Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Blog The Horn

Sorry everyone, it's been a busy morning at work so it took awhile to go through everything, but enjoy.

An in depth look at the Clinton Conundrum over at Burnt Orange Report. I think it is how a lot of us who pay attention to politics feel about the Senator from New York.

Hypocrisy is defined as the act of condemning or calling for the condemnation of another person when the critic is guilty of the act for which he demands that the accused be condemned. Oh Modern World, how you make me laugh so.

See, it's shit like this that makes me not eat green food. I have sharp teeth for meat, that's how mother nature designed me.

I didn't watch it, but apparently last night's speech was the worse of Dubya's tenure as President. Delusional, dementia, has he suffered multiple concussions perhaps?

I think it is official, John Edwards has earned my vote. This was a fantastic little bit, and summed everything up many of us have been saying.

Though apparently everyone and their mothers issued a statement after Dubya's speech last night. Frankly, I'm tired of hearing what those in power in Washington have to say, they're doing too little too late.

A great argument that I know many don't support but one that I do support. We cannot just wait it out till next year, this man is holding 160,000 of our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, cousins, second cousins, former college roommates hostage.

If you cannot agree with this commentary then you are truly lost. They took a golden opportunity and flushed it to forward their own agenda.

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