the biggest name induction be The Rock? He's never going to wrestle again, might as well induct him. I think people are easily fooled since he is still listed on their Superstars page, but The Rock is a Hollywood star now, let us finally bury the career of the Rock in the WWE and induct him properly. You could even have him have a small segment at Mania much like Hogan did, and who knows, maybe that MIGHT rekindle something.
Inductor-Steve Austin

Hall of Fame 2009

Rock N Roll Express-Keeping in the tradition of inducting one tag team each year into the Hall of Fame I give to you maybe the most over tag team ever in the South. I'm not sure who would induct them, but you could have someone like the Hardys, or maybe even Arn Anderson or someone of that nature. They are well deserving and hopefully there isn't any bad blood to allow them to be held back from induction.
Inductor-Arn Anderson

Jim Neidhardt-Some may question this, but here is another reason to get Bret Hart at the Hall of Fame. Then again, his daughter could be WWE Women's Champion at the time and could induct him as well. Bret is already in and so to have the Hart Foundation complete in the Hall of Fame you have to induct The Anvil, especially since someone who performed in the 80s he looks the same he deserves some sort of reward.
Inductor-Naddie Neidhardt

Mick Foley-He's also retired, it's Wrestlemania 25, and by god does Mick deserve to be in. People find it odd that my favorite wrestler of all time is Cactus Jack. Not Mick as the other gimmicks didn't get me as much, but Cactus touched a part of me most folks don't know about. The fans love Foley, after all, Foley is GOoD. Have Terry Funk induct him, or better yet, have Al Snow induct Mick Foley, that would be comedy gold.
Inductor-Al Snow

Kevin Nash-Now this is baring that he is no longer under TNA contract or something, but Nash does deserve to be in the Hall of Fame as well. Having Shawn Michaels or Scott Hall induct him would be a great joy and amusement to see happen. We all know Nash is one of the funniest performers of all time and without a doubt his speech would be something for the ages.
Inductor-Shawn Michaels

Miss Elizabeth-This has been put off for way too long and as the first Diva in the WWE, Miss Elizabeth deserves to be in here right next to Sherri, Moolah and all the others. Though he tenure may not have been as long as others, the is no question as to the impact she brought to the product. I can think of three storylines that were golden that revolved directly around her.
Inductor-Trish Stratus

The Big Two Inductions

Macho Man Randy Savage-Yes, it's Wrestlemania 25 and Randy Savage needs to be here, if for nothing else the absolute comedy gold that his crazy ass would spout during his speech. He was one of the most over wrestlers of all time, and in the 80s I would argue there was no one bigger then Savage, Hogan, Flair and Piper. We all know the issues allegedly surrounding his getting inducted, but for the fans sake I hope both sides can come together and work something out for the fans. I just hope Bonesaw is ready.
Inductor-Dusty Rhodes

The Nature Boy Ric Flair-Without a doubt this is THE greatest wrestler of all time. Some argue, well he lost his titles all those times. Yes, to put people over, but he always ended up getting it back. He lives and breathes this business and would always be my number one draft pick for building a wrestling company. There is no one in this business who performs quite the way Flair does. His counterpart also needs to be in the hall of Fame, both of them. That of course is Arn Anderson and Ricky The Dragon Steamboat, but I suppose that is for 2010.
Inductor-HHH (you know he's gonna want to do this)

Realizing who wasn't already in the hall of fame, here is also a short list for those who should be inducted in 2010.
The Road Warriors, Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard, Ricky Steamboat, The Midnight Express, Demolition and Chris Benoit.

Yes, I realize it is a heavy tag team year, but all four teams deserve to be inducted.


TheNaturalMevs said...

Why not throw in Tatanka or The Repo Man for funzies?

Shane Rollins said...

Repo would be in...technically...with Demolition (it was Smash)