Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday Blog O Dome

The Burnt Orange Report gives you a look into the minds of Texas voters right now when it comes to the Democrats. I found it odd the difference between female and male voters in regards to the Kiebler elf.

Apparently even Texas Republicans are fed up with the Governor. I've seen Ms Spelling talk on C-SPAN and the Daily Show and she seems to be a good egg, but sadly she's a part of THAT machine.

I know in 2007 there seems to be quite a few Republican scandals, almost constantly. Well it turns out we all feel this way because that is the way the cookie crumbles right now, one a week.

Today is the day for graphs, misleading statistics, and empty rhetoric. I wonder who will be the first to have a Network moment.

At least SOMEONE is attempting to call the White House on its bullshit. Of course it isn't Congress, but if they have any kind of luck it could end up there.

A detailed look at civilian death numbers over at Informed Comment. Apparently the numbers even we expect are far below what most bloggers report.

Apparently we're a bunch of racists in Virginia, or at least that's how I read into Rep. Jefferson's complaint. This is in Northern Virginia he shouldn't have a worry, it's not like he's going towards the Carolinas. I understand why he would want a DC jury, those are the folks that keep electing a felon into office.

You know that dream we have of troops leaving Iraq? Well Dubya and his gang of thieves are doing their best to ensure that it never EEEEEEEEEEVVVVVER happens a-gain!

I would think that the banning of books from a place would be unconstitutional. Then again they're prisoners and who is going to fight for their right of freedom of religion?

Finally, it turns out we should all be good and sober Democrats and come to realize that we're never leaving Iraq, ever. Mr. Kristol, if we're intoxicated it's because we need the special sauce to even listen to your propaganda without losing our lunch.


Dews said...

so how does the Kennedy family feel about Iraq? :)

Soooo not a "drunk" joke... I swear...

sorta... :)

Livingamongmorons said...

DC keeps electing a felon into office? Is that a twenty-year old Marion Barry joke? The only people in DC who elect Barry to office these days are the citizens of Ward 8, the poorest section of the city. Barry hasn't won citywide office in DC since 1994, and he wouldn't have a ghost of a chance of being elected citywide today.