Friday, September 7, 2007

Friday Blog The Horn

The government's hurry up and wait policy has been in full effect since 2003. First it was finding Bin Laden, then finding Sadaam, Weapons of Mass Destruction and integrity in the hiring and firing process of the DoJ, when will people open their eyes and trust their sense to realize that sandwich in front of them is in fact a shit burger.

Did you know primary voting is how Republicans tell their own? I didn't either, though the commentator is true of a growing number in America. People who were life long Republicans for economic and government issues, not the religious ones. They have seen what has happened to their party and have left it, they are not a part of the blind faithful.

Does anyone else feels like they will need a decoder ring for the General Petraeus report? Well these are the numbers...we have decided upon since those other ones SO don't count. Think Monster Squad, are you sure you're a virgin? Well there was Steve but he doesn't count!

Those damn activist judges following the constitution and rule of law. I guess they just want us all to die in Allah's flame.

So the "beltway insiders believe we will be in Iraq for years to come. Great, this is just the news I want to wake up to in the morning. Of course we will, the Dems are so scared about looking weak on terror they will follow the Vietnam errors to a T.

Corrente brings up a topic very near and dear to my heart the GI Bill and the lack of money we give soldiers for college. This might only be because I will be going to school full time next year, but the bill hasn't gone up as college prices have.

Finally, RFK showed signs of life at a recent game. Hats off goes to this idiot who jumped the fence...into a closed off parking lot.

A beautiful and eloquent article from FDL about the failure of this Democratic congress and their lack of backbone. They've been beaten into submission and there may not be enough liquid courage in DC to get them to act.

Even though Berto is leaving it's business as usual at the DoJ. Is it just me or is it becoming as unlawful a place as the wild wild west in a western movie?

Thank god Joe Friday I mean Rep. Waxman is on the case. With Waxman on the case something might actually be done, least on his end. Then he will need the DoJ to do something and nothing will happen. Does anyone else suspect a lot of people in power right now living outside the United States after 2008 to avoid prosecution?

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